A defining look at the concept of a Gated and Guarded Community.

Lately, many people are moving into our newly established  Gated and Guarded Community Taman Putra Prima 8A managed by Persatuan Penduduk JPP2.

Unfortunately and understandably many of the residents who is entirely new to the concept, unfamiliar or without previous experience living in condominium, apartment or places similar to this concept, some found it very inconvenient and troublesome that they need to be registered, apply for access card or subject to security checking on their visitor and contractor including those house owner without tag and access card.  Moreover it needs to pay monthly maintenance fees and setup cost, everything needs to apply or to seek permission from the RA or local authority.

With no exception, the RA also needs to be registered with the ROS, and needs to comply with so many rules and regulation to the local authority, indeed it is very tedious, laborious, frustrating and complicated to get through all this process including getting over 85% owner signatures. adopting referendum. …guard house building plan submission, getting various license and approval …….hire, manage, train and monitor security guards….collection of maintenance fees.

Please read the link below for more information  and please help to brief  those who couldn’t use internet and understanding the text in English especially some of our senior citizen, including my father and mother who is so used to the usual kampung  or new village life style, going to nearby coffee shop  or sundary shop so care free that they don’t even need to close our house door beacuse the neighbour was my uncle’s house, opposite house was also our relatives. My father’s house that I grown up with, mind you got no gate, no iron grille, no alarm, no CCTV, just only a country mixed breed dog named kow chai to look after my father’s landed property.

Gated and Guarded Community-An Overview
A defining look at the concept of a Gated and Guarded Community
-by Patrick O’keeffe

16 responses to “A defining look at the concept of a Gated and Guarded Community.

  1. Below is the e-mail I have received from a colleague:

    Just 2 days after I wrote the email below regarding crime in Section 11, there is news of more. This evening, 8 June, as I took my evening walk along Jalan 11/6, I saw the owner of No 16 Jalan 11/6, a 79 year old man sweeping outside the gate. When I approached him, I saw that he was sweeping glass shrapnel, and he told me yesterday, his daughter was robbed while she was still in her car, about to alight to open the gate. The car window was smashed, and the bag grabbed from the passenger seat. The two robbers on the motorcycle escaped when people in the house shouted. The lady was slightly hurt. This happened on 7 June around 7.30pm. What is happening to Section 11. Maybe the residents along Jalan 11/6 and 11/4 should start a Residents’ Association and Rukun Tetangga so that we can try to reduce such happenings. You can approach those with connections along Jalan 11/6 who can initiate such efforts. Depending on the police is just like depending on a hot air balloon filled with cold air. And don’t read all those stuff about transformation programs. Most of the residents here are having a siege mentality now.

    You decide.

    • Kong Kok Meng (PP8A RA Chairman)

      When something happened, they only start to worry about safety and security or blaming our guard is too loose, or else they just complaining about too troublesome need to be registered for every entry into and exit from our Taman for those without access card or seasons pass.

  2. Dear everyone, good morning, a strict security check is a MUST for all non-resident entrance as there is many units is still under renovation. A girl is luckily escaped from being kidnapped at The Curve Damansara just happened few days ago even inside the shopping mall car park.

    Dear Mr. Kong

    I notice there are many banner hanging in our chain link fencing facing the shop lot, I wish we can block this people or remove it immediately. It looks ugly to the environment and we as resident have to pay for the repair cost for any fencing damages.

    While another issue I wish to highlight is, there is a lot of rubbish found along the entrance road. I have to do clean up every weekend while I dun understand where this rubbish come from. And two plastic bags found this morning at the entrance road side and I really feel disappointed why people just like to litter around the area.

    • Kong Kok Meng (PP8A RA Chairman)

      Thank you Mr Ivan Lai, we will take note onto your concern, about banner and rubbish.

    • I recently saw a video recorded from CCTV at one of the condos in KL where a lady was walking back to the condo and a struggle was going on between her and two robbers. The Guard wanted to help but when one of the robbers pointed a sharp object at him, he went backwards to his station. The lady was left with no choice but chase the robbers herself. We have two guards at the front to monitor and protect the residents coming in & out of our Taman, but if anyone do not pay for the services, then we can also be selfish to inform the security who to protect and who not to. If any resident who is so selfish to think of himself and not pay the fees, FINE. Then , we can be selfish too. We stay in a enclosed environment, we should all work, share and stay together like ONE big family.

    • Kong Kok Meng (PP8A RA Chairman)

      Dear Ivan Lai
      I think our Taman is free from illegal banner now, I have told the security guards to remove every single banner where-ever they see one.

      As on rubbish issue I think everyone is responsible to clear it around your house, including the security guards need to clear it around the check point.

  3. Even with the laws in place, there are still people breaking the laws. What I am trying to say here is it is boiled down to each & every individual own decision to follow or go against the laws. Nobody in this world can stop anyone from doing anything, not even their mother/father. It is the choice we make to be a friend or the opponent of a particular society that affecting the people around us.

    And in this case, some owners decided not to pay, but luckily, we have just enough support from the residents to ensure we get the best possible security facilities to make our Taman a more secured place to stay.

  4. Kong Kok Meng (PP8A RA Chairman)

    I have copies of 100% of all 197 unit ownwers who had agreed and signed the application for the erection of gated and guarded fencing and guard house to the The YDP MPSepang.

    • Lawrence Lee

      if that is the case, why there are still people do not willing to pay the security fee. It mean agreed to have a guarded and gated do not meant agreed to pay the security fee and allowed other to limit/affect their freedom.

  5. Lawrence Lee

    Gated and guarded community is only apply to the private properties. We are not as our taman is managed by the state government and we are paying “cukai pintu”. Anyhow, it is good to have gated and guarded formed with the condition do not affect the resident interest at the first place.

    • Dear Lawrence,

      Again, I would like to thank you for supporting the RA pledge to have a gated & guarded community. All the RA’s decisions are made in the best interest of all residents but it is not possible to meet all requests to the dot, that is why the RA is asking the residents to practice ‘give & take’ decision/opinion without compromising too much on the main objective of the gated & guarded community. The committee members are representing not just one particular resident / a group of residents but representing all residents and some residents may need to sacrifice or take a step back in order for the RA to function effectively. Thanks for your understanding.

    • Yes, I wish to have this kind of convenience which I used to have in my kampung. But too sad that this does not apply to our society especially in KL anymore. We have came across news like someone being robbed or stabbed in front of his house; being ragut in his own taman while coming back from work; etc. Cukai pintu does not guarantee safety to us, and the government has failed us to provide a safe environment to live. What to do rather than taking our own initiative to do the necessary?

    • Do you know what is cukai pintu? Just becos’ you pay ” cukai pintu” you expect the Sepang Council to protect against theft and robbery. Common Man, be logical. The Council expect we residents to set up our own Resident Committee to look after our own interests including Security. I think you are not generous enough to offer yourself to help run the Committee. That is why, you do not understand the by-laws the Government has imposed to high-rise and landed properties. You step into Mr. Kong’s shoes and see whether you can handle or solve all those buerocratic problems facing the Taman?. The Taman that you are staying now has appreciated so much, thanks to Mr. Kong unwavering effort in making this place so secure and safe. Where got free lunch nowadays?

  6. Lawrence Lee

    There are people who buy landed property just to avoid all the trouble which is apply in condominium. I am one of them.

    • Mr Lawrence,people who stay in Condo is supposed to have more security than us, but the fees they pay are even more. You say you have stayed in Condo before, then you should know better what is security. Here you are only paying a meagre RM 50.00 and you are complaining so much. At least here, you or your aged parents walk around the garden, don’t feel harassed or uneasy from snatch thieves or daylight robbery. The East gate is only to be used for emergency and not for everyone to use as a bypass. Imagine, any elders using that gate to come in, encounter a robber, no one will be able to help him/her. Then who to blame? You? or those selfish elders? We don’t want blame anyone for this mistake as we want everyone to stay here feeling secured and walk around freely without having to worry behind our shoulders. Please, be matured. Don’t think only about your own family or friends convenience. Look at the bigger picture. TQ

  7. Kong Kok Meng (PP8A RA Chairman)

    So, what is a ‘Gated and Guarded Community’, anyway?

    In Malaysia, a ‘Gated and Guarded Community’ generally refers to a residential community with secured, gated and guarded surroundings. It can be a building (condominiums and apartments) or a cluster of houses (a defining housing scheme, a ‘taman’ as it is known here) which is surrounded by a fence or wall on a perimeter, with access being limited and controlled with certain security measures such as guards, surveillance patrol, motion sensors on the parameter fencing and 24hr surveillance CCTV. Guardhouses and gates are usually erected at the entrances and visitors are required to identify themselves before they are allowed to enter the area after acquiring confirmation from the respective house owner.

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