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Yesterday was mere 75mm deep depression, today is getting big enough to engulf or swallow a small car

Warning! AWAS! AWAS!

to all TPP8A  residents and motorists, beware of more sinkholes along Jalan Putra Prima Utara

Who is responsible for all these??????

Who built the road and sewer line so badly????

We simply can't afford this to happen to our TPP8A

We simply can’t afford something like this to happen to our TPP8A residents or other motorists

MPSepang Councillor Mr. Santokh Singh immediately rushed to the scene and brought to the matteer to YDP

MPSepang Councillor Mr. Santokh Singh immediately rushed to the scene and brought the matter to YDP after a call from Chairman Kong


It was just a depression 75mm deep yesterday


Now is over 1 foot deep but the slip circle or crack is way over 15 feet below


From mere depression to sinkhole just in few hours


Another road depression discovered next to manhole not far from PP8A main entrance. Our Guard Marzuki fell from his motor at that spot

Guard Marzuki replay the scence where he felt from his motor when crossing over the depression last night

Guard Marzuki replay the scene where he felt from his motor when crossing over the depression last night

The deep of depression is about 75mm as measured by road contractor Aziz Ahmad

The depth of the depression is about 75mm as measured by road contractor Aziz Ahmad

Any idea how to manage the perforation of security at the recreational park and play ground between 8A and 8B ?

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PP8A Children Play ground and recretional park

PP8A Children Play ground and recretional park

Who created this land of dispute???

How do you want to manage it?

Shall we turn it into: Disneyland, Gaza Strip or DMZ of Korea Peninsula

for our children playground ?????

The choice is our, not developer, I think your children have the right answer, so let’s do something for your children and bring the magic kingdom home.


Who can guarantee the safety and security of these lovely children?


Is our children playground safe for our children?

Kid at play

Are children free to play in our parkland without worry of intruders?

Can Mr Lai Koon Ming chairman of 8B who demanded the opening of 3 small gates, and the removal of fencing separating 8A & 8B assures the safety of our children at playground where their main entrance is totally unattended?

Just read missing child found dead below happened next to our taman at Putra Height……

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Towards a successful Resident Association

How can residents play their part in sharing responsibilities?

Per Res Putra Prima 2 - Logo 16-01-12

In today’s challenging living environment many housing estates today have their own Resident Associations. No matter whether a housing estate is big or small, it comprises a community who share the same common areas, roads, parks and recreational facilities. What more if majority of the residents are aspiring to live in a gated and guarded community which needs to collect security/maintenance fees and putting up a 24 hour operated guard house.

With these shared facilities they also share the same interest and responsibility of taking care of them by coming together and forming a Resident Association, to make sure their interests are protected.

More often than not, ordinary owners are only interested in their own purchase and most do not even consider their part in the community. This must change, as the spirit of caring for others in the community can only improve one’s life and not make it worse.

To begin:

  1. Get a few owners from your development area to volunteer.
  2. Get support from your surrounding residents to join the Resident’s Association.
  3. Request the developer’s assistance for contacts, or advertise through any media if necessary, or even conduct a house to house visit for your neighbours.
  4. Distribute details of owners keen to form an association to other owners.
  5. After receiving support from your neighbours, set a date to form the association.
  6. Elect the committee members. A good sized committee has between 10-12 members depending on the size of your housing area. Do take note: A committee with less people tends to be unrepresentative and too many people will make it difficult to operate. Each committee member has an important role to play. The 3 key roles in any committee are the chairperson, secretary and treasurer.

Once the resident association is formed and the committee is elected, write to the developer and relevant authorities to inform them of the existence of such an association and the key people to communicate with.

What is the advantage of a Resident’s Association?

  1. Work together to fight neighbourhood crimes such as snatch thieves, burglaries and break-ins.
  2. Have an advantage in working closely with the developer and authorities (MPSepang), to look after neighbourhood interests.
  3. Act as a watchdog for the community.
  4. Have a cohesive voice in the interest of the community.
  5. To share the workload should there be a need for sharing task.
  6. A contact point to serve as a communication centre among the neighbours. (like setting up a forum in blog)
  7. Share resources and ideas to maintain or improve the community, cleanliness and security.
  8. Increase the value of the property by developing a safe and friendly neighbourhood.
  9. Volunteer for a good cause towards an enjoyable life in the community.
  10. Budget 2013–RM40 million for 4,025 resident associations registered under the Registrar of Societies, with each association receiving RM10,000.

Quite often some major and controversial local issue is the stimulus to form an association, so do not wait until you have problems in the neighbourhood before setting up your Resident Association. Share the happy times together too. The pleasure of your new home is enhanced when you know your neighbours. Good dialogue sessions and careful advance planning among owners, developers and relevant authorities go a long way toward creating a successful community.

(This message is intended to share with our neighbouring phases in Taman Putra Prima who wish to form an RA and subsequently join us for the coalition or Gabungan Persatuan Penduduk / KRT Taman Putra Prima)

Our beautiful & clean play ground is at risk now, the fencing between 8B was found been torn apart this morning at the frontage of unit 51, PP2/9.

Security Perforation: vandalism, or just malicious act?

We had reported the incident to ketua balai Pondok Polis Taman Putra Prima. Soon after the RA had deployed worker to restore it. However we do urge residents to keep an eye on this and be alert.

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Chairman Mr Kong was invited to participate in the workshop on Guard-house and TOL issues for Gated & Guarded Community Scheme in Selangor

The Workshop was attended by some selected RA chairman / representatives  and  officers from several Selangor state departments including PTG, Majlis Daerah/Perbandaran. This workshop was initiated by Selangor Senior Exco YB Teresa Kok to look into various problems faced by the residents or Resident Associations and to formulate and to streamline state/local government policy for approving guardhouses. Many related issues had been raised and discussed including guidelines, enforcement and TOL.

please read link below for more more report

社区围篱引发矛盾 居协促中央修法准封路

Published: Fri, 08 Feb 2013

PTG officers in session
PTG officers in session


Exco YB Teresa and Chairman Mr Kong in session

Exco YB Teresa and Chairman Mr Kong in session

bengkel Guard House


Eco Wetland Serenity Blends With Comtemprory Architecture.



Near Jalan PP2/8

Near Jalan PP2/8


Full bloomed Lotus at PP8A wetland

Taman Putra Prima 8A, the gem of your investment & quality living in Puchong