Market or home buyers perspective on G&G developments

The term ‘Gated and Guarded’ or G&G often invokes images of an exclusive enclave of the rich and famous. A residential haven with spacious, expensive houses equipped with exceptional security features such as :

  • 24-hour patrol services, guardhouses with sentry guards on the alert,
  • Gates or high fences at the entrance of the area with rigid rules and stringent regulations for entry and exit systems.
  • The state of the art CCTV surveillance and even perimeter fencing with laser detectors.

While this may be true in some cases, in Malaysia, G&G developments are not just catered to the super wealthy but middle class wage earners too.


The home buyers perspectives on G&G Development: Security, privacy, exclusivity, luxury and prestige.


These days, it seems near impossible to flip through the newspaper without reading a harrowing story about a robbery or break-in. Crimes are ubiquitous and people are getting more cautious and willing to pay for their peace of mind. Many property buyers are specifically seeking out a high level of security when searching for their homes. “Guarded and gated developments have become popular largely due to the high crime rates,” says Chan Wai Seen, executive director of JS Valuers Research & Consultancy.

Due to this increasing demand in secure housing, property developers have to constantly evolve their builds in order to keep up with these buyer’s desires.

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Gated and guarded developments

3 responses to “Market or home buyers perspective on G&G developments

  1. simple example, two different company sharing the same toilet. A wall / divider was permanently brought down due to convenient of sharing toilet. One day toilet leaking or damage, both side deny the fault and push away the responsibility. The end is the toilet become smelly and bad end up all go to public toilet!
    Another example, a thief break in one of the unit due to improper security system and setup for this. The thief has sweep all the valuable things from here inclusive the other unit by walking through the wall had been taken down. Even though this unit entrance guided with superb security system and full armor guard its seem all the effort seem useless now.

    Ask your self is that the way you are looking for getting a convenient of toilet? where is the long term planning in your mind as a million value property owner?

    • Totally agreed with you. Anyone with a logic mind will only have one simple solution to this problem, but some time, it is not as simple as joining 2 offices (become 1 big office). There is always one side feeling they are better than the other. Their ego will not let them to think logically even if it is a simple matter with a simple solution.

      If only they are willing to put their ego aside, thing would have been much simple and the toilet will be a non-issue and more can be done to improve, not only the toilet, but also the whole combined office.

      We can’t blame the outsiders (the landlord, building management, etc) for not allowing/encouraging the joining the both tenants (1 joined tenant can have more says against the landlord, building management, etc). It starts with the tenants themselves if they really want what is the best for themselves, including the employees, or they want their ego to climb above their heads.

  2. Kong Kok Meng 江国民 (PP8A /Gabungan Chairman)

    However having successfully put up all these security installation and righfully in placed, our greatest concern at risk now is the divider fencing between 8B. Can any resonable minded person accept one of the condition to get G&G status is to remove the fencing?

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