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8A G&G Scheme Being Undermined, 8B Residents Wildfully Teared Down Our Fencing

We strongly condemn any act of provocation by 8B residents and any uncivilized attempt to undermine our security. The RA had made a police report. Besides the perpetrators, we also hold 8B RA and developer fully responsible for the  series of neighbourhood unrest between 8A & 8B over the security perforation at the playground. Lets stay united to defend the right for our home land security, to defend of our right to live freely without fear of intruders and to defend non-perforation measures to our well-defined security boundary, and let’s say NO to any form of aggression in our neighbourhood.

While we are asking Developer to fix a formal meeting between 8B RA delegation to seek a long-term solution, they had started striking our nerve and hijacking the tripartite talk for the peace and security of our home land.

Developer had created this messy subdivision between 8A & 8B. Thus we hereby demanding a permanent and acceptable solution from the developer without undermining the security  of the most   successfully established zero crime rate Gated & Guarded community scheme in Taman Putra Prima.

Posted on 9/6/2013