The Referendum for the legitimate formation of Resident Association JPP2

The Basis on the formation of  the Persatuan Penduduk JPP2, The Referendum, which spells out the setting up, operation and maintenance of the guard-house and fencing, and the transformation towards a Gated & Guarded Community Living Concept.

(please see the letter of appeal to all residents and referendum in the attached file below)

Dear Sirs/Madams,


On behalf of the newly formed Steering Committee (“the Committee”) on 24 September 2011, I would like to welcome all of you who had chosen Taman Putra Prima 8A (“TPP 8A”) to be your new home or valued investment.

For your information, this Committee was urged to be formed by the developer to take over the current maintenance work of TPP 8A which will be expiring soon on 24 October 2011 (25 April 2011 to 24 October 2011).

If you could still recall, RM480 was collected from us by the developer during the house keys handover. This collection was mainly used to cover the first 6 months maintenance cost for the security personnel at check point entrance, grass cutting and rubbish collection until the Sepang Municipal Council taking over the maintenance works except for security service at guard-house.

The attendance from the last two meetings (the 1st was organized by the developer and 2nd was initiated by the Committee) were not very encouraging. Thus, the Committee felt that perhaps, the notices served were either too short or the dates may not be convenient to most of the busy working class, like yourselves. The Committee felt that we should give due consideration to those who could not attend the last two meetings the opportunity to express your views. Therefore, we have opted to seek your opinion in the referendum form prepared in the enclosure. Some of you may have been informed by the Zone Leaders that the next meeting will be on this Saturday 8 October 2011 is now being postponed to 16 October 2011 at 2.00pm at 15, Jalan Industri Mas 10, Taman Mas, Puchong, Selangor.

It is very obvious that the current condition of our guard-house is very poor. It does not even have the basic facilities like water and electricity supplies. It is in total darkness at night, merely litten only by the street lights, without proper table and chairs and lacking of many more other facilities for a guard-house to function effectively. Let’s share this responsibility together to make our home and vicinity area within TPP 8A a safe and secured place to come back to after a long and tiring day at work.

The Committee would very much appreciate to hear from all of the residents through the referendum enclosed herewith. Please fill up the referendum and drop into the mailbox at No 2, Jalan PP 2/8, Taman Putra Prima, 47100  Puchong, Selangor by 15 October 2011 or you could hand it over to the respective Zone Leaders or the Committee members.

Once again, the Committee strongly believes that with all your supports and full cooperation, together we can make TPP 8A a better, caring and peaceful place to live in, thus becoming a very much envied community in this region.

Please feel free to call me or any of the Committee members or Zone leaders, listed below, if you need any further information.

Last but not least, your whole-hearted and generous supports are the catalyst behind our driving force.

We look forward to your early submission of the referendum.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

Taman Putra Prima 8A Resident Association

Steering Committee


Kong KokMeng


Note: The Committee is also working to arrange a meeting with ADUN / State Exco to expedite the repairing of the closed sunken road leading to our Taman from Taman MAS.

亲善的邻居朋友, 你们好

标题: 成立居民协会接管进出保安亭和聘用看守人员供  TAMAN PUTRA PRIMA 8A

首先, 我诚恳的代表刚成立于24/9/2011的居协程序委员会欢迎选择Taman Putra Prima 8A 为你们的家园或你们的产业投资项目.

居民协会程序委员会是在发展商催促下成立,目的是要居民自行接管将要结束于24/10/2011的保管计划, 刚成立的居协成员都是出以自愿爱护本社区的亲邻居民.

如大家不善忘的话,当发展商在递交锁匙给我们的当时, 每户必需预付RM480首六个月管理费供闸门看守服务, 清除野草和垃圾等, 除了保安服务, 清道除草工作日後将由雪邦市议会承担.

最关键的问题是由发展商招开的第一次会议和由居民协会自行招开的第二次会议, 出席居民或业主人数有欠理想. 我们认为可能是预约通知书时间不足或安排太仓促, 日期, 时间和地点可能不大方便或不适当. 由其是对繁忙的上班一族. 无论如何, 居协程序委员会认为, 我们应该听取那些因某种原因不能出席会议的大多数居民的意见, 毕竟这个社区是属于大家的, 所以我们希望大家能通过邮寄议案表决方式来表决你们的意愿.

众所周知, 发展商所提供的守卫亭是全空的, 很糟糕的,没有水电通讯供应, 没有照明灯, 晚上祗借微弱路灯的斜照让守卫在模糊不清的状况下执行检查出入车辆的任务,  真的让人很感到很窘境, 很丢脸. 我相信, 大家都认同这不是我们能容许和接受的安排.

所以居协程序委员会希望大家尽快表决你们的意愿, 请在15/10/2011之前把表决书投回以下的信箱:

 No 2, Jalan PP 2/8. Taman Putra Prima 8A, 47100, Puchong, Selangor.


居协委员会相信有您们全体居民的鼎力支持及合作下, 将Taman Putra Prima 8A打造成一个舒适, 安全, 环境优美及让人梦寐以求的家园. 以促增长产业价值.

如有任何疑问或想更深入了解详情, 请随时拨电联络予我或以下居协委员.

最後, 有你们的诚心乐意和慷慨激昂的支持将是推动及落实所有计划的催化剂.

请早日呈交填好的意愿表决书. 谢谢得到大家的合作.


Taman Putra Prima 8A Resident Association Steering Committee


Kong Kok Meng/江国民启


注: 居协委员会已经准备求见雪邦州议员和雪州行政议员协助尽快修建沉陷通往本花园的唯一道路.

你们有些人可能已被告知下次会议将于在这个星期六8/10/2011, 这会议已经被推迟至16/10/2011在下午2点在 15, Jalan Industri Mas 10, Taman Mas,

One response to “The Referendum for the legitimate formation of Resident Association JPP2

  1. Kong Kok Meng ( PP8A RA Chairman)

    Base on our records and copies from the unit perancang dan kejuruteraan MPSepang, every puchaser/owner or 100% of all the 197 units of PP8A had voluntarily signed up the application form for the erection of perimeter fencing and guard house to the YDP of Majlis Perbandaran Sepang, and over 80% of the total 197 owners had voted “YES” for the 3 items listed in the referendum, and after the motorised barrier gate and access card system were in placed, 90% of the units had agreed to our proposal and had actually paid up the setup cost and the monthly maintenance fees, the remaining less than 20 units were mostly from those subsale units or unoccupied units.

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