House Rules

The objectives of formulating and publishing our house rules are:

  1. To ensure a standard operating procedure  SOP is adopted for all the residents, visitors, contractors and our security guards to follow. This is necessary to avoid any misunderstanding, abuse of power and ambiguity among all the users without compromise to the screening process of the security at the entry/exit checkpoint.
  2. To minimise dispute among neighbouring units or residents on the issue of parking, pet, noise, landscaping, renovation which is the main attribute to the friction between your immediate next neighbour.

Very often the dispute is brought to the attention of the security guard and the chairman, however due to different cultural back ground, different brought up and different social value, attitude or mentality, it is not easy to resolve the dispute without a comprehensive published guidelines.

let’s us go by the book instead of rule by your feeling, emotion and personal justification over prejudice or preference.

Please be reminded that anything outside your lot is not your land, it is public amenities or road reserve line under the jurisdiction of the majlis and the RA. However when many people complain something you put up or planted is awful or irritating, for the well being of our community living,  it is advisble to abide by the house rules and resolve any dispute with the RA .

Our last appeal to all the residents of our G&G community scheme, let not a few deviant voices defeat the efforts of the majority.

 A) Tangungjawab Pengawal Keselamatan:

  1. Kontraktor tidak dibenarkan masuk tanpa kelulusan daripada pihak Pesatuan.
  2. Memastikan semua kontraktor yang melakukan kerja kerja pengubah suaian mesti mematuhi peraturan peraturan yang ditetapkan oleh pihak Persatuan.
  3. Post Pengawal Keselamatan mesti memeriksa borang ‘renovation deposit’ (RM1,000.00) supaya mengenalpasti kerja kontraktor telah diluluskan.
  4. Segala maklumat berkenaan kontraktor tersebut mesti dicatitkan dalam buku catatan kontraktor
  5. Pas kontraktor akan diberikan kepada setiap individu dan dipastikan memakai sepanjang masa berada di dalam kawasan Taman PP8a
  6. Kenderaan kontraktor mesti dipastikan tidak menghalang pergerakkan lalu lintas penghuni lain.
  7. Mesti memastikan kenderaan kontraktor tidak mengeluarkan barang-barang bukan hakmilik mereka. Jikalau terdapat benda-benda yang disyak bukan hakmilik kontraktor, bukti kepunyaan yang jelas dan mencukupi perlu dipamirkan oleh kontraktor. Jika dokumen yang diperlukan tiada, pengawal keselamatan bertugas mesti mencatat dalam buku log harian untuk mengelakkan salah faham.
  8. Gerak-geri kontraktor mesti diperhatikan setiap pengawal keselamatan yang meronda
  9. Perkhidmatan kontraktor yang dibawah pihak pengurusan Persatuan Penduduk JPP2 juga perlu diberikan pas kontraktor juga.
  10. Kontraktor yang berjalan kaki keluar melalui pos pengawal, setiap kotak peralatan diperiksa supaya tiada barangan kepunyaan penghuni dibawa keluar.
  11. Kontraktor mesti memastikan segala sisa bahan binaan tidak ditinggalkan di dalam kawasan perumahan Taman PP8A. Jika tidak dipatuhi sila maklumkan kepada pihak Persatuan.
  12. Tidak membenarkan kontraktor menjalankan kerjakerja penyelengaraan, renovasi rumah atau apa-apa aktiviti yang boleh menimbulkan rasa tidak selesa kepada penghuni PP8A pada waktu malam (selepas pukul 6:00pm), hari minggu dan cuti umum.

 B   Rules & Regulations at entrance / exit  security checkpoint:

  1. Entry is strictly with residents’ windscreen sticker and access card.
  2. Any resident without access card must use the visitor lane.
  3. All visitors / contractors must park their vehicles outside and register at the guard-house before entering.
  4. Contractors entry and exits are only via visitor lane
  5. All workers must be tagged. The workers must be wearing the tags at all times. Failure to display the tag prominently may result in the person being evicted.
  6. Minimize vendors – milk and bread suppliers, grass cutters etc. Please use the newspaperman and gas suppliers as listed.  These vendors can be given season passes. The same rule will apply to school bus / tuition center operators and maid services.
  7. Ensure that all maids do not open the doors/grilles/windows before 7am.
  8. Keep all alarms armed at all times.
  9. Do not disable the alarm once it has triggered. Wait for the guard to arrive. If the alarm is disabled, the guard will not know which alarm had triggered.
  10. All taxis coming into TPP8A will be stopped and screened.
  11. Residents who have summoned taxis are encouraged to inform the guards in advance.  Call the guard-house number 012 217 3460
  12. Residents are encouraged to inform the security guard if they are expecting visitors.
  13. Inform the guards if you are having any function at your residence and provide details; your name and address, visitors’ names and vehicle registration numbers.  Advise your guest / visitors not to park their vehicles indiscriminately on the road or on the lawn.
  14. All rubbish need to be clear and removed immediately after any function.
  15. New vehicle number plates must be updated in the car sticker.
  16. If you have any feedback or complaints, please call or send to
  17. Do not abuse the guards in any way.  They are only doing their jobs.  Advise your friends and visitors to co-operate with the guards.

C      Parking

  1. Strictly no parking on lawn, side table and drain cover.
  2. All residents’ vehicles are advised to park into your own driveway to minimise congestion and to avoid sharp corner maneuvering to neighbouring vehicles entering or exiting their parking bay.
  3. Residents/visitors are advised not to park their vehicles at or near the street junctions as it will obstruct visibility and creating blind spot thus endangering oncoming vehicles.
  4. Please inform your friends / visitors to register at the guard post when visiting and park their vehicles properly without obstructing traffic or causing difficulties to others.
  5. It’s common courtesy not to park directly in front of the driveway of another person’s property even it is across the road or on the opposite side.
  6. Please move your car immediately when told or instructed by guards.
  7. Etiquette, good manners and common sense are the main ingredients in avoiding parking disputes with your neighbours.

D     Landscaping

  1. Do not put any ugly planter box, like used paint container, empty can or Styrofoam box along the main road or outside your compound.
  2. Keep only Royal Palm tree and hibiscus along the main entrance road, do not alter the Taman theme plants or uniformity of landscaping without consultation or seeking advice from the RA.
  3. We urge residents lived in houses next to those plants (planted by Majlis /developer) along the main road to water regularly especially during drought seasons.

E.  Pets

  1. Please do not leave your pet unattended, or allow roaming freely outside.
  2. Do not let your pet to defecate or urinate indiscriminately onto your neighbour plants and vehicles.
  3. Dog owner shall take the necessary measures to ensure dog does not cause nuisance in any form whatsoever.
  4. Any dog older than three (3) months found loaming freely  in  public place not wearing mouth mask and license badge, Sepang Municipal Council may seize or destroy the dog.
  5. The dog owner, who violates any licensing laws, is guilty of an offense and liable to a fine of RM 2000 or imprisonment not more than one (1) year or both.( according to Majlis by law)
  6. Under the Companion Animals Act 1998 a dog is a nuisance dog if it:
  • consistently roams; or
  • makes persistent, excessive noise; or
  • repeatedly defecates on private property other than the property on which it is ordinarily kept; or
  • runs at or chases a person, animal or vehicle; or
  • endangers the health of a person or animal; or
  • Repeatedly causes substantial damage to anything outside the property on which it is ordinarily kept.

F. Rubbish

  1. Please keep your rubbish in its designated place or refuse chamber at your gate.
  2. Please keep the rubbish collection box or refuse chamber locked all the time to avoid rubbish being pulled out by stray dog and cat.

G. Structure

  1. No structure is allowed outside your lot, such as garage, farm house, pet house, aquarium and store room.

5 responses to “House Rules

  1. Lets work together to make Phase 8A the most organised Taman, not just the RA regulation, but also the landscaping, roads & traffic, peacefulness, friendly neighbourhood, etc.

  2. Kong Kok Meng 江国民 (PP8A /Gabungan Chairman)



  3. Kong Kok Meng 江国民 (PP8A /Gabungan Chairman)

    Parking Outside Your Own House
    Etiquette, good manners and common sense are the main ingredients in avoiding parking disputes with your neighbours. Most people would choose to park outside their own home anyway because of the convenience, but what if you have more than one vehicle belonging to a single property and there are no driveways or you have a driveway but there is only enough room for one car?

    Basically, it’s an unwritten ‘rule’ that people will generally tend to park outside their own home but it’s important to note that no one has an automatic right to do so. It’s not always possible and, in addition to residents, other road users also have the right to park outside your home providing they are not contravening the Highway Code.

    To resolve this issue, the only thing you can do is to try to have a friendly word with your neighbour and explain to them why you’d prefer to park in front of your own house. More importantly do you often park your car in a manner narrowing the normal flow of traffic? Have you ever wonder does it matter to someone?

  4. Kong Kok Meng 江国民 (PP8A /Gabungan Chairman)

    Car-related disputes
    An AA-Populus survey of 23,450 AA members (11-17 June 2013) found that 33% of neighbour bust-ups are rooted in car-related disputes. Overall, 27% of AA members have fallen out with their neighbours, with noise (23%) the single biggest cause.

    Car-related problems break down into four categories:
    1)blocking access to a property or driveway (13% of all disputes),
    2)parking outside a neighbour’s house (12%),
    3)using a neighbour’s parking space (7%) or
    4)car repairs/maintenance (1%).

    The five next-biggest residential flashpoints are:
    1) boundaries (11%),
    2) trees and hedges (8%),
    3) building work (6%),
    4) pets (5%) and
    5) children (3%).

    • As we can see the main attributes to a stressful neighbourhood relation are:

      1)Inconsiderate parking
      2)Excessive noise (especially night time)
      3)Over grown tree, fallen leaves and untrimmed hedges or grass
      4)Prolonged and extensive renovation
      5)Pets noise & fouling
      6)the least is mischievous kids

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