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A Bold Step Towards A Crime Free and Most Friendly Neighbourhood

Last night event was indeed the most positive and rational steps demonstrated by both sides of the chairman Mr Kong and Mr Lai towards a greater harmony, peace, security and unity to our beautiful home land  of 8A & 8B.

Tripartite talk in progress

Tripartite talk in progress

From now onwards both sides of the residents especially the kids can play freely at the playground without much restriction. However for security reason,  the 2 doors at the divider fence will be opened in the morning and evening and closed at night for the initial period, Should security on both sides has reached a mutually confident level, the fencing and gate will not be an issue anymore. To all peace-loving and law-abiding residents, let’s share responsibility and pledge our commitment to up keep the cleanliness, safety and security of our common playground and extend our most sincere friendship by more frequent social interaction to our neighbour. and let’s foster our relationship from mere stranger to neighbour, and from neighbour to brother and sister, uncle and untie.

A friendly and solid hand shake from both 8A & 8B  chairman at the end of dinner

A friendly and solid hand shake from both 8A & 8B chairman at the end of the dinner

Let’s throw away all our differences and work unselfishly towards a greater unity and harmony not just between 8A and 8B but the entire Taman Putra Prima through our Gabungan Persatuan Penduduk Taman Putra Prima which was initiated by our chairman.

Coincidentally, the meeting was ended to another earlier pre-planed dinner banquet occasion at Restaurant Moon Palace Puchong, this function was actually organised  3 weeks ago to commemorate the formation of our 8A RA and to express appreciation or pay tribute to the hard work and voluntary service to our deserving committee. 2 tables were reserved for the past and present committee, and 1 table for guest including the Ahli Majlis, developer, Gabungan member chairmen, 8B representatives who were just concluded the tripartite talks. The banquet was surprisingly turned out to be a perfect unplaned or impromtu reconciliation party between 8B after the tension built up before the tripartite talk over the playground and fencing issue. Besides the banquet also help to foster rapport working relation with our counterpart from 8B and other Gabungan member chairmen.

Immediately after following the yesterday tripartite talk resolution, 8A and 8B chairman both had reached an agreement in this morning about the initial opening time for the gate to playground. Whereby:

Mon–Fri open from 7:00am–9:30am ; 5:00pm–9:30pm

Sat & Sun open from 7:00am–9:30pm

Hopefully this initial interim resolution will pave way for a greater unity, mutual understanding, cooperation, harmony, safety and security to our beloved Taman Residential living style.

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The Coalition of RA or Gabungan Persatuan Penduduk Taman Putra Prima was officially formed

After several months of  intermingling and coordination among the constituent members, many  mixed views on the formation of Gabungan Persatuan Penduduk  Taman Putra Prima were finally resolved. The gabungan was registered with the ROS on 28/2/2013. Photograph below was taken after the introduction of coalition office berarers to the councillors of MPSepang and Penyelaras DUN Dengkil Tuan Haji Borhan Bin Aman Shah on 6/3/2013

MPSepang Councillors Encik Nor Azmi Bin
, Encik Baharudin Bin Misran, Encik Santokh
Singh and Encik
Pulanthran were among the guests of honour.

IMG_1468 - Copy reduce


Kong  Kok Meng (Fasa 8A)
Deputy   President
Unny  Sankar Ravi Sankar (Fasa 4B)
Honorary   Secretary
Chua  Choon Hwa (Fasa 1A&1B)
Assistant   Secretary
M   Poobalan A/L M Masilami (Fasa 4A)
Hononary   Treasurer
Wong  Tet Yan (Fasa 2A)
Committee   Member
Aaron  Wong Ching Ping (Fasa 8A)
Committee   Member
Lai Koon Ming (Fasa 8B)
Committee   Member
Chen Man Kwan (Fasa 8B)
Committee   Member
Lau  Kok Wai (Fasa 4D)

Yesterday was mere 75mm deep depression, today is getting big enough to engulf or swallow a small car

Warning! AWAS! AWAS!

to all TPP8A  residents and motorists, beware of more sinkholes along Jalan Putra Prima Utara

Who is responsible for all these??????

Who built the road and sewer line so badly????

We simply can't afford this to happen to our TPP8A

We simply can’t afford something like this to happen to our TPP8A residents or other motorists

MPSepang Councillor Mr. Santokh Singh immediately rushed to the scene and brought to the matteer to YDP

MPSepang Councillor Mr. Santokh Singh immediately rushed to the scene and brought the matter to YDP after a call from Chairman Kong


It was just a depression 75mm deep yesterday


Now is over 1 foot deep but the slip circle or crack is way over 15 feet below


From mere depression to sinkhole just in few hours


Another road depression discovered next to manhole not far from PP8A main entrance. Our Guard Marzuki fell from his motor at that spot

Guard Marzuki replay the scence where he felt from his motor when crossing over the depression last night

Guard Marzuki replay the scene where he felt from his motor when crossing over the depression last night

The deep of depression is about 75mm as measured by road contractor Aziz Ahmad

The depth of the depression is about 75mm as measured by road contractor Aziz Ahmad


Eco Wetland Serenity Blends With Comtemprory Architecture.



Near Jalan PP2/8

Near Jalan PP2/8


Full bloomed Lotus at PP8A wetland

Taman Putra Prima 8A, the gem of your investment & quality living in Puchong


Collection notice for the next 4 months of security and maintenance fees

Sample cheque 2

A Very Kind Advice

For the good of all parties please refrain from paying cash to avoid any mishandling or recording error by the security guards. Kindly be adviced to open a current account in your bank for the ease of tracing transaction records.

As the Treasurer and your Zone leaders are all volunteers working for us by squeezing from their little left spare time after the tiring day work. So let’s make everyone happy and easy……..Appreciation from the RA


以防保安人员的疏忽或不慎和为了大家的方便与安全,  请帮忙尽量避免付现金. 为了方便大家询查支票过账, 请开设一个银行来往账户

居协会财政和分区组长都是志愿者, 他们每天都为生活劳累的工作后还要挤抽出一点业余或和家人休息的时间为社区服务。因此让我们大家一致合作好让每个人(居民或居委)都过得更融洽, 更轻松, 更愉快,….谢谢.

Collection notice 4 months-page-001 (2)


An ideal air field was cleared just in front of Phase 3B

Kong is preparing to take off his RC plane,

Flying high freely in the air…….cool and relaxing



Taman Putra Prima 8A main entrance with tight security setup

Grand main entrance with tight security

The newly handed over Taman Putra Prima Phase 8A is fully equipped with the most sophisticated card access barrier gate security entrance system and 24 hour guarded service with 8 cameras CCTV surveiliance, This installation not only adds safety and security merit to your living experience and quality of life, it also very much enhance your investment return with these added features to boost your property value appreciation.Thanks to the dedicated team of the founding committee members of the JPP2 resident association in safeguarding your investment while upkeeping the peaceful living environment in this gated and guarded community.