Daily Archives: 19/10/2013

We are determined and obliged to upkeep the perimeter fencing

(19/10/2013 PP8A RA reporting)

In any successful G&G scheme, the two most fundamental and prerequisite physical attributes are the defined non-perforated perimeter fencing and a fully equipped entrance and exit security check point or guard-house.

It is meaningless to have over 96% residents subscription to our security plan with a fully legalized and sophisticated guard-house while our perimeter fencing is torn or in bad shape. More over the RA had fulfilled one of the condition required by the Majlis and developer to sign an undertaking letter (akujanji atau surat sumpah) for the maintenance and up keeping of the defined perimeter fencing and to bear all its cost.

The pictures above are portions of the fencing being torn down by the developer/contractor to pave way for the construction of connecting road between 8A & 8B and later reinstated with barricades and damaged chain-link fence.

It is indeed very eyesore to any reasonable minded residents that such fencing being restored to such a terrible condition for a brand new or just recently handed over beautiful housing estate. Unfortunately after we had made several complaints to Plenitude Permai Puchong project manager, it was unheard, so we left with no choice but to forward another written complaint to Plenitude HQ CEO through the Gabungan Secretary Mr Terence Choong.  Subsequently, the torn fence was restored to an acceptable level by the next working day after his follow-up meeting with Plenitude GM Project Mr Tai Yoon Jen from HQ.

We, the RA and residents of 8A would like to openly thank Mr Terence Choong and Mr Tai Yoon Jen for being most helpful and responsive to our call and concern, and their positive gesture and fast action is very much appreciated.