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Intruder/ burglar sneaked into our taman–Video footage captured via CCTV DVR tells all.


The whole housebreaking episode happened around 3:40am on the 8th of Aug 2019 shortly after our security guard patrolled and signed the log book, it was just about 5 minutes ago. (3:34am).

A police report had been made for the house breaking incident on the next morning…….

Below are photos and videos showing where and when the intruder/ burglar sneaked in by cutting through a few openings along the fencing at the taman eastern riverside.




Western Riverside Fencing has been upgraded to improve security.


The western riverside of our taman is very prone to intruders from the neighbouring construction site and squatter area. There were several incidents of housebreaking were reported lately. Thus the RA had decided to replace the previous 5 feet high chain link fence to a 7 feet high welded BRC Fencing Mesh Panel complete with anti climb barded wire.

About 180m of the western stretch had been upgraded and replaced to this more secured and rigid fencing in order to prevent intruders easy access into our taman.