A Bold Step Towards A Crime Free and Most Friendly Neighbourhood

Last night event was indeed the most positive and rational steps demonstrated by both sides of the chairman Mr Kong and Mr Lai towards a greater harmony, peace, security and unity to our beautiful home land  of 8A & 8B.

Tripartite talk in progress

Tripartite talk in progress

From now onwards both sides of the residents especially the kids can play freely at the playground without much restriction. However for security reason,  the 2 doors at the divider fence will be opened in the morning and evening and closed at night for the initial period, Should security on both sides has reached a mutually confident level, the fencing and gate will not be an issue anymore. To all peace-loving and law-abiding residents, let’s share responsibility and pledge our commitment to up keep the cleanliness, safety and security of our common playground and extend our most sincere friendship by more frequent social interaction to our neighbour. and let’s foster our relationship from mere stranger to neighbour, and from neighbour to brother and sister, uncle and untie.

A friendly and solid hand shake from both 8A & 8B  chairman at the end of dinner

A friendly and solid hand shake from both 8A & 8B chairman at the end of the dinner

Let’s throw away all our differences and work unselfishly towards a greater unity and harmony not just between 8A and 8B but the entire Taman Putra Prima through our Gabungan Persatuan Penduduk Taman Putra Prima which was initiated by our chairman.

Coincidentally, the meeting was ended to another earlier pre-planed dinner banquet occasion at Restaurant Moon Palace Puchong, this function was actually organised  3 weeks ago to commemorate the formation of our 8A RA and to express appreciation or pay tribute to the hard work and voluntary service to our deserving committee. 2 tables were reserved for the past and present committee, and 1 table for guest including the Ahli Majlis, developer, Gabungan member chairmen, 8B representatives who were just concluded the tripartite talks. The banquet was surprisingly turned out to be a perfect unplaned or impromtu reconciliation party between 8B after the tension built up before the tripartite talk over the playground and fencing issue. Besides the banquet also help to foster rapport working relation with our counterpart from 8B and other Gabungan member chairmen.

Immediately after following the yesterday tripartite talk resolution, 8A and 8B chairman both had reached an agreement in this morning about the initial opening time for the gate to playground. Whereby:

Mon–Fri open from 7:00am–9:30am ; 5:00pm–9:30pm

Sat & Sun open from 7:00am–9:30pm

Hopefully this initial interim resolution will pave way for a greater unity, mutual understanding, cooperation, harmony, safety and security to our beloved Taman Residential living style.

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11 responses to “A Bold Step Towards A Crime Free and Most Friendly Neighbourhood

  1. After the gates around the park are opened, I can see some changes. Before that, our Taman was used to be peaceful, was a sweet Taman to stay. However, it was so sad to see that some people were taking the opportunity to get across the fencing to the park because the gate was opened at night. I saw a gang of people sitting and drinking beer at the pondok even as late as 10pm while the gate was still opened. I think it is not secured and peaceful for our resident. Try to imagine if you were the one who see this situation and this was never happened before ,what was your feeling?

    Since Malaysia’s safety is getting worse now, we must alert all on this issue. I hope we all need to think and see what can be improved to the security of our Taman. We all stay at the same Taman, I am sure we all want our Taman to be peaceful.

    • Kong Kok Meng 江国民 (PP8A /Gabungan Chairman)

      Thanks for reporting Miss Olivia
      I will check with our security guards why the gates were not locked after 9:30pm. your concern is well comprehended. We are monitoring the development closely hope more residents can write in, as 8B RA/residents are also reading our blog closely, so please write in if you see something was not right.

      • Thanks for reply.
        Hope we all stay in a peaceful taman.
        All resident 8a and 8b hv to concern this issue when pass by along the fence now. Hope all residents will pay attention to it.
        We concern this due to some foreigner renovation worker stay here temporarily or some owner had rented the house. We don’t know the neighbor around 8a and 8b.

        Taman Putra prima 8a and 8b is belongs to all residents.
        We hv responsibility to take care it.

        By the way, is it nessasary for the gate to open until 9.30pm during weekday? Is there anyone from 8b need go to the playground at this time?
        We assume those housewife will likely to bring kids go to playground in the evening, maybe until 8pm.
        We also assume that those working parents will have dinner or fetch their kids back from nanny’s house around 8pm to 9 pm.
        For those still single or married couple, they may drop by playground during 9pm?

        Thus, we have to consider wisely on this opening time during weekday especially the night time.
        We must also concern that is it hard for our security guards to monitor the few gates at the back?

        Conclusion, let’s discuss and litsten to all sound opinion whether, is it wise for the gate to open until 9.30pm?
        Sure we will respect if there is resident need to go to playground even after 9pm.
        Hope to listen to all voices here. Tq

        • Understand your feeling, apparently, there are people (family) from 8B came to the playground late at night. Saw them leaving thru our guard house after 9.30pm (on weekdays). There are people from 8B respecting the agreed gate opening time so we must respect it as well. What we can do is, if anyone seeing suspicious people at the playground late at night, do inform our guards to keep an eye on them.

          The guards have been reminded if the gates are not closed after 9.30pm, we will impose penalty on them for not doing as told to do. If the situation is getting worst (report of crimes/break-ins in our Taman), we will review/change the gates opening time until the situation improved. We do hope everything will work out over at 8B in regards to the security setup soon, otherwise, we will be forced to come out with alternative measures to secure our safety if majority of 8A residents agreed.

          Aaron Wong

  2. As agreed in the last Saturday meeting, the 8A committee has opened the gates to the playground from last Sunday onwards and put up the notice at the gates the next day, Monday. To all users of the playground, pls be considerated in keeping the playground clean and be careful when using the equipment to maximise the durabality of the equipment at the playground.

    Hopefully, with time, the gates will be opened for even longer period of time and ultimately the fencing will be a non-issue once 8B successfuly got their guard house approved or even better the 2 RA decided to merge.

  3. Congratulation to both Chairmen and their committee
    Am glad to see the start of a new chapter in Taman Putra Prima
    The example of Unity before self.
    Terence your friendly neighbour

  4. Kong Kok Meng 江国民 (PP8A /Gabungan Chairman)

    The yesterday tripartite talk was concluded with an olive branch, or peace and reconciliation as evident in the slide pictures above.

    • Well done to our chairman, Mr Kong and RA !!!! I appreciate all the good work that been carried out by you since time.

  5. Finally we have seen both side 8A & 8B RA president Mr. Kong and Mr. Isaac Lai used all their effort to resolve the tension of playground issue in a brilliant way. The RA also bring both 8A & 8B to work together toward a greater friendship, harmony, and the most important of security for a zero crime home land. We trust this debut will put both RA work closer, helping each other and merger of both strength in order to build 1 community of phase 8!!

    Let us give a big WELCOME to 8B RA and residents. We are looking forward of better growth and higher improvement from both community.

    “1 RA 1 community”

    8A committee

  6. The atmosphere during the talk was very tense (i’m sure both sides were trying very hard to show their own points of view), the dinner last night is completely the opposite. You have to be there to feel it if you want to comprehend the feeling and it is such a relieve for both committee can arrive at an agreed understanding. I don’t see any hindrance of both sides working together with common interest ie. to protect the safety of its residents. Truth can only grow in strength and protect its residents’ right to safety.

  7. Welcome to the new brotherhood of phase 8!

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