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Collection notice for the next 4 months of security and maintenance fees

Sample cheque 2

A Very Kind Advice

For the good of all parties please refrain from paying cash to avoid any mishandling or recording error by the security guards. Kindly be adviced to open a current account in your bank for the ease of tracing transaction records.

As the Treasurer and your Zone leaders are all volunteers working for us by squeezing from their little left spare time after the tiring day work. So let’s make everyone happy and easy……..Appreciation from the RA


以防保安人员的疏忽或不慎和为了大家的方便与安全,  请帮忙尽量避免付现金. 为了方便大家询查支票过账, 请开设一个银行来往账户

居协会财政和分区组长都是志愿者, 他们每天都为生活劳累的工作后还要挤抽出一点业余或和家人休息的时间为社区服务。因此让我们大家一致合作好让每个人(居民或居委)都过得更融洽, 更轻松, 更愉快,….谢谢.

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