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A Bold step towards a Civil Society in Taman Putra Prima

The most vocal, represented, legitimate and united Coalition of Resident Associations of Taman Putra Prima  [Gabungan] was finally being registered on the 20th March 2013 with the Registrar of Society.

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The rejuvenation of the landscape

The phenomenon of vitality and freshness or ecosystem being restored in Taman Putra Prima 8A eco-wetland


Birds are singing and nesting in the bush by the stream, ponds filled with lily and lotus inhabitation to mixed species of dragonfly, fish and frog , wild and country grown flowers blooming all along the roads……..Let’s preserve all these and keep the biodiversity for our future generation……. being a vocal environmental and nature lover of Taman Putra Prima.


鸟语花香, 繁花满树, 争艳夺丽, 清香四溢.


Dragonfly, water Lily and pond, a truly life sustainable ecosystem

Dragonfly, water Lily and pond, a truly life sustainable ecosystem in PP8A wetland


The native kingfisher of PP8A


Luxuriant foliage of lotus at Jalan PP2/8 wetland


Fleshy morning glory at the western end of Jalan PP2/8

The AGM was successfully held on17/3/2013

The AGM was successfully held last night (17/3/2013), the meeting was properly conducted in accordance with the ROS standard procedure, quorum was met, secretary report and minutes were adopted, Treasurer’s financial statement was also duly audited and adopted by the meeting.

The previous committee was disolved in the AGM,  however most of the previous committee members were returned unopposed after the nominations were closed. The floor unanimously voted for and well received the new committee line up for the next term of office (2013–2014).

The meeting was adjourned at 9:45pm

 The new RA committee line up for term 2013-2014

Position Name Address Contact No/Email
Chairman Kong Kok Meng 2, Jalan PP2/8 019-2181870
Treasurer Aaron Wong 5, Jalan PP2/8 012-9148500
Secretary Beh Lee Lee 70, Jalan PP2/6 016-2497347
Assistant Secretary Priya 101, Jalan PP2/9 012-2862508
Blog Admin Chew HC 80, Jalan PP2/8 012-3127139
Committee Member Ng Kuo Sin 4, Jalan PP2/8 019-6680059
Committee Member Bryan Ng 18, Jalan PP2/8 012-2292696
Committee Member Liow Chee Khon 44, Jalan PP2/8 012-3107226
Committee Member Alan Khoo 36, Jalan PP2/6 016-3115777
Committee Member Wong Poh Kong 94, Jalan PP2/6 012-2962607

AGM Report can be obtained here …

We have promoted…


Please to announce that we have promoted to dotcom domain finally. The community blog can be accessed by from now on. Anyway, is still accessible.


The Coalition of RA or Gabungan Persatuan Penduduk Taman Putra Prima was officially formed

After several months of  intermingling and coordination among the constituent members, many  mixed views on the formation of Gabungan Persatuan Penduduk  Taman Putra Prima were finally resolved. The gabungan was registered with the ROS on 28/2/2013. Photograph below was taken after the introduction of coalition office berarers to the councillors of MPSepang and Penyelaras DUN Dengkil Tuan Haji Borhan Bin Aman Shah on 6/3/2013

MPSepang Councillors Encik Nor Azmi Bin
, Encik Baharudin Bin Misran, Encik Santokh
Singh and Encik
Pulanthran were among the guests of honour.

IMG_1468 - Copy reduce


Kong  Kok Meng (Fasa 8A)
Deputy   President
Unny  Sankar Ravi Sankar (Fasa 4B)
Honorary   Secretary
Chua  Choon Hwa (Fasa 1A&1B)
Assistant   Secretary
M   Poobalan A/L M Masilami (Fasa 4A)
Hononary   Treasurer
Wong  Tet Yan (Fasa 2A)
Committee   Member
Aaron  Wong Ching Ping (Fasa 8A)
Committee   Member
Lai Koon Ming (Fasa 8B)
Committee   Member
Chen Man Kwan (Fasa 8B)
Committee   Member
Lau  Kok Wai (Fasa 4D)

Notice of Resident Association Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Dear All Taman Putra Prima 8A Residents (197 units)

This notice is served to you on 2/3/2013.  In pursuant to article (3) & (4) of our association constitution, AGM shall be called not later than 31/March and at least 14 days notice served to all members. Thus the AGM shall be called as per followings:

Date:      17th -March-2013 (Sunday)

Time:    8:00pm

Venue:  15, Jalan Industri Mas 10, Taman Mas, 47100, Puchong*

*(Venue is tentative; subject to change on the number of confirmed attendance reply slip)


  1. To receive the minute of the previous AGM/EGM.
  2. To receive committee’s report on the working of the association during the previous year.
  3. To receive the Treasurer’s report and the audited accounts of the association for the previous year.
  4. To elect a committee and to appoint auditors for the ensuing year.
  5. To deal with such other matters as may be put before it.

Please confirm/ pre-register your attendance to the AGM before 10th March 2013 by dropping the reply slip/ nomination form attached to the guardhouse. This is necessary for meeting the required quorum and the provision for adequate seats or the need for a bigger venue and preparation of sufficient documentation for the above exercise. (Each unit is entitle to one vote)

Persatuan Penduduk JPP2


Beh Lee Lee