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Would you like to see PP8A fencing to be in this state after months or perhaps a year from now?

These pictures were taken from Taman Putra Prima various phases . (Note: all pictures with date inprint)

Those phases were handed over to purchasers  just about one or two years earlier than our phase 8A.

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the grass is over grown, the fence can hardly carry the loading


the chairman hire worker at his own cost to clear the over grown weed exerting load on the weak fencing to prevent it from falling.


The clear path was maintained by the Chairman with his own worker/machine at his own cost for nearly a year before the Majlis took over after much solicitation.

How long will these well trimmed grasses / lawn and neat fencing at 8A going to stay, if the RA is not fully backed or echoed by the residents………

Neatly trimmed grass to both sides of the well maintained fencing at PP8A

Grass outside the perimeter fencing of PP8A is well trimmed to ease off pressure onto the poor quality and weakly supported chain link fence









Could this below be the only long term solution to safe guard your security and property value and to maintain the successful  Gated and Guarded Community Scheme exclusive image?

A more durable, stronger and better looking Galvanized BRC fencing will certainly give added security and value to your home or investment

Example of Galvanized BRC Mesh fencing