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Another Flood Mitigation Works Proposed by PP8A Resident Association in Taman Putra Prima had been put in place.


Following numerous complaints of flooding by Taman Putra Prima and Taman Mas residents, TPP8A RA brought the matter with a proposal to meet the Pengarah Kejuruteraan MPSepang En Ahmad Saifunazif in a townhall meeting held on 9/11/2018. We proposed to have an alternative water channel serves to drain off excessive water from the existing water retention basin. We were grateful that our proposal was indeed well received by the Majlis .

Subsequently construction work commenced on 7/9/2020 and is now completed. Hopefully with this new alternative water channel in place, there won’t be any more flash flood incident at the western end junction of Jalan Putra Prima Utara in the future.

Nevertheless, We would like to take this opportunity to express our most heartfelt thank and appreciation to the ADUN of Dengkil, YB Tuan Adhif, Ahli Majlis En Syamsol, Ahli Majlis En Mohd Nazri Sohot and MPSepang for taken our flood mitigation proposal and implemented it soon after.

Terima Kasih kepada semua pihak yang telah membantu kami, hakikatnya cadangan sudah jadi realiti.

G&G License for Year 2020 has been renewed


Western Riverside Fencing has been upgraded to improve security.


The western riverside of our taman is very prone to intruders from the neighbouring construction site and squatter area. There were several incidents of housebreaking were reported lately. Thus the RA had decided to replace the previous 5 feet high chain link fence to a 7 feet high welded BRC Fencing Mesh Panel complete with anti climb barded wire.

About 180m of the western stretch had been upgraded and replaced to this more secured and rigid fencing in order to prevent intruders easy access into our taman.


The G&G Community Scheme has been renewed for year 2019

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14/2/2019 The G&G Community Scheme for Phase 8A Taman Putra Prima, Puchong has been renewed by MPSepang for year 2019 with Planning approval, Building Permit and Temporary Occupation License ( TOL ) of the guard house collectively.

MPSepang has extended G&G Community Scheme status to TPP8A for another 2 years.


After a long and tedious process, our G&G community scheme status was indeed grateful to be granted with another 2 years by Jabatan Perancangan Bandar MPSepang. Our taman was first granted the G&G status since 2012, each subsequent year the RA needs to apply for the scheme renewal along with Temporary Occupation License (TOL) for the guardhouse issued by Sepang land office.

With this approval letter from the majlis together with guardhouse TOL , the G&G Community Scheme run by the RA is deemed legal and proper under the purview of the local authority.

Taman Putra Prima 8A featured in STAR Metro (26/9/2016)



TPP8A Mid-Autumn Festival 2016 中秋晚会

Dear All TPP8A Residents:                                                            

We are pleased to announce our second Mid-Autumn Festival celebration party 2016 in our lovely Taman. The date is set for Saturday evening 7:00 PM, 10th September, 2016. The location is at basketball court, Taman Putra Prima 8A. Dinner reservations are required.imagesM4QA6DPG

The resident association of TPP8A has allocated extra funds to enrich the light dinner menu and to cover the facility cost. Please bring along your family members to enjoy an evening of social networking and celebration with other TPP8A residents. However residents are most welcome to also bring along variety of delicacies (potluck) to supplement and cheer our very own occasion. With all residents’ enthusiasm and active participation, our function will surely be a successful one.


7:00pm                        Arrival & Registration

7.30pm                        Welcoming speech by President of TPP8A

7.35pm                        Presentation of ballet dance by our junior residents

8.00pm                        Dinner

8.15pm                        Magic Show

9.15pm                        Lantern Paradeimages4U58W1C5

9.40pm                        Lucky Draw

10.00pm                      Adjournment

Yours sincerely,

TPP8A Resident Association




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Taman Putra Prima 8A Speed Limit 20km/hr

All residents of Taman Putra Prima and visitors,

Please be advised to abide to our speed limit ruling not exceeding 20km/hr cruising within our taman.

Please be reminded that our taman is a relaxing and easy residential and recreational G&G community scheme. This is a place designated for kids riding bicycle freely around, a place for the senior citizen to walk around, the athletes to jog around, but certainly not a place for your driving excitement, not a place to exert your throttle excessively…..

It is very dangerous and is a total blind spot for a reversing vehicle from its car porch against the fast passing vehicles, thus we urge everyone to drive below 20km/hr and be alert at all time to pedestrian, cyclists especially to pay attention to kids around.

There is no exception for any motorist whether you are driving Kancil, Saga, BMW, or AMG, please adhere to our speed limit, and all residents are urged to be vigilant and to point a finger at those errant drivers who ignore our speed limit sign.

To all our fellow residents, your cooperation is very much appreciated.



JPP Taman Mas-Putra Prima Received Appreciation Certificates in Conjuction with MPSepang 10th Year Anniversary Function

7th Dec 2015

The Committee members of Jawatan Kuasa Perunding Penduduk for Taman Mas -Taman Putra Prima  Zone were invited to attend the MPSepang  10th year anniversary celebration held in Sama Sama Hotel KLIA on 6/12/2015.

Certificate of Appreciations were presented to the JPP committee members by YDP of MPSepang  Tuan Puasa Bin Md Taib for 2014/2015 session.

TPP8A RA Chairman Mr Kong Kok Meng & Secretary Mr Ng Kuo Sin were appointed by the MPSepang as AJK or the committee member for JPP Zon Tmn Mas -Putra Prima.

Taman Putra Prima Fasa 8A memenangi Tempat Ketiga Pertandingan Landskap Peringkat Majlis Perbandaran Sepang 2014

6 Feb 2015

Taman Putra Prima Fasa 8a telah memenangi tempat ketiga di pertandingan landskap peringkat MPSepang 2014.  Kemenangan tersebuat membawa hadiah wang tunai sebanyak RM1,000.00 serta sijil penyertaan.

Berhubungan itu, suatu majlis HI-TEA penyampaian hadiah dan penghargaan telah diadakan di Kelab Komuniti Taman Tasik Cyberjaya dan upacara itu disempurnakan oleh Timbalan YDP YBhg  Tuan Muhammad Hafiz Bin Shaari.

2015-02-06 15.58.44

Pengerusi TPP8A En. Kong menerima sijil penghargaan dari Tim YDP MPSepang Tuan Mohd Hafiz bin Shaari

IMG-20150129-WA0024 (3)

landskap 002



Majlis Hi-Tea


Foto kumpulan bersama dengan pemenang pemenang yang berlainan kategori

Objektif pertandingan:
1. Menggalakkan penglibatan masyarakat dalam meninggikan kualiti nilai budaya landskap di kalangan semua lapisan masyarakat.
2. Menimbulkan minat dan kesedaran masyarakat terhadap seni landskap, tanaman dan bunga-bungaan.
3. Manjadikan sumber untuk masyarakat belajar tentang betapa pentingnya landskap untuk persekitaran alam sekitar.
4. Mewujudkan suasana persekitaran semula jadi yang indah dan menarik.Tema pertandingan adalah “Tamanku Bersih Tamanku Sejahtera“Kriteria-kriteria penilaian:
1. Keberkesanan landskap sesuatu kawasan itu memenuhi objektif dan fungsi:-
– Memelihara alam semula jadi dan keindahan
– Mewujudkan keseimbangan alam persekitaran ekosistem, meredakan iklim, membersihkan udara, mengelak dan mengurangkan hakisan
– Berfungsi sebagai panduan arah, penapis dan penghadang, pemeliharaan flora dan fauna, teduhan dan lindungan sinaran matahari atau kenderaan
– Mengurangkan kesan-kesan binaan
– Meningkatkan pemandangan estetik dan menarik
– Mengekalkan sosio budaya dan identiti tempatan2. Aspek penilaian panel hakim mengambil kira faktor berikut:
– Kesungguhan peserta untuk memelihara landskap dan alam sekitar di halaman rumah
– Penyediaan bentuk landskap yang dapat mencapai dan menepati objektif pertandingan
– Gabungan reka bentuk dan susunan landskap lembut dan kejur
– Kekerapan kerja penyelenggaraan landskap dan kebersihan kawasan yang dilaksanakan
– Kesungguhan kerja kebersihan dan keindahan di kawasan luar pagar rumah
– Keceriaan dan keindahan kawasan halaman rumah secara keseluruhan yang memberikan pemandangan yang menarik

3. Kriteria penilaian dan pemarkahan
A. Jalan masuk ke kawasan Taman Perumahan (20 Markah)
– Keadaan jalan masuk ke kawasan taman perumahan diselenggara dengan baik seperti di sepanjang jalan masuk taman ditanam dengan tanaman hiasan(softcape) atau hardscope
B. Susun atur tanaman hiasan di sekeliling kawasan lapang (20 Markah)
– Teknik dan dekorasi penanaman dari segi keunikan penanaman tanaman hiasan
– Penyusunan, penyesuaian eleman landskap seperti arca-arca, pokok teduhan, bangku, kolam ikan (jika ada) dan sebagainya
– Kreativiti/ idea/ inovasi
C. Penyelenggaraan landskap (20 Markah)
– Kerja pemangkasan, pembajaan, merumpai di keliling tanaman hiasan
– Kesuburan tanaman
– Penyelenggaraan elemen landskap (Hardscape dan Softcape) yang mudah
D. Pemilihan tanaman, penggunaan perkayuan, konkrit (20 Markah)
– Tanaman hiasan yang diutamakan (tahan kepada faktor cuaca yang melampau)
– Sejauh mana/berapa banyak tanaman hiasan di tanam
– Tanaman hiasan yang dipelihara termasuk pokok kayu berbunga, pokok buah-buahan dan sayuran
E. Kebersihan (20 Markah)
– Kebersihan keseluruhan kawasan Taman Perumahan
– Seluruh kawasan taman perumahan termasuk kawasan lapang hendaklah bebas daripada sampah sarap, sisa bangunan, sisa pepejal termasuk tin kosong, tangki, deram dan lain-lain yang berkaitan

Pemenang dan hadiah peserta adalah berupa wang tunai dan sijil penyertaan sebagai tanda penghargaan daripada Majlis Perbandaran Sepang.

Juara : Wang tunai RM3,000
Naib Juara : RM 2,000
Ketiga : RM1,000
Saguhati : RM500 (3 Hadiah)