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The fundamental setup and running of our gated and guarded community

For those new owners who are not the first hand buyer, or subsales buyers or even tenants. We welcome you to be part of our community. As you may not have any prior knowledge on the formation of our RA, neither nor you involved in our referendum process, the facts and figures below may help you understand better the fundamental setup and running of our gated and guarded community.

100% or all the 197 unit owners had signed the application for the erection of perimeter fencing and guard house to the YDP Majlis Perbandaran Sepang. And more than 80% had voted in favour of the referendum for the contribution of setup cost RM300.00 (paid before 15/12/2011) or RM450.00(paid after 15/12/2011) and RM50.00 monthly maintenance fees. (starting from 15/12/2011) To date over 90% had paid for their fair share.

Please be noted that every unit had pre-paid to the developer RM480.00 for the first 6 months maintenance fees @ RM80.00/month when the unit keys were handed over to purchasers from 11/4/2011 and the cut-off point  given by the developer was 24/10/2011 and upon request from the RA, developer extended the security service till 15/12/2011 before it was taken over by the RA. In another word the security service was maintained or paid by the RA thereafter ( from15/12/2011 onwards).

Once again we appeal to less than 10% of the unit owners, please be considerate as this is not fair to over 90% majority  who had helped to make your gated and guarded property in place and enable you to fetch a much higher selling price as compare to those poorly managed or without G & G community property investment.

Moreover the voluntary RA committee was also working extremely hard to get all these setting up in more proper order from scratch, The RA committee is not a professional real estate agent or property manager, they are just an ordinary unit owner from our Taman, the only difference is they care about the welfare and the security of the community and willing to sacrifice part of their leisure time or even out of their office working hour to do all these on voluntary basis. I think all the residents owe them a big favour. Let’s do our part to make this Taman a better place to live instead of making it difficult for people working so hard for your benefit. The RA committee members and Chairman did not pay a single cent less than anyone of you, neither receive any remuneration, and yet they worked for all relentlessly and always being criticised unfairly even on matters not within their jurisdiction, ability or control.

The RA is not Telekom, Celcom or Astro, it is unreasonable to make such a comparison, the RA just simply does’t have the manpower and resources to print out and to send a statement or reminder to every single unit every month, we just put important notice on the bill board above the access card reader. I think 1½ month grace period is reasonable or more than sufficient to notify anyone to contribute his fair share.

Just ask yourself a simple question, what have you done for the good of the community, and how much have  you benefited from the higher property value and more secured protected living environment from someone else sacrifice or contribution?

We would like to share with you a famous quote from John F Kennedy (formal US President):

Ask what you can do for your community (country), Ask not what your community(country) can do for you.


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Tenant Code of Conduct

Recently there are talks about the unwelcome behavior of some of the TPP8A tenants. To certain extent, they have caused some uneasy among the residents of TPP8A. The phenomena incluces:
1. Bring a group of outsider and making noise in their house until late night.
2. Drinking beer beside the street and making noise until late night.
3. Breaking beer bottle on the street while drinking in the midnight.
4. Drive recklessly and ran over neighbor’s flower bed.

In order to maintain a harmony living environment in TPP8A, commitment and cooperation from owners and their tenants are needed.

Owners at TPP8A should understand that their tenants are their representatives. Their behavior is a direct reflection on the surrounding residents and affects their daily life and activities. Tenants of TPP8A must at all times behave in a professional manner and respect neighbors, the community and the property in which they reside. As a tenant of TPP8A, they shall aware that they are part of the local community and must acknowledge the inherent rights of their neighbors. Thus, certain standards of conduct must exist and be enforced.