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Penghalang lori sudah dibina di Jalan Putra Prima Utara



Sebuah penghalang lori dengan had ketinggian 2.5m telah dibina di Jalan Putra Prima Utara baru baru ini. Tujuannya untuk menghalang lori lori tanah yang bermuatan tinggi melalui jalan ini, kerana lori-lori tanah yang berat ini telah mengakibatkan kerosakan yang teruk terhadap jalan yang baru sahaja diturap semula atau dipulihkan oleh majlis.

Sejak 8 bulan kebelakangan, jalan ini telah pun menjadi laluan utama ratusan lori tanah bermuatan berpuluh ton. Lori tanah yang berat ini melantak jalan perumahan (residential) yang tidak setaraf lebuhraya setiap hari. Persatuan Penduduk 8A lalu bertindak segera dan membuat aduan kepada pihak berkuasa tertentu seperti majlis MPSepang, JPJ dan juga polis trafik. Walaupun tindakan saman dan amaran diberi kepada lori-lori yang melebihi had berat muatan,  tetapi  langkah ini tidak bagitu berkesan.

Ekoran aduan seringkali dibangkitkan oleh persatuan penduduk 8A dan jalan diturap sekali, tetapi jalan ini tetap mengalami kerosakan dalam masa dua tiga bulan sahaja terutamanya pada musim hujan. Akhirnya pihak majlis mengambil keputusan membina satu palang besi yang kukuh, hanya memberi laluan kereta dibawah ketinggian 2.5m sahaja, manakala lori dan kenderaan besar dihalang sama sekali melalui jalan ini.

Persatuan Penduduk PP8A juga ingin mengambil kesempatan ini merakamkan setinggi-tinggi penghargaan kepada Saudara Ng Kuo Sin selaku setiausaha Persatuan Penduduk 8A merangkap AJK JPP Zon Taman Putra Prima / Tmn Mas, atas usaha beliau memantau perkara ini dengan rapinya bersama JPJ, Polis dan Majlis, dan tidak kurang penghargaan kepada semua AJK JPP, khususnya Ahli Majlis Tuan Syamsol Bin Md Sharif yang telah membantu dalam penyelesaian ini.





Our RA was interviewed by Radio BFM 89.9



Our RA was indeed honoured to be invited to participate in a programme by radio channel BFM89.9 to cover the topic on Rukun Tetangga and Resident Associations around Klang Valley area. The radio interview with our chairman Mr Kong was conducted in our taman this afternoon.

Among the topics discussed in the interview were:  The setting up and running of a successful RA, participation and contribution from the residents, role and function of a RA.Problems most often faced by RA including collection, dealing with local municipal council and developer on the up keeping of infrastructure and common area facilities, garden, playground and public amenities.

Besides, the RA also plays a significant role in shaping a civil society, to promote harmonious neighbourhood.  To acts as a mediator and adviser to resolve any argument arises among the neighbouring units, such as inconsiderate or illicit parking, excessive renovation and extension, over grown tress and falling leaves, pets, noise etc…

Lawatan Kerja Ahli Majlis ke Fasa 8A Taman Putra Prima

21 Nov 2017

Ahli Majlis MPSepang YB En Mohd Ridzuan Basri merangkap Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Perunding Penduduk (JPP) bagi kawasan Taman Putra Prima/ Taman Mas telah membuat lawatan tapak ke Taman Putra Prima pada petang hari ini untuk memeriksa dan memantau  2 buah bonggol jalan yang baru siap dibina oleh majlis di persimpangan Jalan Putra Prima Utara  dan pintu masuk utama Fasa 8A.

Lawatan beliau turut bersama dengan 2 orang AJK JPP iaitu En Zawawi dan En Kong untuk meninjau keadaan lalu lintas di kawasan tersebut ekoran 2 buah bonggol sudah siap dibina. Jelas kelihatan kenderaan sudah perlahan dan diharapan bonggol ini dapat mengurangkan kemalangan lalu-lintas di kawasan ini.

Disamping itu, mereka juga melawat kerja-kerja landscape, cadangan pembersihan parit dan kerja pembersihan semak samun yang masih belum dilaksanakan. Tidak ketinggalan juga memantau tempat pencerobohan kawasan rezab oleh golongan yang tidak berkerjasama dan tidak mematuhi undang-undang. Menurut Ahli Majlis, pihat JPP akan merujuk perkara ini ke unit penguatkuasa untuk tindakan seterusnya.





Parking Rules and Regulations

Parking near junctions (Rule 243) being one piece of advice stating: ‘DO NOT stop or park opposite or within 10 metres (32 feet) of a junction, except in an authorised parking space’. Almost all of us have parked within 10 metres of a junction at some point and as can be seen by observing car parking habits around us, many people park too close on a daily basis. parking-too-close-to-junction

So why is it illegal to park close to a junction?

As seen in the image to the right, the yellow vehicle is attempting to turn right out of the junction. The green car is obscured from the yellow cars view by the two vehicles that are parked too close to the junction. The red shaded area illustrates the drivers view of the road, by which time they are some distance into the road.

Other instances where it can prove dangerous to park close to a junction are for pedestrians crossing the road. Junctions are typically crossing areas for pedestrians. Children, wheelchair users and the elderly are particularly vulnerable when attempting to cross due to vehicles being obscured that may be turning into the junction. You must also consider unhindered access for the emergency services.

Other potential issues to consider are located at small and narrow residential streets where larger vehicles need access for deliveries. It’s not uncommon for vehicle owners to discover damage on a corner of their vehicle that’s parked close to a junction, often due to a larger vehicle having inadequate space to manoeuvre

parking-opposite-a-junction 2

Due to excessive vegetation in the corner sight triangle, drivers are not able to see traffic approaching from the left in time to enter or cross the intersection safely.





block view 1block view 2

No Parking at Obscure and Dangerous Places

Many in Malaysia have the class D license (car). But you’ll be surprised how many really know where they cannot park.

To park in a “No Parking” area is an offence. It contravenes Section 119(2) of the R.T.O (Road Transport Ordinance 1978). The penalty is RM200.

Where are some of the places one cannot park? Amongst them are:-

1) Near Bus Stops.

A bus being a large vehicle obviously needs lots of space to park. Do not park your vehicle near such places. Remember, park your vehicle a minimum of 9 metres from a bus stop.

2) At a Fire Hydrant.

Park a car at least 3 metres from a fire hydrant. In times of emergencies, the Fire Brigade needs to stop quickly and lack of space would hamper their operations. So, avoid parking in such areas.

Most hydrants are easily recognizable. They have a large red H symbol on it.

3) In Obscure and Dangerous Places.

“Obscure” means hard to see.

Corners are a good example. Cars approaching most likely cannot be seen clearly. Putting or parking your vehicle there might cause an accident. As such, avoid parking in such situations.

4) At Cross and “T” junctions.

Park at least 9 metres from the above junctions. The above 2 places are amongst some of the most dangerous places.

Many accidents in fact happen here. Drivers have difficulty trying to come out.

A large vehicle, for example a lorry or a van parked very near a T or cross junction, hampers one’s visibility.

Are you aware that in cases of accidents, your vehicle which is parked in such places, could be quoted as the cause of the accident?

As such, you are therefore liable.

5) A Corner.

Corners are difficult areas to maneuver. Parking in such places, without doubt, makes it difficult to negotiate. Such being the case, Do not park in such places if you can.

6) Up a Hill and Down a Hill.

Going up and down such a place is not only difficult but dangerous as well. Having vehicles parked in such an area, will most definitely not help a driver at all.

Please co-operate by refraining from parking in such an area.

There might be a few other places where parking is not advisable. But the above appears to be some of the areas most likely to cause an accident.

7) Heavy vehicle and Lorry

Heavy vehicles, like lorry, crane, excavator, trailer are not encouraged to park within our taman or residential street. However, it is the jurisdiction of the JPJ(RTD) and Majlis for the enforcement.

As good drivers, we try our very best not to be involved in an accident. Let’s also try our utmost best not to get other people involved in accidents also.

Refrain then from places such as those mentioned, from parking your vehicles!

Providing the basics for guard

The weather is so hot in the afternoon now nearly 36°C .  Our security guards are indeed grateful to the RA committee of Taman Putra Prima 8A. The Majlis approved guard house is fully equipped with an 1H/P air condition unit, 1 wall fan, 1 table fan,  adjustable  aluminium window blind, CCTV, lavatory with clean water supply, shower rose and washing basin….

Reading from the STAR-Metro  published on 24/3/2016 (see link below), many of the guard posts in Klang Valley are without proper facilities…….



Pictures from STAR-Metro Central






可選擇遷校謀出路 他呼吁華社明白,停止運作沒有學生來源的學校,不代表是要消滅華小,只要有其他地方需要華小,就可以遷往該處;不過,他強調,只要是有學生來源的微小仍會繼續運作。 他指出,我國目前的情況是太多微型小學,而全國僅有3個地點,基於人口增加而需要增設華小,分別是在雪州蒲種、沙亞南實達阿南和柔州新山,其中柔州新增的百萬鎮培華二校也在今日開課了。