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Another incident of snatch theft at Jalan Putra Prima Utara

(2/8/2013 Putra Prima reporting)

A common scenario of snatch theft in action

A common scenario of snatch theft in action

The wife of our security guard Ino was another victim of snatch theft, the incident happened around 9:00pm  last night while walking alone towards our guard house to bring food to her husband on duty for open fasting (buka puasa).

A motorcyclist came towards her and made a U turn from  behind snatched her bag and flee away. She fell with slight injury and her bag was snatched away by the thief. A full month end salary of RM900.00 meant for Hari Raya celebration to our poor guard family was gone with the thief.


All pedestrian especially lady with shoulder carry purse or handbag please beware of any motorcycle by pass you. This is the most likely scenario for the quick run away snatch theft.

My wife was also a victim of snatch theft a few months ago right in front of my factory in Taman Mas….the next target could be any one of your wife, mother or daughter. So please help to spread the news to all, and we are going to launch a petition campaign to fight against crime in our neighbourhood this week, and we will forward the petition to the relevant authority, so don’t stay off before your love one become the next victim.

The battle against crime is not just the chairman or the RA alone, so please join us in the campaign.