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2 responses to “Landscape & Environment

  1. Kong Kok Meng

    Do you all notice the theme of our Community Blog is very green and ecosystem, our logo is surrounded with abundance of green leaves, out title block too is very lively, with our home co-existance with brilliant red blooming hibiscus, hard working cute little hummingbird harvesting nectar, and a nurturing hand with fertile earth and germinating plant that symbolises love to nature, vibrant growth and sustainability. thanks to the creativity with loving nature of our RA committee blog contributor.

  2. Kong Kok Meng

    Who is going to cut the grass outside the fencing, Developer? Majlis? Resident Association? or yourself……… can take time to figure out, but the grass and creeper has already covered up the chain link fence…….who shall maintain the fence, certainly not Majlis and developer.

    The answer is the duty of the residents and the Persatuan Penduduk JPP2 of Taman Putra Prima 8a.(please see our referendum item 3), your RM50.00 not just need to cover the security fees, about RM8,000 a month, water, electricity, broadband & telephone, periodic repair and hardware/software maintenance as well.For your information, the east gate and west gate repair had already cost us RM500. how about chain link fence maintenance.??????

    Still they are a few who claimed that they have every right not to pay our maintenance fees……where is their social ethic value….

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