Daily Archives: 13/08/2013

PP8A Resident Association to lauch a signature campaign to petition for a SAFER and CLEANER living environment

The RA of Taman Putra Prima 8A has launched a signature drive campaign to petition to the police department of PDRM Daerah Sepang to curb the rising crime rate in Taman Putra Prima particularly on the snatch theft issue, where numerous incidents happened in Taman Putra Prima and Taman Mas were reported recently. Among the victims were the wife of the Gabungan President and the wife of 8A security guard. (please read this blog earlier posts for detail)

Concurrently, the petition also call to the local authority and the department of environment to stringent the enforcement in order to stop the garbage dumping and open burning at nearby Taman Mas garbage dumping ground. The pungent smoke emission and decaying rubbish foul smell is indeed hazardous and disturbing to the health and quality of living to our residents.

Reports & complaints had been made to the authority and PDRM by the Chairman, but problems still persist, so we hope the signature drive petition could reflect the ardent aspiration of the residents in resolving the matters by the authority concerned.

We appeal to all  PP8A RA committee, zone leaders and residents to offer your helping hand while our petition paper is presented before you.

Petition for Quality Clean Air