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Letter of Appreciation from Syabas

Letter of Appreciation from Syabas Chief Operating Officer to the Chairman

Letter of Appreciation from Syabas Chief Operating Officer to the Chairman

Just to share with all, the TPP8A guard-house was built and handed over by developer to the RA with a very substandard electrical wiring and plumbing works  and without connection to TNB and Syabas,  without building plan approval from the Majlis too. (anywhere, the RA had obtained the guard-house Building Permit on 13th June 2012 through our very own effort).

For your information, since the RA took over the management / maintenance of the guard-house from the developer on 15/11/2011, we had spent over few thousands ringgit to revamp all the water piping works after over 10 incidents of pipe ruptured after the meter and over 5 incidents of pipe rupture reported to the Syabas  between the main to our meter from time to time.

Some pipe ruptures were noticeable while many cases were happened beneath the drain  culvert or buried under the ground. Our water charges went up as high as RM250 per month at one time due to un-noticeable water leakage.


Before we upgraded the lightning surge protection and earthing system, the sensitive boom gate card readers were always receiving complaints for been malfunctioning

Besides plumbing problem, the inferior electrical wiring works also had cost us several thousands to upgrade and  to repair many damages  resulting from poor earthing system and under-specification Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB) being installed. The damages we encountered including burned off computer mother board and com-board, surge protector, boom gate controller chips, card reader malfunctions.  According to our boom gate maintenance engineer , all these were caused by poor wiring, poor ELCB and high impedance or poor earth wire against the occasional lightning surge at our guard-house.

151.0 Ohms High Resistance Reading   Recommend to lower to 1 Ohms and below.

151.0 Ohms High Resistance reading before upgrading works
Engineer recommended reading below 1 Ohm.

The amount spent on repair, upgrading  and maintenance of plumbing and electrical wiring works did not include over 12k on connection fees and mandatory contribution to Syabas and TNB.

Being caring, responsive and apprehensive to his client and the general public,  a good governance corporate entity like Syabas did show some appreciation for saving  their water from running off via the ruptured pipe incidents frequently reported by our RA. From our experience, Syabas will attend our complain within 24 hour. Thumbs up to Syabas for its overall efficiency.

The Cuban Royal Palm Trees Along The Main Entrance Road Are Dying From Prolonged Drought & Haze


Please save our precious Cuban Royal Palm Trees along our main entrance road from dying of  prolonged severe drought and haze. I appeal to the residents of those end units  at both sides along the main  entrance road to spray water generously onto those dying palm trees and hibiscus next to your houses twice a day ,  preferably in the morning and evening during this severe dry weather season.

It is too far to get water from the guard-house, please help …….SOS….

I have instructed the guards to approach those adjacent unit, please contribute some water to save our palm trees and hibiscus. It costs over thousand ringgit to replace just 1 palm tree of this height / maturity.

It is not the duty of the security guards to look after the plant of our entire Taman, it is each and every resident instead. Our RM50/month maintenance fees is simply inadequate to hire landscape contractor to do on our behalf like golf and country club. So our gotong royong guideline is extended not just to pick up rubbish, but including to nurture, to fertilise and water those plant next to your house as well.

The Taman belongs to all 197 unit residents, thus the responsibility of up keeping the Taman is rested on all 197 unit residents, and certainly not just the RA or chairman only could carry the work.


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Green area killed by the tyre

I have observed that some cars were sitting on top of the grass indirectly killed some of the grass at the road side. I felt that human is quite selfish enough to conquer the green peace and built their dream home on the land and there are no replacement of the green area but some portion only reserved for us and for “them”. Look at the haze we had experience in a decade til now, are we enjoy? The green left us in lighting speed but there are replacement at all.


cars spotted sitting on the grass

Some people may think not to block too much of the road while parking at the road side, however I personally felt that its only a feet offset from the road side and it should be OK for the road user.

I strongly advice all to take good care of the green peace at common area. To build a greenish sweet home for you and your children. Just a simple step forward, the green peace will survive.


Pity grass turn into sandy grave yard

20130613_133028_resized (2)

Beside grass, please do not drive or park your car on concrete drain cover / slab, you are not only breaking the concrete cover, but also damage your car under carriage.


A Bold Step Towards A Crime Free and Most Friendly Neighbourhood

Last night event was indeed the most positive and rational steps demonstrated by both sides of the chairman Mr Kong and Mr Lai towards a greater harmony, peace, security and unity to our beautiful home land  of 8A & 8B.

Tripartite talk in progress

Tripartite talk in progress

From now onwards both sides of the residents especially the kids can play freely at the playground without much restriction. However for security reason,  the 2 doors at the divider fence will be opened in the morning and evening and closed at night for the initial period, Should security on both sides has reached a mutually confident level, the fencing and gate will not be an issue anymore. To all peace-loving and law-abiding residents, let’s share responsibility and pledge our commitment to up keep the cleanliness, safety and security of our common playground and extend our most sincere friendship by more frequent social interaction to our neighbour. and let’s foster our relationship from mere stranger to neighbour, and from neighbour to brother and sister, uncle and untie.

A friendly and solid hand shake from both 8A & 8B  chairman at the end of dinner

A friendly and solid hand shake from both 8A & 8B chairman at the end of the dinner

Let’s throw away all our differences and work unselfishly towards a greater unity and harmony not just between 8A and 8B but the entire Taman Putra Prima through our Gabungan Persatuan Penduduk Taman Putra Prima which was initiated by our chairman.

Coincidentally, the meeting was ended to another earlier pre-planed dinner banquet occasion at Restaurant Moon Palace Puchong, this function was actually organised  3 weeks ago to commemorate the formation of our 8A RA and to express appreciation or pay tribute to the hard work and voluntary service to our deserving committee. 2 tables were reserved for the past and present committee, and 1 table for guest including the Ahli Majlis, developer, Gabungan member chairmen, 8B representatives who were just concluded the tripartite talks. The banquet was surprisingly turned out to be a perfect unplaned or impromtu reconciliation party between 8B after the tension built up before the tripartite talk over the playground and fencing issue. Besides the banquet also help to foster rapport working relation with our counterpart from 8B and other Gabungan member chairmen.

Immediately after following the yesterday tripartite talk resolution, 8A and 8B chairman both had reached an agreement in this morning about the initial opening time for the gate to playground. Whereby:

Mon–Fri open from 7:00am–9:30am ; 5:00pm–9:30pm

Sat & Sun open from 7:00am–9:30pm

Hopefully this initial interim resolution will pave way for a greater unity, mutual understanding, cooperation, harmony, safety and security to our beloved Taman Residential living style.

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Missing Pet

Dear neighbours, my lovely rabbit missing again, 😦
To anyone has spotted him, please contact me at 012-3127139 (Chew).

Your help is very much appreciated.

Chairman Kong also like to share his story for his pair of miniature rooster (ayam serma) narrowly escaped from being preyed by eagle descending in lightning speed from sky in PP8A

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Congratulation to Fasa 2A RA for being successfully registered with the ROS

The 8A RA would like to extend our heartiest congratulation to the people of FASA 2A for being successfully registered to the ROS, and we look forward to a most friendly neighbourhood relationship and see you in the Gabungan

On behalf of the resident and RA committee of Persatuan Penduduk JPP2

Kong Kok Meng


Sijil Kelulusan Permohonan Phase 2A

8A G&G Scheme Being Undermined, 8B Residents Wildfully Teared Down Our Fencing

We strongly condemn any act of provocation by 8B residents and any uncivilized attempt to undermine our security. The RA had made a police report. Besides the perpetrators, we also hold 8B RA and developer fully responsible for the  series of neighbourhood unrest between 8A & 8B over the security perforation at the playground. Lets stay united to defend the right for our home land security, to defend of our right to live freely without fear of intruders and to defend non-perforation measures to our well-defined security boundary, and let’s say NO to any form of aggression in our neighbourhood.

While we are asking Developer to fix a formal meeting between 8B RA delegation to seek a long-term solution, they had started striking our nerve and hijacking the tripartite talk for the peace and security of our home land.

Developer had created this messy subdivision between 8A & 8B. Thus we hereby demanding a permanent and acceptable solution from the developer without undermining the security  of the most   successfully established zero crime rate Gated & Guarded community scheme in Taman Putra Prima.

Posted on 9/6/2013