Taman Putra Prima 8A main entrance with tight security setup

Grand main entrance with tight security

The newly handed over Taman Putra Prima Phase 8A is fully equipped with the most sophisticated card access barrier gate security entrance system and 24 hour guarded service with 8 cameras CCTV surveiliance, This installation not only adds safety and security merit to your living experience and quality of life, it also very much enhance your investment return with these added features to boost your property value appreciation.Thanks to the dedicated team of the founding committee members of the JPP2 resident association in safeguarding your investment while upkeeping the peaceful living environment in this gated and guarded community.

7 responses to “Taman Putra Prima 8A main entrance with tight security setup

  1. My experience is totally different. Some of my visitors can come in very easy. No visitor pass. No registration. Just need to inform them the house and street no. It make me worry the quality of our guard.pls investigate.thanks.

    • Kong Kok Meng (PP8A RA Chairman)

      thanks for your feed back Kiew, I will reprimand the security guard for not following the SOP.

  2. Kong Kok Meng

    KO, If your car was stolen by someone with access card (suspect from within tenant) and driven through the guard house, the second catch is the CCTV, do you notice that the LED spot light is on 24 hour designed to beam on and capture every face that drove the cars away, there are 8 cameras strategically positioned to capture images from many angle including the number plate.

    After we have put up all these sophisticated equipments, it will be unwise not to adopt and adhere to the SOP.

  3. Kong Kok Meng

    KO, We have just changed a security company, propbably it will take a little time to recognise the resident, It is not a good practice by just recognizing face, checking and registering car without access card is security Standard Operation Procedure S.O.P. if his card was deactivated for delinquent payment, and the guard simply open the gate, it will defeat our collection policy. forgot to bring IC or passport is not a good practice at any security check point and should not be encouraged. apologise for your inconvenient.

    • Those without access card should go through standard procedure of security registration process. I have noticed one incident where a group of African came in a car, they call the tenant (their friend) to inform the guard that they have access card. Fortunately our guard has requested them to register whatsoever. Basically the access card is issued to the owner of the car, not to be shared by a group of people. A rule is a rule and has to be preserved all the time. Once it is being violated, it will defeat the policy as a whole.

  4. Not sure why our security guard are being trained to recognize access card rather the resident themself.. My wife is passing thru everyday with a nice hello to them, but one day forgot bringing the card, she was treated even worst than an outcomer. .. Did our committee instructed so? One day if a thief stole your car and simply pass thru using your card, I m sure our guard will salute him and say “good morning, boss”!

    • Dear all residents, pls do not leave your access cards in your cars, this is the basic safety precaution need to be followed by all residents in order to make sure nobody from outside can drive thru the guard house without being stopped. The guards can’t remember all the faces and be sure which cars are belonged to which residents. Some time you may lend your cars to your relatives or friends, in no ways the guards can identify them. That is why the access cards system is introduced but we need co-operation from all residents to make our security system to be more effective. If the thief is from within and with access card, we still have CCTV to identify the thief and make the necessary police report.

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