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White and Pink Lotus –Nelumbo nucifera, the Sacred Lotus blooming at TPP8a


To  the Chinese, the lotus flower represents creative power and purity amid     adverse surroundings (the muck and mud of the pond). It is also a symbol of     the seventh month and summer when lotus begin their blooming season.

In Buddhism the lotus flower symbolizes faithfulness. The golden lotus     mentioned in Buddhist sutras has two meanings: the symbol for the     achievement of enlightenment, and a real flower which is beyond normal     perception.

The emergence of white and pink lotus flower beyond the height of perimeter wall

Pink and White lotus in full blossom

Chinese poets also use lotus flowers to inspire people to continue striving     through difficulties and to show their best side to the outside world, no matter how bad the circumstances may be.

The value of PP8a is likely to be much higher after the sunken road has been repaired

Here is the blessing from the Senior Exco of Selangor YB Teresa Kok in her speech on the occassion of the RM2.6Million road repair ground breaking ceremony

(please see video link below)

Grand Security Entrance of PP8A

Selangor Exco YB Teresa Kok, YDP MPSepang, Councillors, PP8A RA Chairman

TPP8A value soaring from RM 350K to RM 675K for intermediate unit in just over 2 years

***Freehold with individual title***
Intermediate  unit asking price RM675,000 onwards
Corner unit sking Price RM 1,260,000
Posted Date:09/10/2012
Renovated Corner unit at PP2/6 asking RM1,700,000

The most enchanting morning at the western end of Jalan PP2/8 (荷塘清趣)

These scenic pictures were taken  by chairman from the western end of Jalan PP 2/8  Taman Putra Prima 8A on  11/10/2012

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Dragonfly, water Lily and pond, a truly life sustainable ecosystem

2013 Budget highlight

In recognising the contribution and efforts of the private sector and local communities to address security concerns, the government will provide a launching grant of RM40 million for 4,025 resident associations registered under the Registrar of Societies to enhance patrolling efforts in neighbourhoods, with each association receiving RM10,000.

为打造一个安全的社会, 政府大力鼓励及推动各社区参与 提升睦邻计划维护民宅安全,并打算发放1万令吉奖掖给该些已向社团注册局登记的4025个居民协会,鼓励他们在民宅巡逻。