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The sinkhole at PP8a main entrance is getting bigger and deeper now, post imminent danger to all residents.

Another big sinkhole happened right in front of PP8A main entrance

The RA chairman had notified the contractor, Consultant Engineer Ikram, and Pengarah Kejuruteraan MPSepang this morning,  Majlis technicians visited the scene immediately after receiving notification from the chairman.



The causing of Sinkhole
More commonly, sinkholes occur in urban areas due to water main breaks or sewer collapses when old pipes give way. They can also occur from the overpumping and extraction of groundwater and subsurface fluids. They can also form when natural water-drainage patterns are changed and new water-diversion systems are developed. Some sinkholes form when the land surface is changed, such as when industrial and runoff-storage ponds are created; the substantial weight of the new material can trigger an underground collapse of supporting material, thus, causing a sinkhole.

Sinkholes can be triggered by human activities such as:

  • Overwithdrawal of groundwater
  • Diverting surface water from a large area and concentrating it in a single point
  • Artificially creating ponds of surface water 
  • Drilling new water wells

Typical activities that can lead to sinkholes are:

  • Decline of water levels – drought, groundwater pumping (wells, quarries, mines)
  • Disturbance of the soil – digging through soil layers, soil removal, drilling
  • Point-source of water – leaking water/sewer pipes, injection of water
  • Concentration of water flow – stormwater drains, swales, etc.
  • Water impoundments – basins, ponds, dams
  • Heavy loads on the surface – structures, equipment
  • Vibration – traffic, blasting

From several sources of literature and facts finding, it is evidently that our stretch of road (Jalan Putra Prima Utara) facing the water retention basin (artificial pond) was more vulnerable to the occurrence of sinkhole especially after the year-end monsoon rainy season.


Actual scene at Jalan Putra Prima Utara before the RM2.6M repair works

Hopefully this will not happen right at PP8A entrance

Picture from elswhere

PP8a native waterhen roaming / foraging near the wetland lotus pond


See video Link below

Video and pictures were taken by Chairman on 26/11/2012 with 42X zoom len Nikon camera from over 50m distant balcony.


Would you like to see PP8A fencing to be in this state after months or perhaps a year from now?

These pictures were taken from Taman Putra Prima various phases . (Note: all pictures with date inprint)

Those phases were handed over to purchasers  just about one or two years earlier than our phase 8A.

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the grass is over grown, the fence can hardly carry the loading


the chairman hire worker at his own cost to clear the over grown weed exerting load on the weak fencing to prevent it from falling.


The clear path was maintained by the Chairman with his own worker/machine at his own cost for nearly a year before the Majlis took over after much solicitation.

How long will these well trimmed grasses / lawn and neat fencing at 8A going to stay, if the RA is not fully backed or echoed by the residents………

Neatly trimmed grass to both sides of the well maintained fencing at PP8A

Grass outside the perimeter fencing of PP8A is well trimmed to ease off pressure onto the poor quality and weakly supported chain link fence









Could this below be the only long term solution to safe guard your security and property value and to maintain the successful  Gated and Guarded Community Scheme exclusive image?

A more durable, stronger and better looking Galvanized BRC fencing will certainly give added security and value to your home or investment

Example of Galvanized BRC Mesh fencing

New schools badly needed in Puchong 蒲种华小爆满

(The Star Monday November 12, 2012)

There are currently four Chinese primary schools in Puchong with a total of 12,000 pupils. Due to increased population, some 1,500 students have to study in schools outside Puchong.


Taman Putra Prima Primary School Reserved Land


Shall we (Taman Putra Prima Residents) jointly petition for one SRJK (C) in Taman Putra Prima???




The Routine Grass Cutting is now under MPSepang

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The Chairman had been battling on the quality and coverage / scope of grass cutting work for the last several months against the developer and contractor, he also eagerly seeking influence from Ahli Majlis and meeting the Director of Landscape for a more proper workdone. However the handover of the manicipal work was without any official notice neither from the developer nor the Majlis until the last quit rent assessment hearing as confirmed by the Pengarah of landscape that grass cutting, drain desilting and maintenance of infrastructure work was already taken over by the Majlis from the developer during the answering of questionaires raised by the chairman.

The developer failed to discharge its responsibility again on the official handover of the maintenance works to the Majlis without formally informing or making any courtesy call to the RA. Despite the fact, with firm determination, repeated assertion and insistence from the chairman, the contractor appointed by the Majlis now extended its coverage to include lawn trimming out side the perimeter fencing and to ensure the fencing is clear from any creeper and grass. Prior to this, the contractor was relunctant to cut any grass out side the perimeter fencing and claimed that it was not within their scope.

The grass trimming / shrubs clearing on both sides of the existing chain linked fence can not be compromised or taken lightly as TPP8A fencing is of very much inferior quality compared to that of 8B  which comes with a very durable and solid concrete block and galvanized mild steel reinfored fabric mesh fencing.

Perhaps the PP8A RA needs to consider seriously to set up a sinking fund now for the replacement of existing chain linked fence to a more durable and solid concrete base wall fencing  with galvanized fabric mesh (similar to picture below) before it starts falling apart in a very short future.

The thick grass land also provide ideal breeding ground for snake and nesting place for the wild quail. It is difficut to strike the balance in ecosystem.

Is quail entitled to have a nesting ground?

A more durable, stronger and better looking Galvanized BRC fencing will certainly give added security and value to your home or investment

The PP8A Chairman Attended the Hearing on Assessment (Nilai Tahunan /Cukai Pintu) at MPSepang

The Chairman together with 3 residents and 1 committee member Priya Devi from TPP8a attended the hearing session on the protest (Bantahan) for the newly imposed assessment rate to TPP8a property owners.

The hearing was held at Bilik Semarak MPSepang at 10:30am (3/11/2012) between the Pengarah Jabatan Penilaian & Pengurusan Harta En Mohd Fahmy Bin Tumut and a panel of many other officers.

During the hearing session, PP8A Chairman raised the question on how the rate was arrived, and what are the services provided by the majlis to justify the  amount of assessment (Cukai pintu)

The Director of valuation department answered and explained in detail on the rate imposed and services covered by the assessment. And the presiding panel also agreed to forward our request to review on the possibility of lowering the rate by the Majlis.

The Chairman also posted a question to the Director of Landscape in the same session on the routine of grass cutting, plant trimming, and other landscape programme and coverage area. He also suggested the majlis to put up a notice board at PP8A taman to exhibit the service schedule, contractor’s name with telephone hot line number accessible by all residents in order to monitor the quality of work and to express individual view and level of satisfaction through this direct channel, instead of let alone the RA chairman or committee to sum up and forward all the complains.

For more detail please see link attached

Jabatan Penilaian Pengurusan Harta MPSepang

Cukai Pintu rebate RM48.51 after hearing on Surat Bantahan

Cukai Pintu rebate RM48.51 after hearing on Surat Bantahan