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Falling Property Price Alert to Taman Putra Prima

Since September 2012, the prices of terrace houses in Taman Putra Prima had been very uncertain,  dipping from Nov-2011 and fluctuating erratically or unprecedentedly and plummet after Feb-2013 to a shocking depth.

PP trend 2

Source from Starproperty, see link below


Could this erractic phenomenon due to the following reasons:????????????

  1. Hastened over supply plus weakening demand?
  2. Price hike far over affordability?
  3. GE13 election sentiment?
  4. Market or economic sentiment?
  5. Artificial price push up (ramping) by a group of syndicated real estate agents’ manipulative strategy followed by drastic pull off to cash out or quick profit reaping by some speculative investors thus inducing rampant transactions commission?
  6. Poor infra-structure such as frequent sinkhole occurrence and poor road drainage as seen on photo below?

Poor Drainage Road


Another Sinkhole at Jalan Putra Prima Tengah

Showing another sinkhole at Jalan Putra Prima Utara to Ahli Majlis En Santokh Singh

Showing another sinkhole at Jalan Putra Prima Utara to Ahli Majlis En Santokh Singh