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A defining look at the concept of a Gated and Guarded Community.

Lately, many people are moving into our newly established  Gated and Guarded Community Taman Putra Prima 8A managed by Persatuan Penduduk JPP2.

Unfortunately and understandably many of the residents who is entirely new to the concept, unfamiliar or without previous experience living in condominium, apartment or places similar to this concept, some found it very inconvenient and troublesome that they need to be registered, apply for access card or subject to security checking on their visitor and contractor including those house owner without tag and access card.  Moreover it needs to pay monthly maintenance fees and setup cost, everything needs to apply or to seek permission from the RA or local authority.

With no exception, the RA also needs to be registered with the ROS, and needs to comply with so many rules and regulation to the local authority, indeed it is very tedious, laborious, frustrating and complicated to get through all this process including getting over 85% owner signatures. adopting referendum. …guard house building plan submission, getting various license and approval …….hire, manage, train and monitor security guards….collection of maintenance fees.

Please read the link below for more information  and please help to brief  those who couldn’t use internet and understanding the text in English especially some of our senior citizen, including my father and mother who is so used to the usual kampung  or new village life style, going to nearby coffee shop  or sundary shop so care free that they don’t even need to close our house door beacuse the neighbour was my uncle’s house, opposite house was also our relatives. My father’s house that I grown up with, mind you got no gate, no iron grille, no alarm, no CCTV, just only a country mixed breed dog named kow chai to look after my father’s landed property.

Gated and Guarded Community-An Overview
A defining look at the concept of a Gated and Guarded Community
-by Patrick O’keeffe