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Market or home buyers perspective on G&G developments

The term ‘Gated and Guarded’ or G&G often invokes images of an exclusive enclave of the rich and famous. A residential haven with spacious, expensive houses equipped with exceptional security features such as :

  • 24-hour patrol services, guardhouses with sentry guards on the alert,
  • Gates or high fences at the entrance of the area with rigid rules and stringent regulations for entry and exit systems.
  • The state of the art CCTV surveillance and even perimeter fencing with laser detectors.

While this may be true in some cases, in Malaysia, G&G developments are not just catered to the super wealthy but middle class wage earners too.


The home buyers perspectives on G&G Development: Security, privacy, exclusivity, luxury and prestige.


These days, it seems near impossible to flip through the newspaper without reading a harrowing story about a robbery or break-in. Crimes are ubiquitous and people are getting more cautious and willing to pay for their peace of mind. Many property buyers are specifically seeking out a high level of security when searching for their homes. “Guarded and gated developments have become popular largely due to the high crime rates,” says Chan Wai Seen, executive director of JS Valuers Research & Consultancy.

Due to this increasing demand in secure housing, property developers have to constantly evolve their builds in order to keep up with these buyer’s desires.

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