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2 more SJKCs are needed for Puchong Area








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隆雪4新华小 仅2间明年开课

Petaling District SJKC development committee chairman Mr Lin Jiaguang: Puchong area need two SJKCs

He said that even after SJKC Ling Hua Serdang has been built,  Puchong area still need to build at least two more Chinese primary schools, just enough to meet the huge demand for their students.

He said his committee is overseeing and monitoring  some 20 Chinese primary schools in Petaling Jaya district (including Serdang , Subang and Puchong  area), about 45 thousand students in total , an average of each Chinese primary school to accommodate the best 2,200 students.

He said that under the most ideal education policy, each school should not exceed 1,500 students enrolment and each class shall accommodate not more than 35 students, school shall conduct only one full day session (most Chinese schools however in  urban area especially in Puchong is running on 2 sessions per day due to shortage of classroom,)  it shall also not constitute to the of burden traffic congestion.