Tenant Code of Conduct

Recently there are talks about the unwelcome behavior of some of the TPP8A tenants. To certain extent, they have caused some uneasy among the residents of TPP8A. The phenomena incluces:
1. Bring a group of outsider and making noise in their house until late night.
2. Drinking beer beside the street and making noise until late night.
3. Breaking beer bottle on the street while drinking in the midnight.
4. Drive recklessly and ran over neighbor’s flower bed.

In order to maintain a harmony living environment in TPP8A, commitment and cooperation from owners and their tenants are needed.

Owners at TPP8A should understand that their tenants are their representatives. Their behavior is a direct reflection on the surrounding residents and affects their daily life and activities. Tenants of TPP8A must at all times behave in a professional manner and respect neighbors, the community and the property in which they reside. As a tenant of TPP8A, they shall aware that they are part of the local community and must acknowledge the inherent rights of their neighbors. Thus, certain standards of conduct must exist and be enforced.

10 responses to “Tenant Code of Conduct

  1. Recently, I have encountered another resident being tricked into renting to local but was subletting it to foreigners. Hope the residents can read our blog for more info before renting out their houses to tricky tenants. Make sure you include prohibition clause on subletting.

  2. Hi Guys,
    Its rather great to see the active involvement of residents in this blog. I’m a future resident who will be residing in 8B. I truly agree on the issues pertaining to foreign tenancy. I have been facing this ‘music’ for the past 6 years and have suffered ever since. These foreigners are bad news to our neighborhood in many perspectives. Please, please emphasize this matter to the future 8B owners who are planning to rent out their units. There will be short-sighted, selfish owners who rather make some quick bucks by not giving a damn about the residents’ plea. Hope the RA can do something to stop them.

    I apologize for being a racist, I’m just forced to do so…..

  3. Some owners may not aware of what their tenants are doing. And it is not proper to let the owner next door to give warning due to sensitivity. In this case, RA should have come out a SOP to deal with these problem. I would suggest:
    1. Complain will direct to RA.
    2. RA instructs guard to give warning.
    3. After 2 warnings, RA will write to owner, explaining what is going on with their tenant/s.
    4. What next?

    Any other comments are welcomed.

  4. Example of sub-letting prohibition clause can be more or less as follow:

    A. Tenant shall not assign this Lease, or sublet or grant any concession or license to use the House or any part of the House without Landlord’s prior written consent.
    B. Any assignment, subletting, concession, or license without the prior written consent of Landlord, or an assignment or subletting by operation of law, shall be void and, at Landlord’s option, terminate this Lease.

    Owner who has yet reach a lease agreement with their tenant may make use of the above as their reference.

  5. Wouldn’t it is more effective to directly give warning letters to the tenants that cause all these nonsence, our TPP8A guards have the responsibility to do something to stop tenants for making noise through the wee hours, and if those tenant refuse to listen then we have the right to call in the enforcement personel.

    • You are right. No need direct engagement with these rowdy people; The Guard should be responsible for the overall safety of our Taman. They should approach these people in a sensible manner and if after all this fails, then we can call in the police.

      • That is what the guards are doing now. But, to minimise these incidents in the future, all the owners must be made aware to include the ‘subletting’ clause to protect their properties from being misused by the tenants. Now that I am thinking about tenancy, I’ve worked in a management company of a shopping centre before, I remembered we face the problem of tenants of selling ‘illegal goods’ and the govt was thinking of imposing the responsibility on the landlord to make sure the tenants do not do so. But I left the company shortly after that, so I don’t know if the govt did impose this new regulation or not.

        Malaysian law has always been difficult towards to the landlords. For eg. a shopping centre owners / mgt company need to prove to the court that the tenants are owing the rental due and that will required the collection staff to testify in court on behalf of the owner / mgt company.

        Then only, the owners / mgt company are allow to bring the defaulting tenants to court for oustanding payment until the court give them the green light, after the defaulting tenants declared they can’t pay up, to break the lock to the premises. By that time, the owners / mgt company would have lost that few months rental revenue.

  6. I believe most owners are renting out not knowingly their tenants subletting to others, be it locals or foreigners, until they have visited their properties. Because they have signed the tenancy agreement, there is not much they can do, I believe, if these ‘secondary’ tenants are not causing any trouble. I have such a talk with an owner recently asking me to keep a look out if these ‘secondary’ tenants are making any trouble for the residents and inform them immediately.

    I have seen so many of such incidents in Puchong area including the previous apartment that I have lived for the past ten years and there are nothing the owners can do but to wait for the tenancy to end and not extending them.

    I don’t know if the owners can include any clauses in the tenancy agreement that say only the tenant’s family members are allowed to stay in their property and not allowed to sublet it to others. Maybe any residents here with expertise on tenancy agreements can give your valuable opinion to solve these problems for these owners.

    I believe most residents/owners of our Taman are concerned with the situation and not purposely creating problem to other residents.

  7. I believe these are the foreigners that has been causing alot of disturbances. I think we should have a signatory campaign to tell the owner of that particular unit to stop renting out to foreigners. Furthermore, as a RA, we have the right to impose a certain condition to all owners that they have to go through a vetting by the RA before they can rent out to anyone. Just the same like the owner wanting to sell his/her unit, they need the approval of the RA before the finalising process for the Bank to approve so that there is no outstanding payment owed to the RA. Most of these foreigners are Nigerians. Majority are troublemakers not just here, alot of other Condos, landed properties face the same problem. We should be firm on these as it could threaten the harmony & peace of the neighbours.

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