Daily Archives: 24/06/2013

The Cuban Royal Palm Trees Along The Main Entrance Road Are Dying From Prolonged Drought & Haze


Please save our precious Cuban Royal Palm Trees along our main entrance road from dying of  prolonged severe drought and haze. I appeal to the residents of those end units  at both sides along the main  entrance road to spray water generously onto those dying palm trees and hibiscus next to your houses twice a day ,  preferably in the morning and evening during this severe dry weather season.

It is too far to get water from the guard-house, please help …….SOS….

I have instructed the guards to approach those adjacent unit, please contribute some water to save our palm trees and hibiscus. It costs over thousand ringgit to replace just 1 palm tree of this height / maturity.

It is not the duty of the security guards to look after the plant of our entire Taman, it is each and every resident instead. Our RM50/month maintenance fees is simply inadequate to hire landscape contractor to do on our behalf like golf and country club. So our gotong royong guideline is extended not just to pick up rubbish, but including to nurture, to fertilise and water those plant next to your house as well.

The Taman belongs to all 197 unit residents, thus the responsibility of up keeping the Taman is rested on all 197 unit residents, and certainly not just the RA or chairman only could carry the work.


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