Notice of Resident Association Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Dear All Taman Putra Prima 8A Residents (197 units)

This notice is served to you on 2/3/2013.  In pursuant to article (3) & (4) of our association constitution, AGM shall be called not later than 31/March and at least 14 days notice served to all members. Thus the AGM shall be called as per followings:

Date:      17th -March-2013 (Sunday)

Time:    8:00pm

Venue:  15, Jalan Industri Mas 10, Taman Mas, 47100, Puchong*

*(Venue is tentative; subject to change on the number of confirmed attendance reply slip)


  1. To receive the minute of the previous AGM/EGM.
  2. To receive committee’s report on the working of the association during the previous year.
  3. To receive the Treasurer’s report and the audited accounts of the association for the previous year.
  4. To elect a committee and to appoint auditors for the ensuing year.
  5. To deal with such other matters as may be put before it.

Please confirm/ pre-register your attendance to the AGM before 10th March 2013 by dropping the reply slip/ nomination form attached to the guardhouse. This is necessary for meeting the required quorum and the provision for adequate seats or the need for a bigger venue and preparation of sufficient documentation for the above exercise. (Each unit is entitle to one vote)

Persatuan Penduduk JPP2


Beh Lee Lee

6 responses to “Notice of Resident Association Annual General Meeting (AGM)

  1. Dear Robert,

    As an owner in a housing area and paying maintenance fee for its security, you are automatically become a member of its RA, like it or not. The only different is whether you choose to contribute positively towards the common welfare of the community or just making negative allegation without any solid and constructive suggestion. The RA is not demanding every owners to become an active member, but if you have any disagreement, at least come forward to voice it and look for solution, rather than comment behind your screen.

    Furthermore, it is not necessary for an association to collect membership fee, it could be a free membership. Base on what logic are you thinking that the RA shall collect membership fee?

    Thanks and hope to see you in our AGM so that all your doubts can be cleared there.

    Ricky Chew.

  2. Please read more from this link

    Below is part of the extract from the article as carried on the Star 28/7/2012

    “If all the above sounds to you like a mini-government, it is in fact one. If you own a home with common property, you automatically become a member, like it or not. Over time, we have noticed that home owners can be categorised into three groups

    1) those who make things happen,
    2) those who wait for things to happen and
    3) those who asked what happened.

    Which group do you belong to? Choose your leaders well and prosper or wait for the next election at the annual general meeting and run for council member post.”

    Chang Kim Loong is the honorary secretary-general of the National House Buyers Association or HBA in short. He is also a third term councillor of Subang Jaya Municipal Council. For more information, you are welcome to visit:

  3. Dear Robert,

    If you want to join with a proper membership card, like golf & country clubs, plz be prepare to pay a higher fee for the admin work like a proper admin staff to look after the admin work including sitting in an office to receive new members, issue statement, collection of fee with receipt issued, etc. The RA committee is trying to keep these admin work to the minimal so that all residents can enjoy the security at minimal cost.

    You are always welcome to join the committee by offering your time to help out, eg. collection & issuing the receipts. The fact is no many residents are willing to offer their time to share the work of the RA and yet making a lot of negative comments and expect the limited number of willing committee members to serve the residents like they are the boss of a company.

    Again, I would like to remind the residents that the committee members themselves are also residents and they are not paid a single cent for their hard work nor they pays a single cent less towards the maintenance fee.

    It is easy to pass a negative comment without offering a practical solution, plz be considerate towards those committee members who took their own free time to make your Taman a safer place to stay.

    Aaron Wong

  4. Dear Robert
    We encourage all residents to contribute security fees by cheque, proof of receipt or transaction by bank statement, we did issue receipt to those who still insist to pay by cash. Again we reiterate here, we prefer payment by cheque is to avoid mishandling of cash by the security guards who help to collect on our bahalf and it is not fair to the treasurer who has to handle, recounting and carry big amount of cash at his own risk.

    Everyone except the guards is working for the community FOC, By law only a registerd RA is allowed to run a gated and guarded community scheme and allowed to collect and manage money/fund from the residents.

    So by this virtue anyone who owned a unit here and pay your maintenance fees is the member of our RA. More over we had nearly 85% of the unit owners signed the referendum of RA formation and 100% of all 197 unit owner/purchasers signed the application for the erection of guard house and fencing to the YDP MPSepang.

    All these documentations, letter from developer and MPSepang, ROS constitution, signed referendum copies are all well kept with the RA.

    Please read the letter from developer dated 5/8/2011 to all unit purchasers under the menu- about the RA within this blog, it is self explainatory….

    We hope more residents will join the RA as an active committee members, and he/she will be assigned a special task for this purpose.

  5. I think you guys are wrong. Paying for the maintenance fees does not mean that we are a member of your RA. We did not sign any form joining membership of the RA. If we are member there are membership fee and every fees paid should have a receipt. We never receive any receipt for all the money we paid.

  6. According to our guard, all 197 copies of the AGM notice had been served/ slot into their respective mailbox, please check, read and fullfill your obligation as a member of the RA of TPP8A

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