Time Line

Time Line of Resident Association

Date Activities
06 Sep 2014 2014 TPP8A Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration 中秋晚会 -> read more…
01 Jul 2014 The PP8A RA has approved an allocation/budget for improvement and strengthening works to the existing chain-link-fence -> read more…
30 Mar 2014  AGM 2014 was successfully held, most of the committees are re-elected unopposed.
05 Mar 2014 The controversies over the demolition order of the divider fencing and common playground were finally cleared by a 4-Parties Meeting held in Melur conference room at MPSepang Cyberjaya today -> read more…
26 Oct 2013 TOWN HALL MEETING MPSepang bersama ketua-ketua jabatan MPSepang dan Persatuan Penduduk & KRT Taman Putra Prima, Taman Mas, Kg Sri Aman anjuran Pusat Khidmat Ahli Majlis  & JPP Zon Taman Mas-Putra Prima telah berlangsung di ruang parkir KFCH Taman Putra Prima Commercial Square -> read more…
23 Oct 2013 Suatu perjumpaan telah diadakan di antara AJK Persatuan Penduduk JPP2 (8A) dengan anggota polis dari Balai polis Putra Perdana/ Putra Prima di sebuah restoran di Taman Mas di bawah Program Komuniti Polis -> read more…
12 Sep 2013 The application of Lesen Pendudukan Sementara (TOL) for TPP8A guard house has been approved by Pentadbir Tanah Sepang.
15 Jun 2013 The RA had successfully hosted a working committee annual dinner at Moon Palace Restaurant Puchong, and 3 tables were reserved, all 2012 & 2013 RA committee members, developer, 8B and few other phases RA representatives, Ahli Majlis were invited to attend.
15 Jun 2013 A tripartile meeting was held at Plenitude office between the Developer, 8B and 8A RA delegation on the dispute of the security control and usage of playground between the 2 phases. An interim resolution was reached where the 2 small gates are allowed to be opened at certain interval for the free usage of playground by 8B residents.
29 May 2013  8A G&G scheme being undermined, 8B residents wildfully tear down our fencing -> read more…
23 May 2013 The ROS had remitted RM10,000 to the our RA account with the objective of creating safe and harmonious neighbourhoods in the country under Budget 2013.
19 May 2013 Part of the fencing that dividing playground and PP8B had been torn down by the developer without any prior notice paving inroad to our enclosed or fenced up G&G community scheme. This matter had been brought up to the attention of MPSepang Councillors and the Pengarah of Perancang and Bangunan including the enforcement unit , and we were advised by Majlis to make a police report -> read more…
17 Mar 2013 Resident Association Annual General Meeting (AGM) was successfully held. quorum was met, All the previous committee members were returned unopposed except a few who declined to be nominated. In other words the committee was given a full new mandate or entrusted confidence as office bearers for another year to manage the security and the funding of TPP8A. Copies of audited account, list of office bearers and annual report were also submitted to the Registrar of Society ROS for the compliance with statutory requirements.
10 Mar 2013 We have promoted to dotcom domain finally, the community blog can be accessed by tpp8a.com with immediate effect.
Till 31 Dec 2012 No incident of car been stolen, robbery, assault or fighting causing bodily injury was reported within the compound of the gated and guarded community over the entire year of 2012 and before.
Till 31 Dec 2012 RA official blog was successfully launched and maintained, this informative Blog which gathered over 58 posts, 7 categories spreading over 21 pages, with over 240 comments or respondents and visited by some 17,780 viewers all times.
16 Sep 2012 EGM was successfully held on and quorum was met with appointment of 3 Trustees and 2 Auditors.
30 Jun 2012 The RA had successfully organized and hosted the Sunken Road Repair Ground Breaking Ceremony officiated by YB Teresa Kok and YDP MP Sepang, Tuan Sayuthi.
13 Jun 2012 Guard-house building plan approval was obtained from MPSepang.
21 May 2012 Taman PP8A guard-house activities are on with 24 hour recording that comes with 8 CCTV Infra Red night vision cameras and allow online monitoring from distant computers and smart phone, the DVR was hooked up to a wireless broadband modem with a secured Wifi.
17 May 2012 Traffic Light Petition Drive from Taman Putra Prima 8A Resident; 170 signatures were collected. As a result, traffic lights were installed at the Taman Putra Prima main entrance junction and commissioned in December 2012 after several months of followed up with the authority.
22 Jan 2012 1st Car Sticker issued. Card access system was introduced to operate the 3 motorized automatic barrier gates at the main exit and entrance security check point. The first of its kind in Taman Putra Prima.
04 Jan 2012 The Persatuan Penduduk JPP2 was officially formed and registered with the Registrar of Society.
18 Dec 2011 Committee Members sacrifice their Sunday’s morning to walk around the Taman for a get to know the residents session and at the same time to collect the association member’s fee.
15 Dec 2011 The RA took over the hiring/control of PP8A security service from the developer.
14 Dec 2011 In less than a month, YB Teresa Kok informed Chairman Mr Kong that Selangor Exco has approved the cost of RM2.6 million to rebuild the sunken road following our RA memorandum submitted to her on 15/11/2011.
15 Nov 2011 Memorandum handed over to Selangor Senior Exco YB Teresa Kok on Sunken Road, Jalan Putra Prima Utara.
15 Nov 2011 Over 80% of the unit owners signed the referendum to endorse RA for managing the security booth. Gradually, nearly 95% of the units supported the initiative taken by the RA
24 Sep 2011 2nd meeting of the pro tem resident association of phase 8A initiated by the developer. The meeting was attended by some 26 unit owners only (13%), following that the pro tem committee decided to have a total reach out and a massive exercise to launch a campaign of referendum on setting up a Gated and Guarded Community Scheme.
20 Aug 2011 1st meeting was called by the developer, but residents turned out was too low, no decision was made.
11 Apr 2011 We had obtained 100% of the 197 unit owners agreed and signed the application for the erection of perimeter fencing and guard-house to the Yang Di Pertua Majlis Perbandaran Sepang.

4 responses to “Time Line

  1. Hi, there is a tangki’s cover drop on field near to kindergarden there due to strong wind this afternoon. Later I will request security guard to keep it at guard house compound area. Please check and get it back then.

  2. It is another historical moment for TPP8A thanks to our Chaiman, Mr Kong, for making our guard house fully legalised.

  3. Kong Kok Meng 江国民 (PP8A RA Chairman)

    Well done, thanks to our dedicated and professional Blog Admin Mr Chew HC for putting up the time line, everyone including the new residents who just moved in, or those who intend to purchase an after market unit here, will find the timeline most helpful and useful. once again many thanks to the committee members of Persatuan Penduduk JPP2 for having achieve all these in just over a year.

  4. Well done RA, keep on with this momentum and achievement!
    Really appreciate you guys’ unconditional contribution towards a better living environment here.

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