PP8A Fencing Being Torn Down by Developer Without Notice

On 29/5/2013, around 9:10 am, the RA was notified by our security guard that part of the fencing dividing playground and PP8B had been torn down by the developer paving inroad to our enclosed or fenced up G&G community scheme, thus perforating our security border. This was indeed a shocking news especially to PP8A residents, as there was no notice given to the RA and/or residents prior to this action. We urge the developer to be more thoughtful as all PP8A residents or house owners are your earnest customers, should we deserved to be treated unfairly and wilfully from the purchaser point of view?? we owe the developer not a single cent under the S&P but Plenitude Permai owes us a duty of responsibility and a host of other amenities including good infrastructure works like the repairing of sunken road and sink holes, guard-house was handed over without electricity, water, land title and building approval, last but not least the disputable playground. We, being an inexperienced RA had to face all these encumbrances and predicament alone.

Please be noted that PP8A residents had gone through a very difficult period on their own for setting up of this gated and guarded community scheme from scratch throughout the years without any technical or financial help from the developer. All expenses were paid and still being maintained by the residents. In fact, the government and local authority is strongly encouraging the residents themselves through the formation of a registered RA to setup own security system and resident vigilant neighbourhood (Kawasan Rukun Tetangga). For your information, just a few days ago our RA had received a government grant of RM10,000.00 to complement the effort by the resident association in taking over the welfare and security of their own Taman thereby accomplishing the objective of creating safe and harmonious neighbourhoods in the country.

Thus, we hope after this incident or lesson, there will be a direct and sincere discussion among all related parties before any  harsh or drastic action like this to be taken in the future as our RA is a registered and recognised entity and our communication channels are always opened. All our RA committee members phone, email is no secret to anyone.

Meanwhile, we were advised to make a police report and this matter had been brought to the attention of MPSepang Councillors and the Pengarah of Perancang and Bangunan including the enforcement.  All residents please stay calm and alert of any latest development.

Pegawai MPSepang examining the blue print produced by the developer after notification from our chairman, behind standing & talking on phone is the Pengarah Bangunan.

37 responses to “PP8A Fencing Being Torn Down by Developer Without Notice

  1. Rain Siew,
    The Secretary of TPP 8B RA Committee had wrote a page on our blog, however the admin felt that she should write to RA officially and bring the matter to the official tripartite meeting before the developer. As she did not offer any long term, practical and complete solution to the security and control of the playground. Any harsh and short term measure suggested by her will only further jeopardise the long and lasting peace between the innocent resident from both sides.

    Developer is ONLY interested to handover and wash hand, but we and our children will make to suffer should we be divided forever on this disputable playground. Leaving endless argument on security, maintenance and sovereignty issue for the future RA committee to consume. If we don’t do it right at day one, any short cut or interim measures will only unduly pass on the burden to our next/future successors.

    Ms Rain also failed to understand the concept of G&G scheme, where the absolute prerequisite is the perimeter boundary shall be cleary defined and sealed, any loose or weak spot shall termed as perforation. She and her committee also keep discrediting our acheivement on the zero crime rate being maintained so far. Despite our initiative to be helpful and offering long term solution to 8A & 8B, They seem interested to go unilaterally without practical and amicable solution at the expense of the most successful G&G community scheme in Taman Putra Prima, the 8A.

    • And of course I am also agree that a long term solution should be there. Which is definitely not something I can speak for everyone to suggest in a comment. So I look forward to brainstorm between both RA committee too, as I stated the same in original comment a brainstorming needed. So please do not take us wrong, mutual benefits always the key concern for us.

  2. Kong Kok Meng 江国民 (PP8A /Gabungan Chairman)

    Residents or RA from both sides of the divide may be arguing over the control and usage of the playground thereby arising dispute on security issue, but very few people seems interested to look after the right for nesting place for some endangered species of bird, ecosystem and conservation of biodiversity by our riverside wetland. Not many had raised the issue on how to maintain the plant, flowers, grass trimming in our neighbourhood and common area either.

    Just read my previous posts in this blog, many topics were written on environment, civil society, Gabungan, how to be a good neighbour, crime & prevention, G & G concept and scheme, local authority & guard house approval, referendum, sinkhole ….etc

    It seems none is more controversial or attracted more interest than the playground and fencing issue between 8a & 8b. And no history book is written more on humanitarian issue and conservation of our planet earth than the extensive research & reviews on wars and territory, boarder and sovereignty dispute.

    It takes millions of years for the living earth to sustain and evolve, but it needs just a second to destroy all the vegetation, living organism and human race. Few countries had now stockpile more than sufficient nuclear weapons in the arsenal to blow off the entire planet earth if one day the politics of mankind become unconceivable. 8A and 8B could play the history and likely to pay a hefty price for the security issue of the playground……..

  3. Whatever decision was made, I hope our secured living can be maintained. Very disappointed to see part of our playground had been demolished .

  4. This is all Plenitude fault. They should pay to build the fencing like the 8B side so that we can take away the dividing fence.

  5. I agree, the meeting with Plenitude, RA of 8A & 8B must be formal and minuted. This is to safeguard the interest of all parties without compromising the security.
    I am looking forward for the participation of our fellow neighbours from 8B to clear the air and let them know our genuine intention.
    This is a matter of security so all parties should think for the goodness of the community rather than achiving any personal agenda. Lets put the ego aside and work together for the betterment of both phases. .

  6. Plenitude Project Manager Mr. Teh Yu How had agreed to arrange a meeting between the RA of 8A and 8B to discuss on the issue of playground and security perforation. However we want this meeting to be formally conducted or documented and the RA to be officially invited. A joint declaration to be issued should there be a successful conclusion or resolution adopted.

  7. Shall we call for a dialogue with developer? RA please inform for the next course of action, we will give full support whatsoever.

  8. 我所在乎的不是那个休闲地该属于谁或者是与8B公用与否, 我更关心的是8A的保安问题。从一开始发展商的不参与或者说得具体一点, 完全没有履行到引导成立居民协会的责任; 一直到要面对”真空”的保安亭, 居民与委员都付出了相当大的努力与代价。而后, 花园里都相安无事。更值得骄傲的是, 居民协会成立至今所维持的零罪案。
    如今, 发展商又来拆掉我们的篱笆, 事先也没有通知, 更没有交代日后保安的问题。难道要毁掉我们两年多的心血? 所谓成事不足, 败事有余。你不帮忙也就算了, 干嘛还来制造麻烦? 我只想要知道一点, 如果你可以确保篱笆拆了之后的保安没问题, 与及维持零罪案, 那你就拆吧, 我没意见。

  9. As a 8A resident, i’m really appreciate our Chairmen Mr Kong and RA committees, for spending countless personal time and effort in helping us to solve all kinds of problem happens since day one. They have sacrifice their personnel time to fight for the benefits of 8A residents and not even ask for a single cents. So, please join me in providing your full support to our RA committees and especially to Mr Kong on this matters towards the win-win situation for both 8A and 8B residents.

  10. In addition to our 8A chairman’s persistent chasing for the RM2.6 miilion road repair from YB Teresa Kok, I would like to share my experience with working closely with him. I would say 90% of the RA’s workload is carried by him, alone, from committee meetings/AGM/EGM to event organizing, from application for legalizing our guard house to maintenance of guard house equipment and from monitoring of security guards to handling of complains from the residents. He runs to & fro the govt offices numerous times and using his own factory office for the meetings (with air-cond switched on for the comfort of the attendee) and the best thing is he doesn’t even claimed a single cent from our RA. Never before I have seen a chairman working like a staff, a chairman suppose to give instruction to his staff and he only deals with more important issues like doing PR with authorities/ developer/ residents/ etc. Other 10% workload is shared among other committee members.

    All he is asking from the 8A residents is that they fully support his vision/decision so that he can carry out the duties without fear and favor.

    Back to issue with 8B, there are so many benefits if both sides are joined and managed by one RA. One being more funds can be gathered and used to engage more security guards (single point of entry to our Taman must be maintained to be cost effective in addition to safety) and also to hire a full time manager to handle all day to day administrative and operation works of the RA. The residents can’t expect our chairman to work like a staff forever. And of course, the hotly debated playground issue will be resolved by itself.

    So, I am calling all residents, both 8A & 8B, to calmly look at the fencing issue objectively and not letting it to become another Gaza Strip.

    • Aaron is very true indeed. I am apart of the committee and I know the amount of time, energy and at times personal financial contribution by the chairman.

      We are not saying this to make the chairman popular. He does not gain anything with all these praises. I respect his community service and I ve learned a lot from him.

      He is moving towards the right direction. Lets provide our full support to him. He is so keen to help us…all that we need to do is to give him a strong moral support. Lets think positive and be practical. Show your support. Your safety is in your hand. Pls dun pass the remote control to the developer. …that is too dangerous.


  11. Hello,
    I was just thinking about this matter, the developer has handed over phase 8A to the RA. We struggled a lot and at times even now we are facing some challenges to sustain the security of Phase 8A.

    I would like to seek some of your advise, Is it right to term the act of the developer as ‘Intrusion’? If yes, can a police report made over this?

    For those in 8B, we supposed to work together – we are neighbours and we should work together to resolve this matter keeping the safety of all residents in mind, This is not a matter of who win the ownership of the playground, this is a matter of working together to ensure the safety of both phases.

    Lets throw our ego aside. If you notice, the committe of 8A, lead by Mr.Kong has been offering help and has called for a joint effort to resolve the issue many time.Lets meet up


  12. To 8B residents and committees,
    Let me story out how are we get the 85% referendum signed in the past prior to the establishment of guard house and security. I believe all other phases like phase 3, 4, 5… also will meet the same circumstance that not all the resident will move in together but vacant in the 1st 2 years. Even 8A until now also have around 5% of the houses not occupied. Do you know that during that stage how hard are we got the 85% referendum signed? No one know better than the committee members of 8A. We were day and night calling the owner to pursue the referendum to be signed no matter how busy we are. I personally even went to call and meet up the owner at some where in Subang Jaya since they had not move in yet, just to get them sign on the referendum in order to make a path for our guard house to be legalized. We also gathered all the committee members on one of the SUNDAY to walk through all 197 units under the hot sun! To introduce our team members and get the referendum to be signed also.

    Come to authority approach, you won’t have any lubang unless you know the complexity of how politic and bureacracy works, certainly is not by blaming your neighbour, or by wilfully tearing down people’s zero crime record security boarder or keep going to developer and asking for mercy. For your information. 8A got their electricity, automatic boom gate with accesss card erected and commissioned within 2 months after the RA was formed, follow by CCTV, air condition and guard house building plan approval, within 6 months invited State Exco, MP Puchong, YDP and all the Pengarah and ahli majlis to attain our ground breaking function. A testimony where no other phases has succeeded in Putra Prima history. All 8A residents will not compromise anything at the expense of zero crime rate recorded so far since the formation of our RA. We willing to share the playground, but not just by tearing down the fencing without any assurance and undertaking from your side should our security level and fees collection falls.

    Ask your self, can you commit your self to this extend?! Can you sacrifice your personnel time to fight the good for your resident? (Don’t forget we are all volunteer worker and not receiving any single cents from RA)

    Don’t expect thing will fall from the sky without putting any effort. No body will feed you if you not pick up a spoon. NOTING is FREE! But you have to pay before any return!

    Last but not least, don’t blame 8A any more but you have to do your home work in the first place.

    Good luck!
    The RA Committee of 8A
    Zone A Leader

    • Well said Kuo Sin.

      To 8B Committee, I don’t know how much information do you have pertaining to the playground issue. Also not sure if there is any wrong information or mis-understanding so far. But, lets sit down and have a dialogue. We will provide helps and whatever advice necessary to get your security setup. I believe you also dream of a peaceful and harmony living environment. If you have access to the playground but expose to the increasing crime rate, what is the point? We shall work together towards zero crime rate in 8B and then joint together with 8A as a community envied by others; rather than tear down 8A’s security border and introduce the same security condition into 8A, where both sides gaining nothing good.

      Once again, we welcome you but certainly can’t compromise our zero crime rate record and all the hard work that we have gone through.

      Zone G Leader
      8A RA Committee

  13. Kong Kok Meng 江国民 (PP8A /Gabungan Chairman)

    Let’s look at the facts again, on the value proposition by the developer in its advertising page on i-property:


    A value proposition for investors and homebuyers alike, Taman Putra Prima’s newly launched Phase 8A offers 197 units of freehold double storey terrace houses built on 22’ x 65’ lots served with a fully equipped playground of its own.

    • Kong Kok Meng 江国民 (PP8A /Gabungan Chairman)

      Please help to convey this message to all 8B residents

      Being Chairman of 8A, the Gabungan President, Deputy JPP of Taman Putra Prima appointed by the Majlis, and also being privileged among the few RA representative selected to participate in the workshop on G&G scheme in Selangor invited by the Pengarah Tanah & Galian Negeri and Senior Ecxo of Selangor.



      I cannot just speak for the interest of 8A only, I need to look at long term solution and the broader interest and well-being of all the residents of Taman Putra Prima including 8B, so I did offered myself to help 8B even long before 8B purchasers got their keys from the developer. But 8B committee turned deaf on my advice or help, instead 8B chairman and secretary keep on misleading his residents on the issue of guard house and the playground and lebel 8A selfish. For your info Mr Lai did came to my office twice before your RA was registered, and even shouted at me to demand the opening of 3 small gates to playground at Gabungan meeting long before 8B hired your own security guards. I did met your protem committee at Ahli Majlis Service Centre many months ago and generously shared our experience with them including how to get referendum, how to go about authority, how to collect money, pointed out haphazard location of your guard house, the awful entrance/exit traffic flow. So please don’t push your problem and blame your failure / frustration to the well established and peace loving 8A….. please ask your RA committee to answer my message.

      I think you all should shout at the developer why your guard house keeps getting summons. why not having another playground of your own, if developer and your committee wanted to split it into 2 zone /phases, instead forcing you all to share with 8A and doesn’t dare to come in to lobby or sweet talk the match making of the unification plan, instead allowing and provocating both side to fight for the occupation of “Gaza strip” endlessly, thereby perforating the intactness or seamlessness of our security boarder, making 8A and 8B in hostility or enemy like Pakistan and India, Irael and Palestine. So ask yourself who created all these mess, is it 8A????

      Dear my 8b neighbours, we are just like you as innocent as a new born baby without knowing their parent did something wrong and messy before our birth. so now you can’t get birth certificate for your guard house, and branded as illegitimate (child)/guard house by the authority and risking of being demolished/(deported) anytime.

      Nevertheless your guard house problem is relatively small as compared to the sink hole problems that cost over 2.6 million ringgit to repair, and we did it through our way and the road is now opened for traffic after closing for more than 3 years. The 8a residents were not compensated in any form of goodwill for the deprivation of safe front excess road for the last 3 years. Developer already sold the houses and pocketed your money, the rest is your problem, you have to sort it out with the authority, your neighbour 8A and your fellow residents for whatever you want as we had done before.

      At the moment I am helping the RAs of 2 phases who were our Gabungan constituent member to submit guard house building plan, advise on TOL, electricity connection and card access auto barrier gate system. But before anything is done, you need to gather at least 85% unit owners to apply individually to the YDP of MPSepang for any G&G scheme to be considered.

  14. Heard from someone from 8B there are cases of house break-in recently over in 8B even with security guards present. You decide the chances of this happening to our side if the fencing is taken down now. Who will care for our security if not the residents and the RA? Plz support our chairman and committee in protecting your security setup.

  15. Totally unacceptable. The Taman has been handed over to Majlis, and there is a registered RA here, any infrastructure work should have announced and getting consent from the residents beforehand. Even LRT project also has to call dialogue among all parties and decision be gazetted before any land acquired. What is this developer doing is totally out of my reasoning. Suggest RA to call for a dialogue with developer and all related parties, authority included.
    -Chew, zone G leader

  16. This is totally unacceptable…..lets get the media attention. The RA of phase 8A worked so hard to build a secured environment for TPP 8A residents, As a resident and RA committee member I am ready to work with all to ensure the safety and harmony of 8A. I call loud – 8B committee, lets discuss and work together to resolve this issue. I have personally seen how Plenitude management had wash their hand on 8A, it won’t take long for the same situation to happen in your phase

    Priya – Asst Secretary

  17. I would like to share more information that since this statement was posted on dated 30/3/2013, the blog statistic told us this topic it had achieved the highest visitor and view upto few hundreds per day! This scene show that the 8A residents are very very worry and concerning the insecure circumstance if the fence teared down permanently prior to the security issue from both side being resolved. Since the setup of our 8A security we are still claiming an outstanding ZERO criminal and theft record! What about 8B??

    The comments in the blog also reflect that the residents are in “hot blood” to give support to the RA and keen to know what is the next move in order to resolve this. Since this is a public blog and open for viewing by public even developer, 8B and others also can read this. We will not post any solutions at here but we hope the 8A residents please stay tune, do give your valuable comment to this statement, whatever comment will do and DON’T feel shy to use your name to comment. We want to gather more information from the residents and we will call up all the 8A residents when require. Please share it to your neighbour whoever not know about this blog and get their comment post into the blog.

    I’m always said unity toward the success, the successful of 8A RA today is due to the strong unity of committee members and leadership of our Chairman Mr. Kong. Let us gather up boost the spirit of team work to build a great RA, harmony home and a SAFE 8A.

  18. I really appreciate the effort by our chairman. I would like to call upon the attention from all the residents too. Can RA tell us what can we (resident of 8A) do? Need a petition? a discussion among residents? It is time to have a gathering among all the resident of 8A to get together to know each others and to discuss the current issue as soon as possible. The construction already in the progress, what a surprise!

    • Hi Joan,

      Thanks for your support. FYI, our chairman has called the highest authority, Pengarah Bangunan of MP Sepang, to come within 24 hours, on 30/5/13, of the incident on 29/5/13 to discuss and sort out the matter. For the time being, the matter is manageable. But, if necessary, please be prepared to fully back us up by ‘fully turn up’.

      Our chairman is also the President of Gabungan Persatuan Penduduk Taman Putra Prima and also the Deputy Jawatankuasa Perunding Penduduk Taman Putra Prima, he will definitely defend our interest if hundreds of 8A residents are physically present to back him up.

      We really hope more residents can give their comments on this blog to give moral support to our chairman and the committee for us to do whatever necessary to protect our security setup. It is not our interest to fight with 8B on this matter but we are merely defending our security setup and this has been seen by 8B committee as ‘an attack’ on them.

      As mentioned earlier in my comment in older posting in our blog, we must look at this matter objectively, ie. 8B should setup their security to be on par with ours, then only it is viable to open up the gates between 8A & 8B. If we remove the fencing now, both sides will not be able to maintain the security as 8A residents will stop contributing to the maintenance fee and everything will fall apart and 8B will also unable to maintain the security as there is no more fencing between 8A & 8B.

      Aaron Wong

  19. Was this legally done by Developer? We will definitely can not tolerate with this. How could the developer did this without giving any prior notice. We are their loyal customers and will not compromise with their action.
    What is the main reason before this?

  20. The RA Chairman and committee members after having gathered some facts from the Pengarah Bangunan of MP Sepang and Ahli Majlis Mr. Pulanthran under the hot sun this afternoon, we had observed that 8B guard house is actually sitting on top of the public drain. Meaning that this luxury guard house erected by the Developer is kind of hard to get approval from the authority. Thanks to the developer who has laid another damn shit to the 8B residents that even worst than our time of 8A. I’m also from the similar industry and have gone thru all these authority submission and approval before, I can’t imagine in what way 8B can get it legalized. Anyway 8B should resolve their guard house issue prudently and not keep being brain washed by the developer to shift their attention and putting their frustration to your innocent and victimised neighbour 8A.

    The developer has commenced their SYABAS work without notice to 8A RA and without any consent letter from the Majlis. The developer seem never pay any respect to us and try to meddle the security of 8A in a very provocative or a very negative public relation approach. Now 8B security still not able to match the standard of 8A, their security is just a “wave hand and let go” style not even with barrier boom gate at the entrance. Imagine if the fence being torn down permanently but with a far different set of security standard between both sides, who will be suffering from this poor security setup? It is you! Especially those 8A resident facing the play ground.

    Yesterday morning the Chairman was informed by the security guard that our fencing was teared down by developer without notice, he rushed to the site in lighting speed to defend alone for our 8A. We cannot just leave it to the chairman alone any more, how many times he can stand alone. There is no Hero here. We need to be united and defend our home land. This shit is dumped by the developer and they should clean it thoroughly and not letting us to worry it day and night.

    • since the road is in our own housing area, inside the legal gated and guarded area, not offence to others public society, we should debate with the relevant parties to stop the construction, as long as we can get the majority support from all the residents here. let us call up all the residents to submit our petition to the local authority.

      • Hi Wong,

        Thanks for your support. We will wait and see the progress on this matter. Our Chairman has called and sorted the matter with Pengarah Bangunan of MP Sepang (see the picture above) and the developer. If necessary, we will call up all residents for a meeting. For now, please continue to read our blog for more info and we will update the progress as and when we have more info. For the time being, our security is maintained at status quo. The road towards 8A is in the master plan as mentioned by Kuo Sin in his comment below.

        We hope more residents can write your comments on this blog to give the committee moral support and direction how the committee should handle the matter.

        Aaron Wong

  21. Who was so stupid to plan a road in the middle of playground/field? Can you imagine while you are jogging/playing in the field, you still have to alert if there are vehicle strike into the field? the so called blueprint acceptable? if the road is planned at the beginning, what for the field is built so nicely and again to destroy it after that? obviously…

    • If you check it out the master plan display model in developer show room, that is the correct or approved master plan layout before the construction of 8A and 8B started. The master plan was without present 8B exit either. 8B guard house was an addon for the purpose separation for marketing, that is why the location of 8B guard house is so haphazard. Initially 8A and 8B are not two separated zones but only as one whole phase 8. That is the reason why the playground is caught in between and arising to dispute, The fact is there is only one narrow playground in the middle. Both sides wanted to claim for the control of security and the usage of the playground…… Not withstanding to the anticipated future problem, due to marketing interest and potential growth of property price, developer split and launch it separately in order to earn higher profit leaving this problem for both sides of the buyers or residents to settle themselve…now you all know who actually created all this nonsense. who created the confrontation between 8A and 8B, who created the India and Pakistan boarder, who created the Gaza strip……I think our chairman had forseen this problem long ago and had spoken to the 3 top managers from Plenitude HQ during the YB Teresa Kok visit to our 8A. Please see our earlier blog for full detail.

      So 8B residents don’t get mad at 8A, it is developer who created all these mess and we trying solve it by suggesting a unification plan at day one of 8B committee protemp meeting at Ahli Majlis service center Taman Mas, but 8B chose to be seperated from 8A yet wanted our established security zone to open up unconditionally.

  22. What can we do as a resident in phase 8a?
    Is it legal for developer to do it?

  23. Thanks to our chairman staying on top of everything ensuring the security of 8A is not compromised. This is a true commitment or promise not easily broken. However, the RA needs the voices from all the residents of 8A. Plz write in your views and report anything that you see or feel something is wrong. The committee is like you all who has their own work and family to take care. Only with a combined effort from all residents, we are able to achieve and maintain our security at optimum level

  24. did the developer remove some palm trees from the playground?
    I saw this site this morning. Did the developer explain the motive of this action?

    • Yes, some palm trees being removed. No notice nor explanation was given.

      • Kong Kok Meng 江国民 (PP8A /Gabungan Chairman)

        Some palm tress were relocated to give way for the construction of road connecting the 8a and 8b but, without seeking our opinion or consent and not given notice either. I think developer thought 8a is still under construction and not yet handover. He is still the master of this land, he can do anything he likes without seeking consent even from the majlis like the erection of all the guard houses in TPP.

        With regard to this incident, I had a very heated argument with the developer on common law and cited an example that even a land lord cannot simply takes anything or does anything or even enters the rented premise without getting consent from the tenant. What more to say all 8a units were sold, and a RA endorsed by developer is fully and rightfully in place. The 8A Chairman, the President of Gabungan Persatuan Penduduk Taman Putra Prima, the Deputy Jawatan Kuasa Perunding Penduduk of Taman Putra Prima appointed by the Majlis has got no say and not even being courteously informed, despite I personally had told the Plenitude GM earlier about this issue in 2 different occasions.

        What kind of PR they learned in business. I really fail to understand.

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