The Routine Grass Cutting is now under MPSepang

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The Chairman had been battling on the quality and coverage / scope of grass cutting work for the last several months against the developer and contractor, he also eagerly seeking influence from Ahli Majlis and meeting the Director of Landscape for a more proper workdone. However the handover of the manicipal work was without any official notice neither from the developer nor the Majlis until the last quit rent assessment hearing as confirmed by the Pengarah of landscape that grass cutting, drain desilting and maintenance of infrastructure work was already taken over by the Majlis from the developer during the answering of questionaires raised by the chairman.

The developer failed to discharge its responsibility again on the official handover of the maintenance works to the Majlis without formally informing or making any courtesy call to the RA. Despite the fact, with firm determination, repeated assertion and insistence from the chairman, the contractor appointed by the Majlis now extended its coverage to include lawn trimming out side the perimeter fencing and to ensure the fencing is clear from any creeper and grass. Prior to this, the contractor was relunctant to cut any grass out side the perimeter fencing and claimed that it was not within their scope.

The grass trimming / shrubs clearing on both sides of the existing chain linked fence can not be compromised or taken lightly as TPP8A fencing is of very much inferior quality compared to that of 8B  which comes with a very durable and solid concrete block and galvanized mild steel reinfored fabric mesh fencing.

Perhaps the PP8A RA needs to consider seriously to set up a sinking fund now for the replacement of existing chain linked fence to a more durable and solid concrete base wall fencing  with galvanized fabric mesh (similar to picture below) before it starts falling apart in a very short future.

The thick grass land also provide ideal breeding ground for snake and nesting place for the wild quail. It is difficut to strike the balance in ecosystem.

Is quail entitled to have a nesting ground?

A more durable, stronger and better looking Galvanized BRC fencing will certainly give added security and value to your home or investment

11 responses to “The Routine Grass Cutting is now under MPSepang

  1. Been making a round to other phases in TPP recently with the Chairman and their fencing is in pretty bad shape, grass crawled onto it, someone climbed over it, etc. leaving some ‘lubang’ which outsiders can easily enter their Taman. Without the constant monitoring of the MP Sepang grass cutting by our Chairman, our fencing will be in similar shape as theirs by now. For how long can our Chairman keep this up? The residents need to start thinking of replacing our fencing, in the future, with tougher fencing, something similar to those at Phase 8B beside their guard house.

  2. Kong Kok Meng 江国民 (PP8A RA Chairman)

    Mr Ko certainly we prefer something more durable, stronger and better looking like the one attached Galvanized BRC Mesh fencing if we got majority of the resident support.

    • Galvanized BRC Mesh fencing looks ok to me.
      Only doubt whether grass could creep or spread over it?
      Also ensure the ground area must not have space for wild animal to crawl in…(like snake, cat, dogs etc..)

  3. Ko (48, 2/6)

    I would support building concrete fencing as soon as possible.
    With joint effort from every household, i don’t think it is a big amount if the cost is equally shared. Even our house value will be further boost up.

  4. The sinking fund should be collected on 4-monthly basis together with the 4-monthly maintenance fee. The sinking fund should not be used for any other purposes other than for new fencing in the future. If we don’t start contributing soon, we may have to come out with a huge sum of money, like the initial setup cost (probably more). I hope some residents can suggest the amt to be collected so that by the time we need to change the fencing, the RA will have the sufficient fund to do it.

  5. The thick grass field and shrubs also provide an ideal breeding ground for the snakes and also a nesting place for the wild quail (micro-habitat). Besides it also house a dozen of different specious of wild bird including greater coucal, waterhen, peaceful dove……It is often difficut to strike a balance in ecosystem, the choice between pet and pest, to maintain the population of natural ecological predator and prey. or we want it to be a children play ground, orchard, wild grass field, or bird santuary……….the competitive colonization between wild life and human population.

    How to maintain a more sustainable living environment or biological equilibrium indeed is not an easy decision.

    The RA hopes to have more people like Kent to join us for the betterment of TPP8A.

  6. while i was having a walk around our taman, I noticed a hole at the fencing located at the curve of Jalan PP2/7 (facing house no. 2). I’ve fixed it back, but not to the original state. The fencing structure has been weaken by it. It is as though someone made the hole by loosen the wires at the upper part. The gap is wide enough to be crossed over to our taman from the bushes. Can the developer fix it properly?

    • Kong Kok Meng 江国民 (PP8A RA Chairman)

      Dear Harvey
      As the developer had handed over our phase to the Majlis, to my knowledge the fencing and guard house is not covered by the quit rent you pay to the majlis. So your question is simple, the RA will fix it. Developer had given us a very inferior quality fencing, so we have no choice, but to fix it at our own cost.

      For long term solution, I have suggested to set up a sinking fund to replace with a more durable and stronger fencing. Harvey, the RA needs your support to materialised this proposal.

  7. Kong Kok Meng 江国民 (PP8A RA Chairman)

    It was interesting to have heard from security guard Marzuki (Fatty) that the worker found some 2 dozen of wild quail eggs while cutting the thick grass in front of my house. later the workers took home the eggs for delicacy.

  8. Appreciate to what Mr. Kong has done heading to a more sustainable living environment. Thanks.

  9. Appreciate to the Chairman Mr Kong. Indeed he has spare all of his time and effort to make our home getting better and better.

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