Another incident of snatch theft at Jalan Putra Prima Utara

(2/8/2013 Putra Prima reporting)

A common scenario of snatch theft in action

A common scenario of snatch theft in action

The wife of our security guard Ino was another victim of snatch theft, the incident happened around 9:00pm  last night while walking alone towards our guard house to bring food to her husband on duty for open fasting (buka puasa).

A motorcyclist came towards her and made a U turn from  behind snatched her bag and flee away. She fell with slight injury and her bag was snatched away by the thief. A full month end salary of RM900.00 meant for Hari Raya celebration to our poor guard family was gone with the thief.


All pedestrian especially lady with shoulder carry purse or handbag please beware of any motorcycle by pass you. This is the most likely scenario for the quick run away snatch theft.

My wife was also a victim of snatch theft a few months ago right in front of my factory in Taman Mas….the next target could be any one of your wife, mother or daughter. So please help to spread the news to all, and we are going to launch a petition campaign to fight against crime in our neighbourhood this week, and we will forward the petition to the relevant authority, so don’t stay off before your love one become the next victim.

The battle against crime is not just the chairman or the RA alone, so please join us in the campaign.

7 responses to “Another incident of snatch theft at Jalan Putra Prima Utara

  1. we need to build a bump before our guardhouse with vehicles coming friom the new phase. i notice the cars coming from that side is rather fast and cars coming out from our Taman can be very dangerous.

    • Kong Kok Meng 江国民 (PP8A /Gabungan Chairman)

      Many residents had suggested to me to build a bump across the road, and I was told that the road is still not hand over, including the poor road surface drainage even the sinkhole or pothole near the guard house is not yet patched up despite I brought the councillors to the scene.

      May I appeal to all residents please also log onto mpsepang e-aduan to file a complain too, when more resident is complaining. The matter will be resolved faster. We need to generate some pressure for the turbine to run faster.

  2. Dear RA,
    Thank you for the update and keeping our residents well informed to be safe and vigilant . Can I also suggest to have a donation box in place to elevate the spirits of Sharing is Caring to assist our poor guard’s family to
    have a meaningful Raya Celebrations?

    • Kong Kok Meng 江国民 (PP8A /Gabungan Chairman)

      Good Idea, but it needs someone to manage and handle the box, or just stop by the guard house and pass your contribution / cash to the night shift guard Ino will do. We encourage resident to do so during festive season like the previous CNY, where each guard got a few hundreds ringgit angpow, And those have better rapport with the residents got nearly a thousand ringgit angpow or gratuity.

  3. This comes with no big surprise, it is happening on daily, if not hourly, basis. Plz extent your assistance, financially, to him anyway possible.

  4. Felt sad to our poor guard family. Anyhow, the RA committee please make sure our guard house does not easily allow outsider come inside our taman if without resident access-card to prevent the bad things from happening to our residents within our G&G compound.

    • The manpower of RA is very limited, I encourage all resident to work with RA together. If any cases like stranger go in without registration at the guard house, please record down the time and date. CCTV record will give us evidence and help us penalize the security guard. As a resident of 8A, you also have the right to question the security guard if any aforesaid incident happen. Let us work together to monitor the security guard performance in order to tighten up the security of 8A.

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