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Taman Putra Prima Residents Want A Community Hall

Star news paper

Star Metro Tuesday 29/10/2013

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Market or home buyers perspective on G&G developments

The term ‘Gated and Guarded’ or G&G often invokes images of an exclusive enclave of the rich and famous. A residential haven with spacious, expensive houses equipped with exceptional security features such as :

  • 24-hour patrol services, guardhouses with sentry guards on the alert,
  • Gates or high fences at the entrance of the area with rigid rules and stringent regulations for entry and exit systems.
  • The state of the art CCTV surveillance and even perimeter fencing with laser detectors.

While this may be true in some cases, in Malaysia, G&G developments are not just catered to the super wealthy but middle class wage earners too.


The home buyers perspectives on G&G Development: Security, privacy, exclusivity, luxury and prestige.


These days, it seems near impossible to flip through the newspaper without reading a harrowing story about a robbery or break-in. Crimes are ubiquitous and people are getting more cautious and willing to pay for their peace of mind. Many property buyers are specifically seeking out a high level of security when searching for their homes. “Guarded and gated developments have become popular largely due to the high crime rates,” says Chan Wai Seen, executive director of JS Valuers Research & Consultancy.

Due to this increasing demand in secure housing, property developers have to constantly evolve their builds in order to keep up with these buyer’s desires.

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Gated and guarded developments

Program TOWN HALL MEETING MPSepang 2013 Di Taman Putra Prima



Suatu program TOWN HALL MEETING MPSepang bersama Ketua Ketua Jabatan MPSepang dan Persatuan Penduduk & KRT Taman Putra Prima, Taman Mas, Kg Sri Aman anjuran Pusat Khidmat Ahli Majlis  & JPP Zon Taman Mas-Putra Prima telah berlangsung pagi tadi bertempat di ruang parkir KFCH Taman Putra Prima Commercial Square.

Program pagi ini dihadiri oleh Ahli Majlis En Pulantran, En Santokh Singh dan En Baharuddin, Ketua Jabatan Landscape, Keindahan Bandar, Perancangan, Kejuruteraan, Kesihatan, Perlesenan, Penilaian, Bangunan, OSC, COB. Wakil dan Pengurus Kanan dari Pemaju Masteron / Plenitude Bhd dan para media. Manakala penduduk tempatan di hadiri oleh pemerhati, wakil atau  AJK persatuan penduduk dan KRT.

Tujuan dan Objektif progran ini adalah seperti berikut:


  1. Memberikan penerangan berkenaan pengurusan pentadbiran majlis Perbandaran Sepang.
  2. Sesi suai kenal Ketua Jabatan  bersama penduduk.
  3. Perkhidmatan yang disediakan oleh majlis Perbandaran.


  1. Town Hall Meeting diadakan bagi memberi pengetahuan secara ilmiah dan praktikal mengenai urus tadbir MPSepang kepada penduduk setempat.
  2. Meningkatkan kesedaran kepada penduduk serta badan-badan yang terlibat.
  3. Mendedahkan kepentingan kawalan pencegahan kepada para penduduk.
  4. mengeratkan hubungan dua hala di antara MPSepang dengan Penduduk

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Program Komuniti Polis & Penduduk

(23/10/2013 RA Reporting)

polis 3


Sargent Noruddin, S/Insp Aziz, Chew & Aaron


Joan Tan, Ng KS, Priya, Kong KM, Steve, S/Insp Aziz, Aaron, Wong PK

Suatu perjumpaan pertama kali telah diadakan bersama AJK Persatuan Penduduk JPP2 (8A) dengan anggota polis dari Balai polis Putra Perdana/ Putra Prima di sebuah restoran di Taman Mas di bawah Program Komuniti Polis pada malam kelmarin .

Inisiatif atau langkah tersebut adalah bertujuan  untuk berkerjasama dengan penglibatan masyarakat bersama polis dalam usaha pencegahan  jenayah. Tambahan pula melalui program-program MESRA RAKYAT  sedemikian yang diatur secara berterusan bagi merapatkan jurang antara masyarakat  dan pasukan polis.

Turut hadir bersama dalam perjumpaan ini ialah Ketua Balai S/Insp Aziz Bin Ali,  Sjn Noruddin dan 8 anggota lain, manakala pihak Persatuan Penduduk JPP2 (8A) pula diwakili oleh Pengerusi Persatuan En Kong Kok Meng, Bendahari En Aaron Wong, Setiausaha Cik Priya dan beberapa AJK Persatuan.

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We are determined and obliged to upkeep the perimeter fencing

(19/10/2013 PP8A RA reporting)

In any successful G&G scheme, the two most fundamental and prerequisite physical attributes are the defined non-perforated perimeter fencing and a fully equipped entrance and exit security check point or guard-house.

It is meaningless to have over 96% residents subscription to our security plan with a fully legalized and sophisticated guard-house while our perimeter fencing is torn or in bad shape. More over the RA had fulfilled one of the condition required by the Majlis and developer to sign an undertaking letter (akujanji atau surat sumpah) for the maintenance and up keeping of the defined perimeter fencing and to bear all its cost.

The pictures above are portions of the fencing being torn down by the developer/contractor to pave way for the construction of connecting road between 8A & 8B and later reinstated with barricades and damaged chain-link fence.

It is indeed very eyesore to any reasonable minded residents that such fencing being restored to such a terrible condition for a brand new or just recently handed over beautiful housing estate. Unfortunately after we had made several complaints to Plenitude Permai Puchong project manager, it was unheard, so we left with no choice but to forward another written complaint to Plenitude HQ CEO through the Gabungan Secretary Mr Terence Choong.  Subsequently, the torn fence was restored to an acceptable level by the next working day after his follow-up meeting with Plenitude GM Project Mr Tai Yoon Jen from HQ.

We, the RA and residents of 8A would like to openly thank Mr Terence Choong and Mr Tai Yoon Jen for being most helpful and responsive to our call and concern, and their positive gesture and fast action is very much appreciated.

Dengue Fever Alert at Taman Putra Prima

The perfect property is gated and guarded, near work, and has good neighbours

Accoding to a recent survey conducted by to find out their top criteria when it came to choosing a property.

Criterion 1: Gated and Guarded


A gated and guarded neighbourhood is important when defining the perfect property

Top on the list for our Malaysian respondents was being in a gated and guarded community. Nearly half the respondents voted this as the most important feature in their dream property.

This can understandably be traced to the number of break-ins and robberies which has been increasing in certain areas, so much so that many homeowners have now installed alarm and security systems.

Somewhat reflecting these findings, the gated and guarded feature has increasingly been seen as a key selling point for many projects.

  1. Round-the-clock security patrols,
  2. Single entry and exit points,
  3. Closed-circuit televisions (CCTV) throughout the development,
  4. Perimeter fencing around the development and
  5. Access cards give homeowners peace of mind.

Criterion 2: Proximity to work

The amount of time wasted on the road may after all be spent taking your children to the park, catching up with friends over dinner or working out at the gym.

Criterion 3: Friendly, good and trustworthy neighbours

The third most important factor that surprisingly ranked high among most respondents was having friendly and trustworthy neighbours.

Criterion 4: At least two parking spaces

The respondents also agreed that having at least two parking spaces was important.

Technical Review to our persistent sinkhole problems

The Engineering Department (Kejuruteraan) of MPSepang is having a technical review on the progress of IWK sewer line rectification work followed by YDP instruction to get it done  by this September. However the scope of rectification work is extended to cover a larger area for new sinkholes which including further variation order from IWK and MPSepang.

I was invited to the site briefing by the Pengarah kejuruteraan  Puan Nurulbaiti Binti Zainuldin and Assistant Engineer En Hairil of MPSepang together with IWK Engineer. Once a new work order is issued, the balance works is expected to be completed in next couple of months.


Engineers from IWK, MPSepang and RA Chairman are inspecting the sinkhole near our guard house


Further discussion about the sinkhole rectification work at our guard house