There is no easy way to fix the persisting sinkhole problem at Jalan Putra Prima Utara

The main reason for the long delay of the re-opening of the RM2.6M reinstated sunken road was due to faulty underground sewer line. We are grateful that the rectification work is undergoing now by IWK.



A probe with remote camera is inserted into the sewer line to explore the extend of faulty condition


Underground pictures being transmitted to the surface monitor maneuver via computer keyboard


Technician is shifting the view and position of the probe


Re-patching of the sinkhole doesn’t work if sewer line perforation is not acertained and plugged.

7 responses to “There is no easy way to fix the persisting sinkhole problem at Jalan Putra Prima Utara

  1. Absolutely agreed with Mr Kong’s statements to educate the new home buyers about their right to receive better after-sales service instead of tolerating blindly those greedy and irresponsible developers! Apparently TPP’s developer has not been putting any efforts to improve the landscape, the difference is obvious if anyone has a chance to visit our neighbourhood at Tmn Meranti Jaya developed by Tan Ming.
    Nevertheless we are fortunate enough to have a responsible and proactive community lead by Mr Kong. I feel everyone has owed you guys a BIG ‘Thank You’. Thank you and keep up the good works!

  2. The rectified hole in front of the guard house is showing sign of sinking again… 😦

    • Kong Kok Meng 江国民 (PP8A /Gabungan Chairman)

      The contract by the Australian expert (Rib Loc) was supposed to rectify those faulty sewer lines underneath the newly resurfaced road. However due to another 2 sinkholes happened right in front of our guard house and a smaller one further up along the road. IWK was asked to conduct another survey on the stretch of road toward the shops (now IWK is doing it please see pictures posted here), following my persistent complain to the Majlis (YDP, Pengarah and councillor), For your information any re-patching of the sinkhole doesn’t work as long as the underground sewer pipe leakage was not plugged where large amount of sand or subsoil was drained away through the broken sewer pipe beneath the road. According to the Pengarah Kejuruteraan of MPSepang those patching on the sinkhole is only temporary measure to prevent cars from dropping into it, That is the reason why deterioration of soil stability is still continuing or depression and secondary cracks were found at newly patched up sinkholes.

      Now you all know why the RM2.6m resurfacing work didn’t solved the problem as long as the faulty sewer pipe is not treated properly. Now the question is should the innocent house buyers or residents along the road have no choice but to endure all these emcumbrance and being deprived for over 3 years of trouble/danger free access road instead with only limited, restricted and dangerous access. It has been so detious, labourious and taken a lot of patient and determination to keep following up all these issues or developments with the authority. It is not easy either to maintain a blogspot to enable everyone free access for a responsible, updated, insighted and accurate info and to provide a proper platform for raising your grievances and concern.

  3. Kong Kok Meng 江国民 (PP8A /Gabungan Chairman)

    The authorities IWK and MPSepang are both kind enough or duty-bound to attend the problem promptly, but the developer who built all these and sold all the houses along the road didn’t seem to care how badly we felt about all these inconveniences (over 3 years) created incidental thereto, imposing acute driving hazard imminent to all motorist and overwhelmed frustration that we have to bear patiently this far…….

    • The developer focus is on the new phase now, moreover our phase warranty period is about to over, what do you expect hahaha.

      • Kong Kok Meng 江国民 (PP8A /Gabungan Chairman)

        I think our PP8A and Gabungan blogspots are educating the new customers or potential buyers on what is their consumer rights, what is after sales service, what major complain from the existing house owners, illegality of guard houses and sinkhole is prone to happen at Taman Putra Prima main roads. Jalan PP Utara , PP Tengah……

  4. Hope that the sinking can be rectified soon. If not, the newly repaired road will not be fully enjoyed by the residents/passerby.

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