Finally traffic lights were installed at Taman Putra Prima main entrance T-junction after long awaited joint petition from several resident associations

Traffic lights were installed

Traffic lights were installed

For more history, please read at earlier post published on 17th May 2012

Traffic Light-page-001

10 responses to “Finally traffic lights were installed at Taman Putra Prima main entrance T-junction after long awaited joint petition from several resident associations

  1. Last night around 8pm, there was a car, a Kelisa, at the newly installed traffic light, coming from Tmn Mas side but on the wrong side of the road. As the traffic light turn green for the cars from Tmn Putra Prima, that Kelisa suddenly crosses the traffic light and nearly hit a car, an old Saga, coming out from Tmn Putra Prima.

    Couldn’t see the car number as the lighting is poor at the traffic light. With the traffic light, accident can still happen. The road users should be extra careful even if there is traffic light, we should look both sides to make sure no cars are beating the traffic light before exiting the junction.

  2. Kong Kok Meng 江国民 (PP8A RA Chairman)

    As the traffic lights at our Taman Putra Prima main entrance is in commissioned. hopefully the traffic que now is shorter, and you don’t have to take risk for crossing the road anymore, so just relax and wait for the green light while listening to your favourite radio station. cheers…..

  3. After nearly a month after an accident happenned at the junction, finally the traffic light go live today. Better late then never, I guess.

  4. Well, it has been more than a week or 2 but the traffic lights have not started operational. How long the govt is going to keep us waiting and face the danger every time we exiting the junction?

  5. Traffic lights… well done everyone. TQ MP Sepang. 11 months from the initial undertaking to install the traffic lights, finally got the job done. see link.
    Now for the finishing touches..resurfacing the entire stretch of road along Lingkaran Putra Prima.

  6. Kong Kok Meng 江国民 (PP8A RA Chairman)

    Road traffic & safety, resident security & harmony, property value & image, environmental landscape & ecosystem are among our biggest concern stipulated in our referendum underpinning the formation of Persatuan Penduduk JPP2. As you may notice, our topics of posting in this blog are mainly touching on these fundamental issues.

  7. Hopefully the traffic lights can be fully operational soon to ease the mind of the drivers passing thru that junction everyday. Thanks to our JPP2 RA chairman for his unselfish good deed in following up the matter with MP Sepang.

  8. Thank you for our committee’s hardwork and consistency to improve our living area.

  9. Thank you very much..

  10. Thanks to the Chairman keep pursue the MPS and having good public relation. Now onward we can enjoy a safe journey without worry crossing this dangerous junction.

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