Collection notice for the next 4 months of security and maintenance fees

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A Very Kind Advice

For the good of all parties please refrain from paying cash to avoid any mishandling or recording error by the security guards. Kindly be adviced to open a current account in your bank for the ease of tracing transaction records.

As the Treasurer and your Zone leaders are all volunteers working for us by squeezing from their little left spare time after the tiring day work. So let’s make everyone happy and easy……..Appreciation from the RA


以防保安人员的疏忽或不慎和为了大家的方便与安全,  请帮忙尽量避免付现金. 为了方便大家询查支票过账, 请开设一个银行来往账户

居协会财政和分区组长都是志愿者, 他们每天都为生活劳累的工作后还要挤抽出一点业余或和家人休息的时间为社区服务。因此让我们大家一致合作好让每个人(居民或居委)都过得更融洽, 更轻松, 更愉快,….谢谢.

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10 responses to “Collection notice for the next 4 months of security and maintenance fees

  1. Thanks to our treasurer Aaron and all the dedicated and hard working zone leaders for keeping the collection close to our target. From what I gathered, 3 units owner were still in oversea, hopefully by the time they return home during CNY, we will surely meet the 95% target . I think it is quite impossible for a gated and guarded scheme without strata title act enforcement like deed of covenant can reach over 90% compliance with the exception of TPP8A.

    Once again the RA would like to thank all the residents for being kind, generous and supportive to our gated and guarded community scheme.

    • Keep it up. As long as the our homes are safe, the guard do their job, reasonable fees, I believe most owners will support as shown in the collection. I have only one comment. Can we have the guard pass a visitors tag to visitors so that when they leave, the guard need to take it back from the visitors and at the same time look at their faces before openign the gate. A few times I saw the guard opened the gate for vsitors who are laeving without taking a good look at them.

  2. Dear residents of TPP8A,

    With only a couple of house owners yet to contribute (those who are our members), we have no choice but to bar their access cards (plz contribute immediately), excluding this, our collection is very encouraging, we have maintained 93% from 197 units in our Taman due to a couple of house owners just joining us recently (thanks for back contributing up to the point the RA took over the security services in Dec 2011).

    Thanks to our committee members and security guards in reminding the residents of their obligation in contribution towards the cost of provision of security services and also maintenance of the guard house equipment.

    Thank you again to the residents, especially to those who has yet to move in but contributed as well, for your continuing supports and hope we can maintain this for the indefinite future.

    Aaron Wong

  3. Would like to thanks the committee members and security guards for their effort to inform the residents to contribute their share of the maint fee and also thanks those residents who have contributed on time.

    However, regret to inform that those residents’ contribution not received by today, a re-connection fee of RM50 on top of the 4 mths (Jan-Apr 2013) maint fee of RM200 will be imposed if they want to continue to use their access cards. The RA has no choice but is forced to enforce this ruling. The committee members and security guards have spent a month of their precious time, without expecting anything in return, for their effort and yet some residents decided not to contribute by the due date.

  4. Kong Kok Meng 江国民 (PP8A RA Chairman)

    If refusing to contibute maintenance fee is becoming a practice or norm, I think there is no more reason for the RA to exist, the whole year zero car stolen record was no meaning at all. As on the question sometimes there was only one guard, it was due to their personal emergency or being sick or unable to work, and we did made deduction on their pay slip if no replacement was arranged.

    If you ask me am I happy with the service, the answer is not really, still a lot of rooms for improvement, but we are working hard to be better and even deduct their pay slip for refusing to follow our written working manual. Those who care to pay attention at the guard house know how I reprimand the guards.

    May I suggest those not happy with the guard service do come forward together with me and help to reprimand and monitor the work. The chairman and our hard working Treasurer Aaron is like anyone of you who pay not a single cent less and sacrify a lot more of his leisure/ working time to put all these in order. Please be more considerate or apprehensive when asked to contribute. But if you compare to our neighbouring phases in Taman Putra Prima, the answer or contrast is clear, you know where we stand.

  5. I was informed that some residents are not happy with the security services, ie. some time there is only 1 guard present at the guard house, and this is the reason used by them in refusing to contribute towards the maint fee. FYI, it is the fact that these guards need to do patrol around our Taman at the given interval timing and also attending to requests from the residents to check their houses when their house alarms were set off or any other assistance requested.

    I am asking these residents to come forward with evident to support their claims, otherwise, don’t start spreading unsupported claims that will cause the effort of the RA to maintain the security of our Taman to fail.

    We know that a few residents are asking whether the RM50 maint fee is justifiable or not, FYI, the RA will get the 2012 accounts audited soon by the elected auditors (both are residents but not committee members) in our recent EGM held in Sep 2012. The 2012 accounts will be presented in our coming AGM (tentative in Mar 2013) before it is filed with Registrar of Society before 31 Mar 2013 (this is mandatory by the Malaysian law, Akta Pertubuhan 1966).

    And I hope this will put these residents’ minds at ease and continue to support the RA’s effort.

    Plz make sure you have contributed by the due date to avoid inconvenience and re-connection fee for your disconnected access cards.

    Aaron Wong

  6. Dear Residents of TPP8A,

    For those that have contributed towards the Jan – Apr 2013 maintenance fee by today, we will drop the 2013 car stickers at your mailbox over this weekend. Your entitlement to the number of stickers will depend on the number of access cards that you have, ie. number of cars that you have. So, for those who have contributed already but didn’t received the stickers over the weekend, plz contact me.

    Aaron Wong

  7. Collection has been slow for the past weeks. Plz be reminded that the access cards will be barred if no contribution is received by due date. A re-connection fee of RM50 will be imposed for contribution received after due date.

  8. Hopefully our residents can be more co-operative in contribution by way of cheque to ease the risk and also mistake in recording.

  9. Kong Kok Meng 江国民 (PP8A RA Chairman)

    Dear All Residents of PP8A when paying by cheque, please write your unit address, hand phone number and name at the back of your cheque for easy identification and recording.

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