8A G&G Scheme Being Undermined, 8B Residents Wildfully Teared Down Our Fencing

We strongly condemn any act of provocation by 8B residents and any uncivilized attempt to undermine our security. The RA had made a police report. Besides the perpetrators, we also hold 8B RA and developer fully responsible for the  series of neighbourhood unrest between 8A & 8B over the security perforation at the playground. Lets stay united to defend the right for our home land security, to defend of our right to live freely without fear of intruders and to defend non-perforation measures to our well-defined security boundary, and let’s say NO to any form of aggression in our neighbourhood.

While we are asking Developer to fix a formal meeting between 8B RA delegation to seek a long-term solution, they had started striking our nerve and hijacking the tripartite talk for the peace and security of our home land.

Developer had created this messy subdivision between 8A & 8B. Thus we hereby demanding a permanent and acceptable solution from the developer without undermining the security  of the most   successfully established zero crime rate Gated & Guarded community scheme in Taman Putra Prima.

Posted on 9/6/2013

12 responses to “8A G&G Scheme Being Undermined, 8B Residents Wildfully Teared Down Our Fencing

  1. This is all Plenitude faults. We(8A & 8B residents) are all victims. Plenitude must be laughing at us right now…

    • After having a lengthy discussion with the developer initiated by our chairman , A tripartile meeting between the RA from 8A, 8B and developer was arranged on this Saturday at Plenitude office.

      This first ever ice breaking peace talk is to seek long term solution for the security of the playground and fencing issue between 8A & 8B. Lets forget the ‘black’ incident that has happened a couple of days ago. lets work towards mutually benefiting strong neighbourhood and to build a safe G&G community with top priority on safety and security for both sides of the residents.

      To ensure a successful meeting, both sides must prepare to compromise on certain matters but must bear in mind that the safety of its residents must be maintained. Any short term solutions or convenience may jeopardize the long term security setup not just to one party but may affect both parties as well, and it will likely to bring more damage than solving the issue itself. Let’s discuss gentlemently without shouting at each others. Pls be open minded to all options that put on the table.

      Anyway, on my personal capacity, I still feel that one RA to manage the whole Phase 8 and having only one entry-exit point to be cost effective and safety can be kept to the maximum. Having 2 entry-exit points is very money wasting to the residents. This is the initial developer’s plan in the 1st place and as far as I can remembered, the original 2 entrances to Phase 8 are both located at Phase 8A. If this can be agreed, the fencing issue between 8A & 8B will become an non-issue.

  2. OMG, I thought we are waiting for developer to fix a date to discuss for a win-win solution for all. Why is this 8B resident so upset until cannot hold his patience? As the RA always emphasize, that we are open for discussion, but it has to be hold in a formal situation. It seems that 8B resident has chosen to bring this matter to the road and pursue in a violent method. This kind of barbaric way would not make your situation any better but will make people look bad to the whole of 8B residents. You may be mislead by some irresponsible parties but we urge you to think before any action to be taken in the future. Stop bringing gangsterism into our community.
    We demand an explanation from 8B RA on this matter. Please deliver a proper message to your residents on what is going on. Stop them from doing any further damage or you will bring no solution to this.

  3. Till date the RA of 8A has acted very well and been professional in handling many matters, including the fencing issue. We asked for a formal meeting session with 8B and the developer to ensure every relevant party understands what is going on.

    The RA of 8A has been very patient so far, thanks to the leadership and the RA members. As a resident and assistant secretary of phase 8A, I would like to demand some explanation from the RA of 8B on this security intrusion incident!

    Is 8B ready to take ownership of any theft incidents in 8A after this? I don’t understand what is the pressing issue here. Why people are acting like this? Please do not blindly follow the wrong advise. You are being guided for a very wrong reason.

    We in 8A are waiting to assist 8B with their problem, but we are totally upset with this act of 8B. I received a few phone calls from 8A residents voicing out their disappointment and they are proved with this incident. Some even said there is no point in sharing the playground with 8B anymore, that should be the problem between the developer and 8B, 8B has to look for their own option

    Good manners sometimes means simply putting up with other people’s bad manners, but if this situation shall prolong, I am afraid that 8A would not be in position to assist 8B any longer as the residents of 8A are very upset at the moment.

  4. Can we lodge a complaint to the local authority so that they can investigate about this? I believe the developer need to responsible on this matter as no proper coordination on this? Seriously, if they want to follow to original approved layout, I am not sure if the 8B guard house is exist? For the 8B RA, I think they do not deliver a proper message to their residents on how we can come out with a better solution.

    • Kong Kok Meng 江国民 (PP8A /Gabungan Chairman)

      I have forwarded my latest update blog page to ahli majlis and Pengarah mpsepang. The authority is aware of this happening.

      • Thanks to Harry, Tan Yoke Kheng & Kaman for your support. The act by the 8B residents last night shows their frustration and challenging 8A to see how far we can hold our ground. As mentioned by our Chairman, the matter has been brought to attention of the police and MP Sepang, we hope that this can send a solid message to 8B that we don’t use force to settle any dispute like what has happened last night.

        I know most of the 8A residents may have some fear for their safety, especially at night, for the next few days and I call the 8B to stop this act immediately and tighten up the security at 8B, that should be 8B’s upmost priority as I have heard a few house break-ins under renovation in the past one month. We have instructed our security guards to be alert to patrol more frequently, especially the playground area to monitor the safety condition.

        As mentioned before, the best way to solve this is for 8A & 8B to be managed by one RA and have only one entry and exit point. This is the most cost effective and also the most viable solution. Most people don’t know how much work that need to be put in to get the G&G scheme approved. I believe the 8B RA knows this very well and at what stage are they in now, may I ask?

        I know some of 8A residents who have some ‘friction’ with the 8A RA in the past now know that the 8A RA is all this while trying very hard to protect the safety of its residents. If you click on the TIME LINE link above, you can see the achievement brings by 8A RA. The longer the new phase Taman drag the G&G scheme setup, the harder it will take to convince its residents to participate in it, however, it is not impossible if joined effort by all willing residents to help up.

  5. Tan Yoke Kheng

    OMG!! I really condemned such barbaric and irresponsible action. Those guys have the guts to forcefully invade to our private properties, yet have no guts to sit down and talk to our 8A RA? 8B RA and residents, PLEASE LISTEN TO THE VOICES OF THE 8A RESIDENTS!! Majority of us contributed our hard earned money to support the G&G community is so that our loved ones can live in a peaceful and harmonious neighbourhood. Please do not undermine our security just because some of you feel that a playground is much more important than your neighbours’ well-being.
    It’s time to wake up and think again!! The only party who has profited and not keeping up on their promises is the DEVELOPER. The losing parties are the 8A and 8B residents. WE ARE ALL VICTIMS in the same boat. I am urging the 8B committee and residents, please work together with 8A.
    Be rationale and reasonable. At the end of the day, I do believe everyone of us have only 1 objective in mind. That is to create a peace loving and harmonious neighbourhood. Remember we will be living here in many years to come and bumping into each other is unavoidable.
    Now the choice is yours whether in time to come, do we greet each other with a friendly ‘Hello’ OR an eye-piercing stare? I am urging you once again, please make the right move towards a peace loving and harmonious neighbourhood. Think for yourself, for your children, your loved ones and the people around you.
    Last but not least, to the 8A committees, thank you for your dedication and hardwork. You might not hear out loud from majority of us, but I know we are all supporting you guys.

  6. This is all Plenitude faults. Lausy planning and IRRESPONSIBLE!!!

  7. Kong Kok Meng 江国民 (PP8A /Gabungan Chairman)

    All 8A peace loving and law abiding residents please be united and be prepared to face likely more perpetrators, more acts of provocation from those who jeolous or uneasy with the success of G&G scheme and zero crime rate community living.

    Once again we reiterate, under the concept of G&G, we don’t deny any visitors who wanted to come into our enclosed compound, but they must be registered at the security booth, or agreed to certain house rule and regulation or SOP. Security is always NO1 criteria. We certainly not allowed those who come in by climbing over the gates, or wilfully tearing off our fencing, or wilfully demanding the opening of the fencing or gates without any condition.

    We regret that 8B chairman Mr Lai has got no knowledge about G&G and failed to observe the fundamentals of setting up a G&G community scheme. He also made no apology on the malicious act committed by his 8B fellow resident either.

  8. We have stated clearly that this fencing is not allowed to take down or opened before any permanent solution agreed by both RA. We are not even seen any official meeting to be called by developer or 8B, but only a “plain talk” beside the longkang without any minutes?? This is NOT right and what is the meaning for setup a legal RA and register it to ROS? We are legal organization like a company with structure and not a little kid playing sand and water at playground.

    Now, we are very disappointed to see that the fencing was damaged and opened by our neighbor 8B. This incident is in the witness of our security guard En. Marzuki, he had tried very hard to stop the resident of 8B not to damage further of the fencing. However this uncivilized resident 8B ignored the words of En. Marzuki, he had damaged further of the fencing and opened it like what we had captured in the photograph now. Police report was made and…..

    I’m lazy to story the full details but I want to emphasize that 8A RA never ever said NO to share the playground with 8B. But we need to have a proper meeting and to have agreement to meet benefit of both parties. However this stage was bypassed by 8B and developer, they can’t hold their patient and just damage the fencing to release their frustration. Is that the way to solve problem by throwing a big bomb to 8A?

    to be continue….. (good night)

  9. This is a daring challenge from 8B to break the security of 8A. Plz be reminded we are living in a harmony Taman Putra Prima where everything can be put up for discussion. Thanks to the chairman and the committee who went to make the police report and I hope this will bring back the harmony situation to our Taman Putra Prima.

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