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Defence Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri reminded the public today that the movement control order (MCO) applies even within gated vicinities.

The warning followed allegations that many residents in gated communities were found outside their homes, with some said to be jogging in large group.


The G&G Community Scheme has been renewed for year 2019

This gallery contains 3 photos.

14/2/2019 The G&G Community Scheme for Phase 8A Taman Putra Prima, Puchong has been renewed by MPSepang for year 2019 with Planning approval, Building Permit and Temporary Occupation License ( TOL ) of the guard house collectively.

Our RA was interviewed by Radio BFM 89.9



Our RA was indeed honoured to be invited to participate in a programme by radio channel BFM89.9 to cover the topic on Rukun Tetangga and Resident Associations around Klang Valley area. The radio interview with our chairman Mr Kong was conducted in our taman this afternoon.

Among the topics discussed in the interview were:  The setting up and running of a successful RA, participation and contribution from the residents, role and function of a RA.Problems most often faced by RA including collection, dealing with local municipal council and developer on the up keeping of infrastructure and common area facilities, garden, playground and public amenities.

Besides, the RA also plays a significant role in shaping a civil society, to promote harmonious neighbourhood.  To acts as a mediator and adviser to resolve any argument arises among the neighbouring units, such as inconsiderate or illicit parking, excessive renovation and extension, over grown tress and falling leaves, pets, noise etc…

Taman Putra Prima 8A Speed Limit 20km/hr

All residents of Taman Putra Prima and visitors,

Please be advised to abide to our speed limit ruling not exceeding 20km/hr cruising within our taman.

Please be reminded that our taman is a relaxing and easy residential and recreational G&G community scheme. This is a place designated for kids riding bicycle freely around, a place for the senior citizen to walk around, the athletes to jog around, but certainly not a place for your driving excitement, not a place to exert your throttle excessively…..

It is very dangerous and is a total blind spot for a reversing vehicle from its car porch against the fast passing vehicles, thus we urge everyone to drive below 20km/hr and be alert at all time to pedestrian, cyclists especially to pay attention to kids around.

There is no exception for any motorist whether you are driving Kancil, Saga, BMW, or AMG, please adhere to our speed limit, and all residents are urged to be vigilant and to point a finger at those errant drivers who ignore our speed limit sign.

To all our fellow residents, your cooperation is very much appreciated.



2015 AGM was successfully held on 29th March 2015

Taman Putra Prima Phase 8A Gated & Guarded Community Scheme had successfully conducted its AGM on last Sunday (29/3/2015) All the incumbent office bearers returned unopposed.

During the meeting a motion was tabled for an amendment to the constitution as followed:

  1. Pengerusi Encik Kong Kok Meng mencadangkan untuk memindakan peraturan-peraturan dalam Part V/Organisation/8/(3) kepada “Candidate for the post of chairman, must be an active incumbent served as general committee members of the association, and the candidate must also be the rightful owner of the unit in Taman Putra Prima Phase 8A (TPP8A) who has residing in the premise over 3 years consecutively ”. Pindaan ini telah diterima oleh semua ahli-ahli yang hadir.

The inclusion of this clause into the constitution is necessary to ensure only bona fide candidate who has proven his commitment and service to the community will be eligible to shoulder the task as our succeeding RA chairman.

2014 TPP8A Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration 中秋晚会


Dear All TPP8A Residents:

We are pleased to announce our very first Mid-Autumn Festival celebration party 2014 in our lovely garden. The date is set for Saturday, September 06, 2014. The location is at basketball court, Taman Putra Prima 8A. Dinner reservations are required.

The resident association of TPP8A has allocated extra funds to enrich the light dinner menu and to cover the facility cost. Please bring along your family members to enjoy an evening of social networking and celebration with other TPP8A residents. However residents are most welcome to also bring along variety of delicacies (potluck) to supplement and cheer our very own first of its kind occasion. With all residents’ enthusiasm and active participation, our function will surely be a successful one.

Schedule of events

7.00 Welcoming speech by President of TPP8A
7.30 Presentation by Genius Kid Kindergarten
8.00 Dinner
8.30 Lantern Riddles
9.00 Annoucement of Winners
9.30 Lucky Draw
10.00 Dismiss

Yours sincerely,
Resident Association

Register online (only for TPP8A residents and invited guests)

致所有亲爱的 TPP8A 居民:





7.00 主席致欢迎词
7.30 Genius Kid 幼儿园歌舞表演
8.00 食物招待
8.30 猜灯谜
9.00 颁奖
9.30 幸运抽奖
10.00 散会

TPP8A 居民委员会

电子登记 (只限TPP8A居民与嘉宾)

The PP8A Perimeter Fencing will be reinforced and strengthened to deter the intrusion of stray dogs


The PP8A RA has approved an allocation/budget for improvement and strengthening works to the existing chain-link-fence. This is necessary in order to upgrade the durability and to enhance the ability to withstand tear or break-in. The concrete reinforced bedding will be the most effective measure to deter the rampant intrusion of stray dogs into our G&G scheme. The mild steel anchor pillar to the perimeter fencing will also be re-painted with anti-corrosion oxide paint for more lasting structural integrity.


Conceptual illustration of concrete reinforced bedding to strengthen a typical chain link fence.


BEFORE — PP8A original chain-link-fencing is without concrete reinforced bedding

20140714_133819 (2).jpg revised

AFTER —- Concrete bedding strengthening work was done to the fencing…… photo updated on 14/7/2014

Just to recapture our memory, the RA had signed an undertaking letter before the commissioner of oath  on 13/6/2013 for the maintenance of perimeter fencing at RA own cost, this is one of the prerequisite requirements imposed by the local authority (Majlis Perbandaran Sepang) in granting the approval for PP8A Gated & Guarded Community Scheme.

For more story about the maintenance of fencing, please read our earlier post at link below:


A Contemprory Look-alike Design to our PP8A “Type A” In Kajang East

A newly launched contemporary design double storey terrace house in Kajang East really aesthetically looks alike or very similar to our most popular and much sought after PP8A “Type A” design. This new scheme also promised to come with Gated & Guarded community living and Club house facilities.


Kajang East “Type H” 22′ x 80′ double storey terrace from RM709,000

type A

Type A Taman Putra Prima Phase 8A


Actual building of Type A at TPP8A

kajang 2a

Sales brochure

For more info:


Persatuan Penduduk JPP2 AGM was successfully held on 30/3/2014

Pursuant to Article 8(3) of our resident association constitution, AGM was duly held on 30th March 2014, venue at 15, Jalan Industri Mas 10, Taman Mas. And the followings had been conducted accordingly in the meeting:

 a) To receive the minutes of the previous annual general meeting;

b) To receive the Committee’s report on the working of the Society  during the previous year;

c) To receive the Treasurers’ report and the audited accounts of the Society for the previous year;

d) To elect a Committee and to appoint auditors for the ensuing year;

e) To deal with such other matters as may be put before it.

Item (a) (b) & (c) were read by Secretary and Treasurer respectively and received by the meeting. New committees were duly elected, and auditors had been appointed for the year of 2014—2015

  1. Chairman            Kong Kok Meng
  2. Secretary             Ng Kuo Sin
  3. Treasurer            Aaron Wong Ching Ping
  4. Blog Editor         Chew Hock Chuan
  5. Committee          Joan Tan Pei Pei
  6. Committee          Alan Khoo Kok Ann
  7. Committee          Liow Chee Khon
  8. Committee          Priya Devi A/P Paramanathan

Auditors appointed:         1) Harry Ng Sheng Xyng                  2) Woo Wai Leong

As on the issue of divider fencing and playground, the new committee will look forward to the subsequent 4-Parties meeting to be called by Majlis sometimes in April. The AGM also approved a proposal put forward by the chairman to appoint a book-keeper with provision or monthly allowance to assist the treasurer in keeping all the association account and collection records in placed.

 The meeting adjourned at 10:00pm

AJK JPP Zon Taman Mas / Putra Prima Received Certificate of Appreciation From YDP MPSepang

7/12/2013 RA Reporting


AJK JPP Zon Tmn Mas/Putra Prima with YDP Tuan Sayuthi, Exco YB Dato’ Teng Chang Khim, Ahli Majlis Mr Pulanthran

Four key committee members of the Gabungan Persatuan Penduduk Taman Putra Prima were among the recipients of the Certificate of Appreciation for being the committee members of Community Consultative Committee (AJK JPP) of Taman Mas/Putra Prima  Zone for  year 2013 session . The certificates were presented by the YDP of MPSepang Tuan Sayuthi Bin Bakar and the occasion also officiated by YB Exco Dato’ Teng Chang Khim.

The ceremony took place in Palm Garden Hotel, IOI Resort Putrajaya this afternoon. All 24 Zones AJK JPP of Sepang district were invited to attend the certificates of appreciation receiving ceremony and high tea was served at the end of the function.

8A RA Chairman cum Gabungan President Mr Kong Kok Meng was appointed by Majlis Perbandaran Sepang as Deputy Chairman of JPP Zon Taman Mas-Putra Prima, While Gabungan Vice President Mr Steve Jong, Gabungan Secretary Mr Terence Choong, and Gabungan Committee Member Mr Chua Choon Hwa were appointed as AJK JPP Zon – Taman Mas /Putra Prima

Roles and Objectives of JPP

  • To strengthen and optimise the responsibilities of the Council Members (Ahli majlis) as agents of communication between the Council and the residents of Sepang.
  • To act as an agent of dissemination for Council’s information and rules to the residents.
  • To promote residents’ involvement in all Council activities.
  • To monitor all resident association activities in all zones.
  • To conduct LOCAL AGENDA 21-related activities and promote a sustainable development within MPSepang.
YDP, Exco, Adun

VIP table :YDP Tuan Sayuthi, Exco YB Dato’ Teng Chang Khim, Adun Sg Pelek YB Lai Nyuk Lan, Ahli Majlis Mr Santokh Singh