Daily Archives: 30/05/2013

PP8A Fencing Being Torn Down by Developer Without Notice

On 29/5/2013, around 9:10 am, the RA was notified by our security guard that part of the fencing dividing playground and PP8B had been torn down by the developer paving inroad to our enclosed or fenced up G&G community scheme, thus perforating our security border. This was indeed a shocking news especially to PP8A residents, as there was no notice given to the RA and/or residents prior to this action. We urge the developer to be more thoughtful as all PP8A residents or house owners are your earnest customers, should we deserved to be treated unfairly and wilfully from the purchaser point of view?? we owe the developer not a single cent under the S&P but Plenitude Permai owes us a duty of responsibility and a host of other amenities including good infrastructure works like the repairing of sunken road and sink holes, guard-house was handed over without electricity, water, land title and building approval, last but not least the disputable playground. We, being an inexperienced RA had to face all these encumbrances and predicament alone.

Please be noted that PP8A residents had gone through a very difficult period on their own for setting up of this gated and guarded community scheme from scratch throughout the years without any technical or financial help from the developer. All expenses were paid and still being maintained by the residents. In fact, the government and local authority is strongly encouraging the residents themselves through the formation of a registered RA to setup own security system and resident vigilant neighbourhood (Kawasan Rukun Tetangga). For your information, just a few days ago our RA had received a government grant of RM10,000.00 to complement the effort by the resident association in taking over the welfare and security of their own Taman thereby accomplishing the objective of creating safe and harmonious neighbourhoods in the country.

Thus, we hope after this incident or lesson, there will be a direct and sincere discussion among all related parties before any  harsh or drastic action like this to be taken in the future as our RA is a registered and recognised entity and our communication channels are always opened. All our RA committee members phone, email is no secret to anyone.

Meanwhile, we were advised to make a police report and this matter had been brought to the attention of MPSepang Councillors and the Pengarah of Perancang and Bangunan including the enforcement.  All residents please stay calm and alert of any latest development.

Pegawai MPSepang examining the blue print produced by the developer after notification from our chairman, behind standing & talking on phone is the Pengarah Bangunan.