Notices from JPP2 RA

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Persatuan Penduduk JPP2

Note: No receipt will be issued, proof of transaction by bank statement, but please clearly write your name and unit address behind your cheque.

For the good of all parties please refrain from paying cash.

This is the only way to avoid any mishandling of cash or any recording error by the security guards.

The RA & Guards prefer Cheque for safety and convenient of all parties.


04 August 2012
Contractor Security Rules

One response to “Notice

  1. Tan Hoe Hing

    Dear Mr Chairman,
    I am a new resident of TPP8A and glad to mention that I have received very favourable remarks from my neighbours pertaining to your leadership. Congratulations! Hope to have many wonderful years ahead.
    Sorry to trouble you, but I would be grateful if you can add me to our Taman’s WhatsApp Group. It just happened that my cat might have lost its way and did not come back. So I need the help of whoever spotted it.
    My particulars:
    Name: Tan Hoe Hing (TanHH)
    Tel: 012-2101180
    Address: 55 Jalan PP 2/9
    I/C: 511219085681

    Warmest regards. Thanks!

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