The fundamental setup and running of our gated and guarded community

For those new owners who are not the first hand buyer, or subsales buyers or even tenants. We welcome you to be part of our community. As you may not have any prior knowledge on the formation of our RA, neither nor you involved in our referendum process, the facts and figures below may help you understand better the fundamental setup and running of our gated and guarded community.

100% or all the 197 unit owners had signed the application for the erection of perimeter fencing and guard house to the YDP Majlis Perbandaran Sepang. And more than 80% had voted in favour of the referendum for the contribution of setup cost RM300.00 (paid before 15/12/2011) or RM450.00(paid after 15/12/2011) and RM50.00 monthly maintenance fees. (starting from 15/12/2011) To date over 90% had paid for their fair share.

Please be noted that every unit had pre-paid to the developer RM480.00 for the first 6 months maintenance fees @ RM80.00/month when the unit keys were handed over to purchasers from 11/4/2011 and the cut-off point  given by the developer was 24/10/2011 and upon request from the RA, developer extended the security service till 15/12/2011 before it was taken over by the RA. In another word the security service was maintained or paid by the RA thereafter ( from15/12/2011 onwards).

Once again we appeal to less than 10% of the unit owners, please be considerate as this is not fair to over 90% majority  who had helped to make your gated and guarded property in place and enable you to fetch a much higher selling price as compare to those poorly managed or without G & G community property investment.

Moreover the voluntary RA committee was also working extremely hard to get all these setting up in more proper order from scratch, The RA committee is not a professional real estate agent or property manager, they are just an ordinary unit owner from our Taman, the only difference is they care about the welfare and the security of the community and willing to sacrifice part of their leisure time or even out of their office working hour to do all these on voluntary basis. I think all the residents owe them a big favour. Let’s do our part to make this Taman a better place to live instead of making it difficult for people working so hard for your benefit. The RA committee members and Chairman did not pay a single cent less than anyone of you, neither receive any remuneration, and yet they worked for all relentlessly and always being criticised unfairly even on matters not within their jurisdiction, ability or control.

The RA is not Telekom, Celcom or Astro, it is unreasonable to make such a comparison, the RA just simply does’t have the manpower and resources to print out and to send a statement or reminder to every single unit every month, we just put important notice on the bill board above the access card reader. I think 1½ month grace period is reasonable or more than sufficient to notify anyone to contribute his fair share.

Just ask yourself a simple question, what have you done for the good of the community, and how much have  you benefited from the higher property value and more secured protected living environment from someone else sacrifice or contribution?

We would like to share with you a famous quote from John F Kennedy (formal US President):

Ask what you can do for your community (country), Ask not what your community(country) can do for you.

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2 responses to “The fundamental setup and running of our gated and guarded community

  1. Kong Kok Meng (PP8A RA Chairman)

    Prevention is better than cure. Safety and security is our number priority in running a gated and guarded community.

  2. Recently our newspapers reported the crime rate in our country has dropped but please look at the e-mails below of accounts happening in other Taman in Klang Valley.

    Dear Residents,

    On Tuesday evening 12 June (about 6.30pm), one of our fellow residents became another victim of the “Smash & Snatch” gang, only about less than 10 cars away from the Plus Toll exit lane. There were cars all around her car, not moving due to the evening peak-hour jam at the traffic light junction. Two dark-skin guys wearing helmets came from behind in a motorbike and smashed her front passenger side window; grabbed her brand-new Apple notebook from the floor of the front passenger seat, ignoring a haversack bag on the seat. They weaved through the traffic and the whole incident was over in the blink of an eye.
    The lady was shell-shocked, drove her nice looking BMW to our guard house and demanded to see Mr. Lxx. When I arrived, she was sobbing loudly and inconsolable. In between crying over her mobile phone to someone, she shout out difficult questions: “Mr. Lxx, how can this happen to me? You have to do something!! I’ve lost everything!!! I know there was another lady who was robbed sometime ago (from reading my previous email?), but I never thought it could happen to me! You have to do something to stop this!”.

    The reason she was so distraught, as I found out from her later (she calmed down somewhat when her nephew came to assist and told her that there is not much that Mr. Lak could do as these crimes are happening everyday and everywhere) was because in her notebook, was all of a year’s research work she did for her university thesis. She has been mostly away for the past year studying in UK after taking a break from her top management job in a KL MNC to see her family. Needless to say, she was in a panic. We advised her to lodge a police report at the Desa Jaya police station and our security rendered whatever assistance we could.

    She requested later that I share her horror story with fellow residents so that we are more aware of the dangers at the traffic light junction just outside our estate.

    Our minister Hxxxxxxxxxxn and his IGP insisted that the Crime Index is down and public safety is not as bad as we perceived it to be (these and the recent abduction of the teacher are “isolated cases” according to him). PM Nxxxb however has admitted later that the government and police need to do more to make the rakyat feel safe.

    BTW, there was another house break-in(burglary) in Valencia on the night of 12th June (last Tue.). It was the 5th incident in less than 2 months. (Sierramas 1 – 5 Valencia). Crime Index down 34%? How did they compute?

    What have they done……? They are pretty good at throwing tear gas canisters.

    What measures can we take ourselves? I’ve gathered some views from others how you can minimise the risks to yourself.

    1. The favorite targets are luxury cars, women drivers with designer bags. Our Sierramas/Valencia traffic light junction is a prime location (besides Solaris Mont Kiara and a few other equally affluent places).
    2. Do not leave anything that looks valuable in the car that can be seen by passing motorists i.e handbags, laptops. Best place to put them is the car boot.
    3. Lock your car doors and be alert at traffic junctions, be aware of suspicious looking motorcyclists near your car when it is not moving.
    4. Laminate your car windows with V-kool or 3M anti-break/anti theft laminates/films. The glass may shatter but the hand can’t get through.
    5. Press your car honk to attract attention when attacked. They will panic if you don’t panic.
    6. Lastly, if you have been unlucky, Call the police for help, don’t call Mr. Lxx. Police is responsible for Public Safety, not SHB GM.

    Dear Residents,

    One of our directors, Madam Mxx Yxx received an email from a fellow Sierramas Resort Homes (SRH) resident which contains a report of a “Smash & Snatch” robbery that happened to her while coming back to SRH in her car about two weeks ago, at the traffic lights just outside Sierramas. This incident happened at around 4.00pm, in broad daylight.
    Another director, Mr. Rxx Sxxxx has been informed by his friend who visited him at around the same date, that he had a similar attack right in front of the Villamas guard house after leaving SRH to go back to his place in Villamas. This incident happened at around 3.00am.

    The above incidents were discussed in our monthly BOD meeting (2) days ago on 14th Feb., and the Board felt that these incident reports/warnings should be shared with fellow SRH (and perhaps Valencia/SW) residents, for the sole purpose of creating awareness. Residents are advised to take precautionary measures and be extra alert , especially at the “hot spots”.

    Below are the self-explanatory first hand true accounts of actual incidents that happened very recently.

    INCIDENT #1- early February

    On that fateful afternoon, I was the third car at the lights on the left lane coming into Sierramas at 4pm. I noticed a lone motorcyclist slowing down on my passenger side looking into my car. My defense was all up as I recalled the many warnings from friends about snatch thefts at traffic lights. I quickly looked all around my car but did not see any motorbikes.

    All of a sudden, I heard 2 loud bangs & looked to my driver’s side window…the window glass was smashed and shattered. I thought someone banged my car. In a flash, the third smash came, my natural reflex was to blink and when I opened my eyes, I saw my handbag in the hands of the pillion rider almost crossing the lights. There were shattered glasses all over my whole body.

    Obviously , they worked in a gang, knowing that ladies don’t put their handbags on the passenger seats anymore. I usually put mine under my legs but on that day, I put it between the driver’s seat and door . So the handbag can’t be seen from the driver’s side. That is why they have an ‘accomplice surveyor’ who fed the info and they rode up to the window, did their job in a jiffy when the lights turned green.

    Police said there are 1,200 of such cases in a month…in our areas, they target ladies, the Sierramas and LDP lights are the hot spots between 4pm-7pm. Take caution…put your bag under your legs and coat yr car with protective film…beware and be alert, it’s not a safe world anymore??

    INCIDENT # 2- January 2012
    An email received from a friend:

    Dear family and friends,

    Just want you to know that I just had a harrowing experience two hours ago (my hands are still trembling while typing this), At about 410pm today, on the way back from Ikea, while waiting at the traffic lights at Ikea(Ikano)/McDonald’s side, I heard a loud thud from behind my car. I looked at my side mirror and saw an Indian man trying to get up from a fallen bike. I assumed he must have fallen from the bike. Then almost immediately, he got up, holding something in his hand and started hammering away at side window of a car (which was 2 cars behind mine.)!

    I then realized it wasn’t an accident but was actually an attempted carjacking/robbery. By now, I looked at the rear view mirror and saw 2 other motorcyclists on another bike beside the passenger side. I guess the passenger must have been too shocked to do anything. I couldn’t see the driver – he/she must have been hurt/or was crouching away from broken glasses due to the smashing of the window. This was when I started to press my car horn as hard as I could (people around me must have thought I was nuts or something, blaring away at traffic lights – which was still red).

    As soon as I started horning, the other cars around must have noticed what was happening and they started horning as well. I guess all the horning got the attention of the nearby workers and patrons of McDonald’s because almost immediately a large group of people started shouting and rushing towards the robbers. The four Indian guys must have panicked because I saw them getting onto the bikes and riding away, heading towards the main road in front of Ikea! As they rode away, I continued blaring my horn! I did not get down from my car to check on the victim as my daughter was with me and both of us were also shocked from the experience. As soon as the traffic lights turned green, we drove away. But the earlier group of people approached the victims to check on them.

    Whilst I do not wish any of this to happen to anyone, I was very thankful that they did not strike my car. Imagine I was just 2 cars in front of the victim’s. I shudder to think what might have happened!!! From what I gathered, these hooligans must have been targeting cars which are waiting at traffic lights, and while the traffic lights changed red, they started to stage an accident to distract drivers etc. , and then rob the unsuspecting victims. It was such a well ‘choreograph’ move. And they were so merciless!!

    So, a word of advice to all drivers/passengers. Be wary at traffic lights, even during broad daylight. DO NOT BE TOO ENGROSSED WITH YOUR HANDPHONES – almost all drivers tend to fidget with their hps at traffic lights. Instead, be aware of your surroundings – in this case, look out any suspicious looking motorcyclists or any minor accidents beside/behind your vehicle.

    These are only a few cases from the e-mail that I have received, there are more but I think these are enough to get our residents to be warned to be more alert while driving alone in your car and it can happen in broad day light and even in crowded placed.

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