Daily Archives: 24/05/2012

East Gate Access

Due to security reason, RA had introduced restricted gate access and will only open at a certain interval. But there are some complains about these measure that had caused a lot of inconvenient, especially to the senior resident.

Feedback from some residents is to maintain the restricted access. Those would like to use the gate should plan their activity according to the gate open hour.

Due to this, RA would like to launch a polling activity to gather opinion from all that concern. The result of this polling is just for reference purpose and decision is subject to RA’s final discussion.

Social Ethic

This dog is more ethical than its master

The dog can learn better than its master


For all the pet lover, we need your coordination to upkeep the environment cleanliness and appearance. Please concern about the public as you are not living alone but in a community. Recently we have the following complains from some of the residents:

“My neighbor and I always notice a few people bring their dog for jalan jalan near the playground area. My concern is they let the dog to freely pass motion along the way. What makes me uneasy ? Nothing else, but social concern!”

“… myself and my wife have experience the same thing happens in front of my house (my trees seem got free natural fertilizer).”

“I hope the dog lover (even not) should learn the ethic from Japan, they will bring along the plastic bag and clam while walking with the dog.”

“For the past few days I have been watching a resident from Jln PP 2/8 bringing his dog walking near the playground and It passed motion right in front of my house and few other houses.”

“These kind of people has no conscience. What they don’t realise is that if I bring a dog to their doorstep and s**t in front , will they feel happy???”

“In fact, it happens to me as well. The dog just shit onto my flower bed. I don’t understand why these people are so selfish, they don’t let their dog passing motion at their house but bring it to people’s house.”