A gentle reminder: Please contribute your next 4 months maintenance & security fees before 15/5/2013

Our Taman has never been looked better with these well nourished flowers and felt safer with a dedicated team of security personnel at the main entrance gate.

The purple and red perennial Madagascar periwinkle sprawling down at our guard-house even grown healthier and more blossom than those in Sg Buloh nursery. Thanks to our guards who water and nourish the plant regularly on top of thier routine patrolling and checking on visitors who make passage into our community.

“Taman or park literally in Chinese simply means flower garden (花园), these pictures below fully reflect and demonstrate for what the RA had been believing and upholding so far  thus in keeping our Taman general well-being not limited to security but also on cleanliness, landscape, neighbourhood and environmental issues as well.

However, all these aspirations can only be made possible and sustainable with adequate collection coupled with full support and participation from all the TPP8A residents……So lets  share the responsibility collectively and do contribute your part for upholding the success of our gated and guarded community scheme.


The hibiscus is never been looked greener and more blooming since we moved in, thanks to our capt Ramli for putting fertilizer regularly


The purple and red perennial madagascar periwinkle sprawling down at our guard house even grown healthier and more blosoom than those in Sg Buloh nursery….


Perfect combination of tight security amidst pleasant, refreshing and friendly environment


The most sought after living environment for peace and tranquility — Taman Putra Prima 8A

One response to “A gentle reminder: Please contribute your next 4 months maintenance & security fees before 15/5/2013

  1. Plz make cheque payable to ‘Persatuan Penduduk JPP2’ and pass to the security guards. Cash payment is discouraged as it involves risk of mishandling of cash.

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