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Intruder/ burglar sneaked into our taman–Video footage captured via CCTV DVR tells all.


The whole housebreaking episode happened around 3:40am on the 8th of Aug 2019 shortly after our security guard patrolled and signed the log book, it was just about 5 minutes ago. (3:34am).

A police report had been made for the house breaking incident on the next morning…….

Below are photos and videos showing where and when the intruder/ burglar sneaked in by cutting through a few openings along the fencing at the taman eastern riverside.







Satu Program Mesra bicara bersama komuniti tempatan yang dianjurkan oleh pihak  MPSepang telah berlangsung di Dewan Orang Ramai Taman Putra Prima semalam. Program ini mendapat sambutan yang sangat menggalakan dengan kunjungan dan penyertaan dari wakil wakil persatuan penduduk, ajensi kerajaan, badan korporat, badan NGO dan juga warga taman yang agak ramai.

Program ini diadakan dalam suasana yang sangat mesra tanpa formaliti sambil bersantai, dan menikmati hi-tea dengan banyak hidangan kuih, makanan dan minuman. Warga taman dan wakil persatuan penduduk diberi peluang sepenuhnya dan bebas bertemu dengan setiap pengarah atau ketua jabatan yang sudi membantu dan mencatit masalah yang berbangkit masing masing, tanpa temujanji atau sebarang birokrasi. Dan jawapan diberi dengan serentaknya (on the spot) atau dibawa pulang ke majlis untuk kajian dan tindakan selanjutnya.

Isu isu yang lazim dikemukakan seperti sampah, banjir, jalan rosak, sinkhole, landskap, trafik, longkang, permohonan G&G dan lain lain hal termasuk perlesenan dan penguatkuasa.

VIP yang turut bersama dalam program ini termasuk, ADUN Dengkil YB Adhif Syan Abdullah, Timbalan YDP Muhammad Hafiz bin Shaari, Ahli Majlis Mohd Syamsol Bin Md Shariff….. Pertemuan sebegini sangat sangat dihargai oleh warga taman dan wakil persatuan penduduk tempatan. Ramai diantara mereka mengharapkan program ini akan diadakan setiap tahun supaya dapat mengeratkan lagi hubungan dua hala.



Bersama dengan Tim YDP Tuan Muhammad Hafiz bin Shaari,



Bersama Puan Rozeta binti Md Yusof Pengarah Jabatan Perancangan Bandar


Bersama Tuan Sulaiman bin Abi Hashim Pengarah Jabatan Kawalan Bangunan


Bersama Ahli Majlis Tuan Mohd Syamsol Bin Md Shariff


Bersama ADUN Dengkil YB Adhif Syan Abdullah


Bersama Tuan Ahmad Saifunazif bin Mat Yatim Pengarah Jabatan Kejuruteraan


Bersama Puan Arefah binti Rahim Arkitek Jabatan Landskap

Hundreds residents turned out for PP8A Mid Autumn Festival 2016

10 September 2016


The biennial Mid Autumn Festival for TPP8A was successfully organised by the RA, Some 4 hundreds over residents of old, adult and young attended our very own moon cake festival…..

The primary objective of this event is to foster good neighbourhood among our residents, where all our residents were invited to participate while upholding and promoting the tradition of lantern festival to the younger generation……

Children were most delighted in occasion of this nature, the organiser also gave away many lanterns,  food, mooncakes and drinks together with presentation of cultural folk dance of mid autumn theme by junior residents.  Magic shows, lantern parade were among programmes of the night….

Nevertheless, the highlight of the night was none other than some 40 prizes to be given away through lucky draws…..from a grand prize of foldable bicycle to children school stationeries……the joyful biennial event ended with warmest ovation from the crowd around 10:30pm.

We look forward to next  biennial moon cake festival by 2018……



Taman Putra Prima Community Hall Ground Breaking Ceremony

(9th November 2014)DSCN3067

The emerging township of Taman Putra Prima since 14 years ago which comprising of over 3000 units of mix development soon will be getting a community hall of its own.

The construction work of this new community hall is expected to be completed by March 2015, the proposed new building will be equipped with 2 indoor badminton courts, a stage theatre, conference room and is fully air-conditioned. Construction cost is fully funded by the Selangor state government estimated about RM1 million.

The ground-breaking ceremony was organised  by the Gabungan Persatuan Penduduk Taman Putra Prima to commemorate the achievement of the association and to celebrate for the realization of the long aspiring dream for a community hall. The call  for this amenity was raised by the Gabungan President Mr Kong during the last year Town Hall meeting initiated by Majlis Perbandaran Sepang Councillor Mr Pulanthran A/L Munisamy, who is also the Chairman of Jawatankuasa Perunding Penduduk (JPP) Zon Taman Mas–Putra Prima

In order to express  the residents heartiest gratitude to the councillor for his dedication and assistance, the Gabungan had  invited Councillor Mr Pulanthran and his colleague Councillor Mr Santokh Singh  to officiate the ground breaking ceremony, other VIPs also invited to witness the event including The GM from the developer Plenitude Permai Sdn Bhd Mr Choy Chang Yee,  Ketua Balai Polis Tmn Putra Prima S/Isp Aziz Ali, , officers from MPSepang, RA  chairmen, committee members and representatives from various phases of Taman Putra Prima and the neighbouring Taman Mas,  Taman Sri Aman, Taman Meranti Jaya and Taman Lake Vista.

The whole event was also covered and interviewed by the members of the press from Nanyang, China Press, Sinar and The Star. below are some share link from the press reporting.

dewan (2)

Terbitan dari Sinar

Terbitan dari Sinar

starmetro 2

Report from STAR-Metro

china Press dewan (2)

Event Published by China Press 中国报报导

Coverage report by Nanyang siang Pau 南洋商報

Coverage report by Nanyang siang Pau 南洋商報


Welcome Speech by Gabungan President Mr Kong


Speech by councillor Mr Santokh Singh


Key note address by councillor Mr Pulanthran


Ground Breaking By Mr Pulantran, Mr Santokh, Mr Kong and S/Inp En Aziz Ali,


Excited RA representatives from 8A


Press Interview in progress


Press interview in progress


Group photo with all the VIPs & invitees


Gabungan Secretary also a talented MC for the event Mr Ng Kuo Sin


RA representatives from various phases attending the ceremony

Star news paper

Request for community hall raised during a town hall meeting


Over 400 TPP8A residents turned out enthusiastically in the very first Mid-Autumn Festival cum Carnival organised by the RA

6th September 2014


The very first mid-autumn festival was celebrated with overwhelming response from the resident of TPP8A, the crowd turning out for the carnival was unprecedentedly far exceeding the organizing committee initial conservative estimation of around 200–300.

Kids, adults and senior citizens were all delighted in this carnival, catering variety of food from fried meehoon, noodle, fish fillet, curry vege, chicken, nyonya kuih, popiah, yam cake, sandwiches,  KFC Fried chicken, jelly, fruits…….

Among the highlights of the night were lucky draws and Lantern Riddles where some 40 presents were given away including 2 brand new Raleigh bicycles, children stationery packs, flowers and USB pen-drives.

15 kids from our taman kindergarten–Genius Kid were also been invited to present 6 dances and performances to cheer the occasion. According to the RA chairman Mr Kong, This is the 2nd biggest function successfully organised by the RA after the RM2.6 million road rebuild ground breaking ceremony held about 2 years ago.

Please watch video clip below at

2014 TPP8A Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration 中秋晚会


Dear All TPP8A Residents:

We are pleased to announce our very first Mid-Autumn Festival celebration party 2014 in our lovely garden. The date is set for Saturday, September 06, 2014. The location is at basketball court, Taman Putra Prima 8A. Dinner reservations are required.

The resident association of TPP8A has allocated extra funds to enrich the light dinner menu and to cover the facility cost. Please bring along your family members to enjoy an evening of social networking and celebration with other TPP8A residents. However residents are most welcome to also bring along variety of delicacies (potluck) to supplement and cheer our very own first of its kind occasion. With all residents’ enthusiasm and active participation, our function will surely be a successful one.

Schedule of events

7.00 Welcoming speech by President of TPP8A
7.30 Presentation by Genius Kid Kindergarten
8.00 Dinner
8.30 Lantern Riddles
9.00 Annoucement of Winners
9.30 Lucky Draw
10.00 Dismiss

Yours sincerely,
Resident Association

Register online (only for TPP8A residents and invited guests)

致所有亲爱的 TPP8A 居民:





7.00 主席致欢迎词
7.30 Genius Kid 幼儿园歌舞表演
8.00 食物招待
8.30 猜灯谜
9.00 颁奖
9.30 幸运抽奖
10.00 散会

TPP8A 居民委员会

电子登记 (只限TPP8A居民与嘉宾)

Majlis appointment of new secretary to Pusat Khidmat Ahli Majlis Zon Taman Mas-Putra Prima


En Sharin was appointed as new secretary to Pusat Khidmat Ahli Majlis Zon Taman Mas-Putra Prima to replace the out going secretary En Affandi. He is also the secretary for JPP Zon Taman Mas -Putra Prima. En Sharin was first introduced by Ahli Majlis Mr Pulanthran to the AJK of JPP during a tea session at a restaurant in Taman Mas last Saturday.

The Gabungan took the opportunity to extend our gratitude and farewell to Encik affandi and warmest welcome to En Sharin to assume office in our service zone.


Left En Affandi, Right En Sharin



JPP AJK Terence, Ahli Majlis Mr Pulanthran, JPP AJK Steve Jong, Affandi, Sharin, JPP Deputy (Tmn Mas) En Zawawi, JPP Deputy (Tmn Putra Prima) Mr Kong



(behind extreme right) JPP AJK En Nasri (Sri Aman)



光明日报 2/12/2013 蒲种讯

Sepang Acting  OCPD or District Police Chief, DSP Zaldino Zaludin

Direct Line: 013 292 4226 (prefer sms)


Alamat Telefon Faksimil
 Ibu Pejabat Polis Daerah (IPD) Sepang Polis Diraja Malaysia 43900 Sepang, Selangor  03-8706 2222  03-8706748

Ronda Polis

Program TOWN HALL MEETING MPSepang 2013 Di Taman Putra Prima



Suatu program TOWN HALL MEETING MPSepang bersama Ketua Ketua Jabatan MPSepang dan Persatuan Penduduk & KRT Taman Putra Prima, Taman Mas, Kg Sri Aman anjuran Pusat Khidmat Ahli Majlis  & JPP Zon Taman Mas-Putra Prima telah berlangsung pagi tadi bertempat di ruang parkir KFCH Taman Putra Prima Commercial Square.

Program pagi ini dihadiri oleh Ahli Majlis En Pulantran, En Santokh Singh dan En Baharuddin, Ketua Jabatan Landscape, Keindahan Bandar, Perancangan, Kejuruteraan, Kesihatan, Perlesenan, Penilaian, Bangunan, OSC, COB. Wakil dan Pengurus Kanan dari Pemaju Masteron / Plenitude Bhd dan para media. Manakala penduduk tempatan di hadiri oleh pemerhati, wakil atau  AJK persatuan penduduk dan KRT.

Tujuan dan Objektif progran ini adalah seperti berikut:


  1. Memberikan penerangan berkenaan pengurusan pentadbiran majlis Perbandaran Sepang.
  2. Sesi suai kenal Ketua Jabatan  bersama penduduk.
  3. Perkhidmatan yang disediakan oleh majlis Perbandaran.


  1. Town Hall Meeting diadakan bagi memberi pengetahuan secara ilmiah dan praktikal mengenai urus tadbir MPSepang kepada penduduk setempat.
  2. Meningkatkan kesedaran kepada penduduk serta badan-badan yang terlibat.
  3. Mendedahkan kepentingan kawalan pencegahan kepada para penduduk.
  4. mengeratkan hubungan dua hala di antara MPSepang dengan Penduduk

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Untuk Maklumat terperinci perkenalan ketua jabatan sila kunjungi laman web berikut:


Our Hard Work Eventually Pay Off

With regular fertilizing and watering especially during the drought season to the Royal Palm Trees and hibiscus by our security guard Ramli,  palm trees  at PP8A frontage look much greener, accompanying with hundreds of bright red hibiscus drizzling around the entrance check point, thereby attracted many species of sunbirds busy feeding on its nectar.

Hopefully more 8A residents will echo the call of the RA and to emulate the good deed of Capt Ramli to fertilise and to water those plant around your house regulary. Thus turning our Taman into a truly flower garden or 花园 not just another cluster of houses in Puchong.