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Beware of Snatch Theft, it is getting rampant in Taman Mas and Taman Putra Prima

Fight Crime_Snatch Theft

Easy Target is lady with hand bag …..Please Beware

My wife was a victim of snatch theft happened right in front of my factory in Taman Mas under broad day light and dozens of eye witnesses yesterday (8:50am 21/5/2013). The incident happened so fast in just a split of seconds, all my workers ran out and tried to chase for the robbers but couldn’t out run the motorbike ridding by them. She was dragged away  by the motorbike and thrown off  in the air and fell several meters away, she sustained bruise and injury on several parts of her body and was rushed to clinic for treatment. A police report was made.

The whole incident was captured and recorded by CCTV  cameras installed at my factory, police had taken copy of the recorded episode for investigation.

Later I met with Ketua Balai Polis Putra Perdana  S/Insp Aziz Bin Ali and Ahli Majlis Zone Taman Mas Mr Pulanthran to discuss about the subject on prevention of crime in our zone.

Being a community leader, I vowed to spare no effort  and hold no hesitation to wage a campaign/war against crime in our area.

Snapshot 3 (23-5-2013 8-52 AM)

Approaching from behind

Snapshot 2 (23-5-2013 8-52 AM)

snatching hand bag when passing by

Snapshot 5 (23-5-2013 8-58 AM)

powerful motorbike shear force dragging whole body weight lifted into the air


All law enforcement agencies, including local authorities and NGOs, must work together to fight this scourge which is a bane in our society.