Guard House / Security

3 responses to “Guard House / Security

  1. Kong Kok Meng 江国民 (PP8A Chairman)

    Thanks for your suggestion, 8B is paying RM80/ unit/month and they have 248 houses, and we have less than 200 houses….they hire 3 guards per shift, we hire 2 guards due to budget constraint….

    Please call me or any committee member or come to our AGM to discuss the matter in detail

  2. Recently our Phase 8A community had issued important notice saying that DO NOT give instructions or encourage security guard to open entrance auto boam without using access card. What I observed these few days,Yes our security guards is following the instructions and our beloved tenants with access card. But I have few doubts as below,
    1) How about those tenant without access card or not paying monthly fees. Are they get special treatment with auto boam open itself when enter?
    2) Are visitors need to register before enter the premises or just wave hands or verbal only or even worst without roll down car window then get free enter! Sometimes I saw some security guard sitting & reading newspaper, phone 1 hand is pressing the open button and let car in.
    3) how often our visitors log book or system been verified by our community members?
    4) how often our security guard patrol around taman especially night time do they do clocking during patrol?
    5) Since community enforce this rules,shall I suggest to get access card scanner at entrance to be upgrade from “touch n go” to “smart tag” liked system?
    6) Seem our monthly maintenance fee is similar to phase 8B (RM70/month), but 8B get more advanced system and security guard more responsibility(correct me and accept my apologies if my statement not related)

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