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A defining look at the concept of a Gated and Guarded Community.

Lately, many people are moving into our newly established  Gated and Guarded Community Taman Putra Prima 8A managed by Persatuan Penduduk JPP2.

Unfortunately and understandably many of the residents who is entirely new to the concept, unfamiliar or without previous experience living in condominium, apartment or places similar to this concept, some found it very inconvenient and troublesome that they need to be registered, apply for access card or subject to security checking on their visitor and contractor including those house owner without tag and access card.  Moreover it needs to pay monthly maintenance fees and setup cost, everything needs to apply or to seek permission from the RA or local authority.

With no exception, the RA also needs to be registered with the ROS, and needs to comply with so many rules and regulation to the local authority, indeed it is very tedious, laborious, frustrating and complicated to get through all this process including getting over 85% owner signatures. adopting referendum. …guard house building plan submission, getting various license and approval …….hire, manage, train and monitor security guards….collection of maintenance fees.

Please read the link below for more information  and please help to brief  those who couldn’t use internet and understanding the text in English especially some of our senior citizen, including my father and mother who is so used to the usual kampung  or new village life style, going to nearby coffee shop  or sundary shop so care free that they don’t even need to close our house door beacuse the neighbour was my uncle’s house, opposite house was also our relatives. My father’s house that I grown up with, mind you got no gate, no iron grille, no alarm, no CCTV, just only a country mixed breed dog named kow chai to look after my father’s landed property.

Gated and Guarded Community-An Overview
A defining look at the concept of a Gated and Guarded Community
-by Patrick O’keeffe

One of the quiet and serene Sunday dawn at Jalan PP2/8 filled with enchanted voice of morning bird calls.

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East Gate Access

Due to security reason, RA had introduced restricted gate access and will only open at a certain interval. But there are some complains about these measure that had caused a lot of inconvenient, especially to the senior resident.

Feedback from some residents is to maintain the restricted access. Those would like to use the gate should plan their activity according to the gate open hour.

Due to this, RA would like to launch a polling activity to gather opinion from all that concern. The result of this polling is just for reference purpose and decision is subject to RA’s final discussion.

Social Ethic

This dog is more ethical than its master

The dog can learn better than its master


For all the pet lover, we need your coordination to upkeep the environment cleanliness and appearance. Please concern about the public as you are not living alone but in a community. Recently we have the following complains from some of the residents:

“My neighbor and I always notice a few people bring their dog for jalan jalan near the playground area. My concern is they let the dog to freely pass motion along the way. What makes me uneasy ? Nothing else, but social concern!”

“… myself and my wife have experience the same thing happens in front of my house (my trees seem got free natural fertilizer).”

“I hope the dog lover (even not) should learn the ethic from Japan, they will bring along the plastic bag and clam while walking with the dog.”

“For the past few days I have been watching a resident from Jln PP 2/8 bringing his dog walking near the playground and It passed motion right in front of my house and few other houses.”

“These kind of people has no conscience. What they don’t realise is that if I bring a dog to their doorstep and s**t in front , will they feel happy???”

“In fact, it happens to me as well. The dog just shit onto my flower bed. I don’t understand why these people are so selfish, they don’t let their dog passing motion at their house but bring it to people’s house.”


Taman PP8A guard house activities are 24 hour recorded and monitored online from distant computers

Below is the screen shot from a distant computer via broadband server

ScreenShot003 (2)

Traffic Light Petition Drive from Taman Putra Prima 8A Residents

Traffic Light-page-001

Over 170 signatures from Taman Putra Prima 8A residents had been collected for the joint petition with other Taman residents to put up a traffic light at the Taman Main Entrance junction between the Lingkaran Putra Prima and Jalan Putra Prima Utama hoping to ease off traffic long queue particularly during morning hour driving to work or school.

Here Comes the official reply from MPSepang

The East Gate had been repaired and changed lockset

Taman Putra Prima 8A achieved the QLASSIC scores of 74 point in April 2011

Introduction and Location — Taman Putra Prima


The Developer Plenitude Permai Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 1994. Its current development is a 451.63 acres mixed-development project called Taman Putra Prima in the district of Sepang, Selangor, well within the Multi Media Super Corridor (MSC) development area. Taman Putra Prima is set to experience tremendous growth as it is in the middle of the growth belt of Kuala Lumpur, Puchong and Cyberjaya. The properties are expected to appreciate in value with time as it is easily accessible from all areas. It is only 5 & 12 km from Cyberjaya and Putrajaya respectively and linked to major highways via a network of interchanges and roads.

Besides the investment potential, Taman Putra Prima is a well-planned township that caters to the modern lifestyle. It boasts of a “Linear Green Concept” whereby there are green lungs planned in a linear fashion and surrounded by a wide range of amenities and facilities. The housing development of Taman Putra Prima has been very well received thus far and there are more phases yet to come.

Our Commitment, from a vivid dream to a blue print, and to reality, That is the passionate driving force behind the PP8A Resident Committee