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It is indeed with great relief to learn that after a long and tedious bureaucratic process; finally we got the Temporary Occupation License (TOL) or Lesen Pendudukan Sementara (LPS) for our guard-house. And this shall mark the ENDING (dismissal) to the Demolition Order for being alleged illegally occupying or intruding into public reserved land by the land administrator of Pejabat Daerah Sepang.

For your information, We supposed to get the TOL before our last ground breaking ceremony on 30/6/2012, however this was turned down by a standing order from the Selangor MB to reject all application for TOL on state land in relation with the issue of Green Lane in Sg Buloh on 8/6/2011.

MB: Kerajaan negeri Selangor menolak semua permohonan Lesen Pendudukan Sementara (TOL)

PTG order : Bil 1/2012 stop  processing TOL plan on government reserved land

Following that, the RA had written numerous appeal letters to the land office, including YDP of MPSepang, PTG, Exco and the Mentri Besar of Selangor. Anywhere we were grateful that YB Teresa Kok had personally committed to bring the matter to PTG and State Executive Council meeting. And our chairman was also selectively been invited to participate in a workshop called by the PTG for the re-examination and formulation of new policy pertaining to G&G and TOL matters.


Finally a circular (Pekeliling) was issued by the Pengarah Tanah & Galian (PTG)  Dato’ Kamarulzaman Bin Jamil on 14/3/2013 that guard-house approved by local authority is exempted from the Menteri Besar standing order or in other words guard-house TOL application is re-opened now.

Incidentally, according to land office officer PP8A guard-house was the 1st  TOL for guard-house being approved under the Pekeliling PTG Bilangan 1/2013

Pekeliling Pengarah Tanah Dan Galian Selangor Bil 1/2013

After seeing all these documents and letters above, one may ask: 

“Why the RA takes all the trouble and relentlessly going through all these hassles to apply building plan permit and TOL for our guard-house?”

For a successful G&G community scheme on non Strata Title Act (1985)  residential housing cluster,  it is a pre-requisite to get the guard-house legalized by the local authority or else risking of being demolished as evident in the Puchong Hartamas    (click to read more)  incident. It is understandably that not all  100% per cent of the residents are supporting the G&G scheme and agreed or abide to the fees collection structure, thus the RA is concerned that some of  the more reluctant residents may be anti-establishment , dissident or even ill feeling committee member may take the issue of guard-house illegality to sabotage our G&G scheme. The penalty is really hefty under Section 426 (1c) of the National Land Code 1965.

To ensure our security installations or equipment are rightfully in place, to protect our property and life in perpetuity,  to underpin and to enhance our property value, the RA wouldn’t want to run the risk of our guard-house being demolished and thereby jeopardizing our successful setup of  the  much sought after Gated & Guarded Community Scheme Status